The Glory – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Are we in the scriptures?

Episode 5 of The Glory starts with Hyun -nam surveilling Yeon-jin’s mom as she leaves the shaman’s place.

Elsewhere, Do-young spots Dong-eun eating at a convenience store after their Go game and stops by to talk to her. He keeps asking her question trying to know her better and she answers them ambiguously. He gives her his contact card and asks her to play Go with him next time.

Hyun -nam tells Dong-eun that after surveilling the gang, she thinks Hye -jeong is the easiest to predict and suggests that she can steal her phone. She asks to meet Dong-eun personally and she shares the information she got about Yeon-jin’s mom.

Dong-eun asks Hyun -nam to be careful, especially when following Shin Yeong-jun,the police chief. She doesn’t want her to put herself at risk. Hyun -nam promises to be careful, so far she has been doing a good job.

In the meantime, Yeon-jin visits the Principal to talk about Dong-eun’s job as a teacher in the school. She is shocked to learn that Dong-eun knows the Chairman. She asks the Principal if she can take a peek at Dong-eun’s resume. The Principal acts a bit coy but agrees to let her steal a glance.

After her meeting with the Principal, she heads over to take a peek at the class and finds Dong-eun teaching. Ha Ye Sol is having trouble with colouring her drawings properly as she is colour-blind. Dong-eun tries to make her feel better and doesn’t scold her.

After the class, Yeon-jin offers to pay money and tells Dong-eun that she is not capable of a sincere apology. Dong-eun tells her that she is not looking for an apology. She will teach her about God’s fury.

Yeon-jin tells her that she is holding her daughter hostage and Dong-eun says she has done no harm to the child other than being a supportive teacher. She brings up Ha Ye Sol’s colour blindness and reminds Yeon-jin that there are so many ways she can make her life impossible as Ha Ye Sol’s teacher.

She asks Yeon-jin not to test her on how far she is willing to go and make her suffer. She tells her that she will slowly suffocate her until she understands how it felt for her. She assures her that the two of them will die together and she is so excited for them.

On the other side of town, Jae-joon is unable to reach Myeong Oh and he receives a package after his massage appointment. It is most probably the DNA test result.

Yeon-jin visits Do-young at his office and asks if they should consider taking their daughter abroad to study. Do-young finds the suggestion strange and Yeon-jin says she is worried that the new homeroom teacher is crazy. She asks if Do-young can set up a meeting for her and  Chairman Kim.

Do-young wonders what exactly is wrong with the teacher and why she needs to involve the Chairman. Yeon-jin asks him not to worry about it and claims that she just might be overreacting as she is tired.

She leaves to meet her mom and a private detective. She asks the detective to investigate Dong-eun and find out all that he can about her.

On the other hand, Yeo-jung goes for his therapy session and later meets a patient who works as a teacher. He is enthralled by her work and asks her questions about her profession.

Hyun -nam finds a chance to steal Hye -jeong’s phone and replace it with a similar one before she leaves for Shanghai. Hye -jeong discovers that her phone has been switched while she is already in Shangai. Hyun -nam takes the phone to Dong-eun and even shares the phone password she saw  Hye -jeong use.

Dong-eun visits the church run by Sa Ra’s dad and confronts Sa Ra. She gives Sa Ra an empty black bag and gives her fifteen days to fill the bag with dollars. Sa Ra tells her that such a request is against the law. Dong-eun grabs her by her hair and tells her she is only getting started with her.

Dong-eun leaves and visits Gyodae Park( where Yeo-jung taught her how to play Go) she starts reading the messages that he sent but she never replied. She decides to text him back and  Yeo-jung is shocked that she sent him a text.

He immediately calls her and asks to meet to answer her question about a certain drug.  They meet for coffee and head over to Gyodae Park. Yeo-jung tells her that the drug is similar to viagra and asks if she is dating a man who needs viagra. Yeo-jung tells her that she should date a man who doesn’t have erectile dysfunction.

Dong-eun tells him that he is wrong, she only sent the message as an excuse to see him. She actually wanted to apologise to him if she was ever rude to him or hurt him. Yeo-jung tells her that her apology sounds like a farewell and is worried that she wants to cut all contact with him.

He asks he if she has never been curious about him. She answers that he is not her type. Yeo-jung tells her that she can do whatever she wants to do but she can also date him and promises to make her happy. Dong-eun laughs and tells him that she is not looking for a prince but an executioner to help her with the hunt.

The next day, Dong-eun meets Myeong Oh and asks him about what he discovered at the hospital. He tells he that she must be on to something and asks her to tell him the name of the person who killed So-hee. He promises to threaten the rest of the gang before delivering them to her. Dong-eun gets closer and whispers something to Myeong Oh.

In the meantime, Sa Ra tells the gang about Dong-eun threatening her and asking for money. Yeon-jin is certain that Dong-eun is not motivated by money and worries about what she is planning to do to the gang.  Jae-joon seems less concerned about Dong-eun’s revenge plan and keeps asking about the well-being of Ha Ye Sol.

Myeong Oh books a one-way ticket to Vladivostock. Before he leaves he calls all the members of the gang and  Do-young. He sets a date to meet with each one of them separately.

The episode ends with someone hitting Myeong Oh over his head with a blunt object and Dong-eun placing a bloody Elastoplast bandage on a paper. The words written on the paper translate to “I am dead.”

The Episode Review

Did Dong-eun really kill Myeong Oh? Why did Myeong Oh ask to meet the gang members and Do-young separately? Lastly, will Sa Ra deliver the money as ordered by Dong-eun?

We have questions and hopefully, the last remaining episodes will answer them. What are you most curious about?

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  1. It was obvious that Dong Eun did not kill him but through her manipulative tactics she got the female bully to kill him because He was black mailing The female villain who killed the girl back in high school. Anyways this Kdrama is brilliantly written acted and produced a 10-10. Can’t wait for March

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