The Glory – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

And So We Meet Again

Episode 3 of The Glory starts with Dong-eun driving to Kang Hyun-nam’s place (the employee who asked her to kill her husband.) Hyun -nam is being physically abused by her husband and her daughter is contemplating killing the man to save her mother.

Elsewhere, Yeo-jung is working as a doctor and professionally he is thriving but he is missing Dong-eun. He remembers the last conversation where they said goodbye. Dong-eun didn’t understand what problems he could be having as someone raised by a silver spoon.

Dong-eun meets with Hyun -nam and hires her to help her with her revenge plans. She asks her to learn how to drive and offers to tutor Hyun -nam’s daughter. Over the next weeks, Hyun -nam goes to a driving school and Dong-eun tutors her daughter on a train ride every weekend.

Hyun-nam gets her driving licence and is excited to show it to Dong-eun. Dong-eun teaches her to use a digital camera and gifts her with a car. They set up a schedule of how they will be exchanging the information they collect. Dong-eun asks her to survey the gang and report to her. In most cases, Hyun -nam leaves the information she collects in the car and Dong-eun picks it up later.

Hyun-nam takes photos of Yeon-jin leaving an eye clinic with her daughter.  Dong-eun. Realizes that Ha Ye Sol is colour-blind just like Jae-joon. She figures out that Jae-joon might be the father of Yeon-jin’s child. On the other hand, Yeon-jin is trying to hide Ha Ye Sol’s colour blindness from her husband, Ha Do-young.

In the meantime, Do-young meets with an acquaintance, Mr Choi and they discuss business as they play Go. Coincidentally, Dong-eun is also playing Go at the same place and she is beating her partner in an impressive game. Do-young is fascinated with her strategy while playing the game and starts going back to try and run into her again.

Meanwhile, our newly minted sleuth, Hyun -nam follows Hye-jeong and sees her meeting with Myeong Oh. She wants Myeong Oh to help her investigate her new catch.

One fateful day, Dong-eun runs into Yeo-jung on the train (she tutors Hyun -nam’s daughter every weekend on a train.) Yeo-jung and Dong-eun catch up and discuss what they have been up to lately. Yeo-jung tells her that playing Go with her helped him during the coldest season of his life. He thanks her and gives her his contact card.

Hyun -nam sleuthing gives Dong-eun a chance to get the upper hand and get dirt that she can use to blackmail Chairman Kim Shin Tae. She uses Chairman Kim Shin Tae’s is gay and she uses his secret as leverage to get him to hire her as a teacher for Ha Ye Sol’s grade.

She later visits Teacher Kim Jong Moon at his home and at first, he fails to recognize her. His son, Su-han arrives and is shocked to learn that  Dong-eun knows his dad.

Later, Dong-eun meets with Myeong Oh at the rooftop of the old abandoned building. She reminds Myeong Oh about another girl they used to bully before her. Her name was So-hee, she was pushed off the rooftop of the same building and killed.

Myeong Oh denies knowing about the murder and Dong-eun tells him that she can help him get money from the real murderer. In return for the name of So-hee’s killer, Myeong Oh gives Dong-eun hair strands he collected from Jae-joon.  She promises to call him after she confirms that the hair belongs to Jae-joon.

At Sa Ra’s art exhibition, Yeon-jin invites the gang to their former school to celebrate her getting an award.  At the award ceremony, the gang except for Myeong Oh show up to support Yeon-jin. Dong-eun confronts the gang at the old gym where they used to torture her. She stays as cool as a cucumber, gotta commend her on her calm demeanour. It must not have been easy, especially being in that gym that holds so many traumatic memories for her.

As she watches, Yeon-jin receive her award, Dong-eun thinks of her plans to destroy the dream life that Yeon-jin has perfectly curated over the years.

The Episode Review

I am ready to see the havoc that Dong-eun will wreak on the gang! I hope she will be ruthless but at the same time, I fear for her damnation.

Hiring Hyun-nam was a good decision though; she brightens up Dong-eun’s life in her own little ways. I wonder what happened to her husband.

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  1. I am. And I’m enjoying your recaps, too. I’m missing some of the plot points and you’ve been instrumental in making sense of it for me. Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Victor. Not at all. I have added it in. Thank you so much for going through the recap and commenting. Hope you are enjoying the show. Have a blessed week.

  3. “She uses Chairman Kim Shin Tae’s secret as leverage to get him to hire her as a teacher for Ha Ye Sol’s grade.”

    Is there a reason you failed to reveal the secret? (He’s gay and doesn’t want his family to find out.)

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