The Glory – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Let The Dance With The Devil Begin


Episode 2 of The Glory starts with Dong-eun at a cyber cafe doing some online stalking on her former bullies. Son Myeong-oh seems to be living his best bad-boy life. Lee Sa Ra is an artist who loves to get high. Choi Hye-jeong is a flight attendant while Jeon Jae -joon owns a store called Siesta. He is having an affair with Yeon-jin who is set to get married to another man.

She later meets with Gu Seong-hee (the girl she met while working at the factory before she went to college.) Dong-eun is working as a tutor and she has revealed to Seong-hee her intentions to get revenge on her gang of bullies. Seong-hee doesn’t think revenge is a good idea but is still willing to help Dong-eun open a new Instagram account to stalk the gang. Dong-eun is planning to take her revenge step by step and is not ready to let go.

Dong-eun is not having it easy, her tutoring job has her dealing with spoiled rich brats. One of her young male clients tries to flirt with her so she ends the session and terminates their contract. As she is leaving, she faints outside the house and is taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, she meets Joo Yeo-jung who tries to help her but she leaves the hospital. Joo Yeo-jung works as an intern in the hospital and is concerned when the doctor comes back with the result of her tests. He learns Dong-eun is anaemic and that she left without a prescription. He hunts her down and finds her university.

Initially, he doesn’t approach her but Dong-eun becomes aware that he is watching her. One day she asks him about it and he tells her that he has been watching her and she needs to take better care of her health.

Yeon-jin gets married in a lavish ceremony and Dong-eun watches the ceremony secretly. On the other hand, Dong-eun and Yeo-jung start getting closer and he offers to teach her how to play Go.  However,  Dong-eun cuts ties with him after learning the basics of the game.


In 2015, Dong-eun passes the Teachers Qualification exam after her second try and Yeon-jin had a baby.


Yeon-jin is happily married and still living in Semyeong. To celebrate her birthday, her husband gifts her a new pair of green heels (similar to what Dong-eun was wearing when she first met Ha Ye Sol).

Her husband is not pleased to hear that Hye-jeong has been gossiping about Yeon-jin’s past and Yeon-jin promises to handle it. Yeon-jin and Sa Ra meet with Hye-jeong and put her in her place.

In the meantime, Dong-eun is collecting trash from her enemies and she comes across a very interesting revelation.


Yeon-jin is still working as a weather broadcaster. Yeo-jung misses playing Go with Dong-eun. Elsewhere, Dong-eun runs into Myeong Oh while shopping at the Siesta store. Dong-eun tells him that she has been thinking about him lately. He offers to buy Dong-eun the shoes she was trying on and invites her to have a drink with him. He brags that he pretty much owns the shop even though it belongs to Jae-joon and he is simply an errand boy.

Dong-eun opts to have coffee. As they talk, Myeong Oh gets a message from one of the workers informing him that Jae-joon called wondering why he is yet to complete the errand he gave him.

Dong-eun mocks Myeong Oh for being Jae-joon little errand boy and tells him that there is a way for him to stop being Jae-Joon’s errand boy.

Later, Dong-eun meets Teacher Kim Jong Moon’s son. Teacher Kim Jong Moon is now old and is currently at a nursing home. Their talk is interrupted by a call from a realtor at Semyoeng Real Estate. She informs Dong-eun that there is a vacancy in the apartment she was looking to rent.

Dong-eun is spotted by an employee who works for Yeon-jin as she secretly tries to steal their trash. She asks Dong-eun to kill her husband in return for her silence about the garbage.

The Episode Review

The ending in this episode offers quite a twist; is Dong-eun truly capable of killing and why does this woman want her husband dead? I am curious to find out what Dong-eun told Myeong Oh and if he will fold according to her plans.

Secondly, she befriended Teacher Kim Jong Moon’s son but what exactly is her endgame when it comes to him?

At the moment, Dong-eun’s revenge plan is not clear. There are a lot of moving pieces that she is just starting to juggle. They say the sweetest revenge takes time. I hope the plan goes smoothly, karma has been a long time coming for these people.

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1 thought on “The Glory – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review”

  1. This drama is a masterpiece. Binged watched it twice. Have not seen a kdrama like this in a long time. From the brilliant writing to the exceptional acting ( especially the lead actress) to the cinematography ( most scenes were art in motion) a truly top notch production. The flash back scenes of her brutal experience as a victim of bullying/assault/torture was heart wrenching and very difficult to watch but How the writer chose to give us the characters experience and the reasons for her seeking revenge was beyond brilliantly done.
    All the acting was really good especially from the younger Moon her cries were chilling and memorable but I thought that Song Hye Kyo stole the show. I found myself desperately waiting for her next scene and at some point I forgot she’s the A listed actress. She completely embodies the character 💯. Each scene she was in and every reaction she had ended up being the most memorable part of that scene for me. I particularly loved the relationship she developed with her female and male assistants I thought it was so heart warming. The chemistry she shared with the male lead was spot on. Not over the top hot to turn it into a romance but just enough to understand the connection. But the Chemistry she had with the husband of the main female villain was off the charts lol. The sedulity’s in Song Hye Kyo’s acting really demonstrates why she is an A listener. It’s now number 5 on Canadian Netflix ( where I am watching it )my only complaint is that March is to far off. lol congratulations to the staff and crew of The Glory a job well done.

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