The Glory – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

I Will Be Your Executioner

Episode 6 of The Glory starts with Yeo-jung meeting with his mom for a lunch date. He tells his mom that he has finally made his decision about what he wants to do. He wants to have his own practice and hands her his resignation letter. He wants to open his practice in Semyeong. He confides in his mom that the girl he likes lives there.

Yeon-jin visits a shaman with her mother and prays to find a solution to the Dong-eun problem. Her mother thinks that she is incompetent and wants to call someone who works at the Ministry of Education to get Dong-eun fired.

Yeon-jin stops her and says she is scared that getting fired will provoke Dong-eun. She is terrified that Dong-eun will start speaking up and Ha Ye Sol will find out what kind of a monster she is. Her mom advises her to stop looking for solutions in the past and seek them in the present.

Elsewhere, Dong-eun gets an urgent message from Hyun -nam asking her to call her ASAP. They meet at their usual place and Hyun -nam expresses her worry about not being able to find Myeong Oh. She last saw him heading to a travel agency and she fears he might have switched sides.

Dong-eun tells her that there is also the possibility that he is dead and that won’t be in their best interest. Hyun -nam asks Dong-eun if she was the one who killed him. She wants to know so she can prepare herself to protect Dong-eun. Dong-eun draws the line and tells her that even if she killed Myeong Oh, she doesn’t need to know. Dong-eun warns her that they are getting too close and reminds her that they should only stick to their contract.

Jae-joon arrives home after many days, where has he been sleeping? He finds that Myeong Oh stole all his luxury clothes and watches. He immediately tries to call him but Myeong Oh fails to pick up, the dead don’t pick up the phone you know!

Yeon-jin meets with the police chief to ask him if he can find someone’s private information. He says he is yet to find anything and it is no easy task. As they discuss their plan, Yeon-jin receives a call from Jae-joon but she refuses to pick up.

On the other side of town, Dong-eun seeks help from Gu Seong-hee to find out if Myeong Oh left the country as he planned. Gu Seong-hee checks and learns that Myeong Oh never left the country. Myeong Oh’s disappearance makes Dong-eun question what step she should take. She decides to target Do-young and make him, the butterfly that will flap its wings for her.

Clueless about how he will soon be part of Dong-eun’s plan, Do-young finishes the project of creating a large-scale Go board game on a rooftop.

In the meantime, Sa Ra is having a hard time getting her drugs from Myeong Oh who is still not replying to any of her messages. Hye-jeong is also looking for  Myeong Oh after receiving a letter from him, threatening to expose her secrets. She is on the verge of getting married to a chaebol and she wants to make sure he doesn’t ruin it.

As Dong-eun carries on with her day, she gets a call from  Hyun -nam informing her that there is a car following her.  Dong-eun is surprised that  Hyun -nam was tailing her but she tells her that she will work on losing the men following her. She manages to get into a minor accident with the men in the car and they agree to settle the damage with cash. The driver asks for  Dong-eun’s phone number and tells her to meet him with cash when he calls her.

After the minor incident, Dong-eun meets with  Hyun -nam who explains that she was following Jae-joon who was at the school when she spotted the people following Dong-eun. Dong-eun is embarrassed that she thought she couldn’t trust Hyun -nam. She apologizes and they make up.

Jae-joon asks Hye -jeong if she knows the birthday date of Ha Ye Sol. He tells her that he believes that he is her biological father. Hye -jeong thinks he is crazy and going too far and tells him that he might not be the only man Yeon-jin is sleeping with. She tells him that maybe she and Myeong Oh are not answering their phones because they are together.

On the other hand, Do-young receives a letter from Myeong Oh. He decides to visit Jae-joon at his golf club to ask where he can find Myeong Oh. Jae-joon asks him if he also got a letter from Myeong Oh threatening him.

He tells Do-young that he is also looking for Myeong Oh and they exchange contact cards and promise to let each other know if one of them finds Myeong Oh. During their conversation, Do-young notices the cigarette brand that Jae-joon smokes is the same as his wife’s. After their interaction, Jae-joon leaves a message for Myeong Oh on his phone promising to kill him if Ha Ye Sol’s true identity is the motive of his threats.

He later gets the results of the DNA test back and he learns that Ha Ye Sol is his biological daughter.

Elsewhere, Yeo-jung moves to Semyeong and rents a house. He texts Dong-eun telling her how they never ended their Go match properly. At the time, Dong-eun was at a mechanic shop getting her car fixed. She sees people cooking pork on a pan and the sound of the meat searing makes her remember being burned. She starts having an anxiety attacks.

She decides to visit Yeo-jung and she tells him about her plans to get revenge. Yeo-jung is initially worried about how the revenge will affect her. He changes his mind when  Dong-eun undresses before him and he sees all her scars. He promises to help her by joining the hunt and being her executioner.

The Episode Review

The threatening letters that the bully gang have been receiving are adding drama to this episode. It seems like Do-young is slowly starting to piece the truth on his own and I am excited to see when he will confront Jae-joon and Yeon-jin. Based on his personality, he will make extremely calculated moves.

How will Jae-joon confront Yeon-jin? Let us hope we will see this in the next episode.

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