The Glory – Season 1 Episode 14 Recap & Review

The Plot Thickens

Episode 14 of The Glory starts with the men Dong-eun hired leaving Myeong-oh’s body outside the building and someone making an anonymous tip to the police. The cops arrive soon after and start collecting evidence.

Meanwhile, Shin Yeong-jun is unable to reach the lottery store owner and Myeong-oh’s body is missing. Yeon-jin gets a call from Hye-jeong informing her that Myeong-oh has been found dead.  Yeon-jin loses it and smashes her handbag against the funeral home drawers.

Shin Yeong-jun realizes things are about to go south so he calls his sister to sell the motel and cleans out his safe. He is planning to run away before he is caught. He sends his wife away but gets a call from Yeon-jin’s mom before he can manage to leave the country. She asks to meet one last time.

Elsewhere, Yeo-jung retrieves the video of Dong-eun’s mom intentionally burning the house down. They use the video to admit  Dong-eun’s mom to a rehab facility. Dong-eun is glad that she can finally live without her mom interfering with her life.  In the meantime, Yeo-jung works to restore the room and runs into the landlady who says it is okay as Dong-eun once saved his life.

Sa-ra gets off on bail and heads home to find her old phone which has videos of Yeon-jin bullying So-hee for wearing the same clothes as her. As she plans her revenge on Yeon-jin, Do-young reads the accusations online about his wife and asks to meet with Dong-eun. He wants to know if it is true that Yeon-jin bullied So-hee.

Dong-eun asks him why he is asking if is he planning to save Yeon-jin or help her. She gives him So-hee’s details and asks him to meet with So-hee’s mom. He also asks Dong-eun if she truly believes her revenge will make her happy and she says she hopes so. His lawyers warn him to think carefully about whether he still wants to be linked to Yeon-jin once more details of the case are revealed.

Meanwhile. Yeon-jin meets with Jae-joon and begs him to save her after telling him what happened to Myeong-oh and So-hee. Before throwing So-hee off the building, she first set her on fire. After killing So-hee, she called her mom and she and the detective took care of everything. This time she is turning to Jae-joon to save her as the mother of his child. Jae-joon promises to save her for the sake of their child.  These two make me sick to my stomach!

Jae-joon later meets with his lawyer to ask if he can stop an autopsy. His lawyer tells him that is impossible. He calls Do-young and plans a meeting.  Do-young meets with him and Jae-joon tells him that it is his time to provide an alibi for Yeon-jin. He did it for her when she killed So-hee so Do-young should do it for Myeong-oh’s case.

He uses Ye-sol to threaten Do-young saying they can’t let her be known as the child of a murderer.  Do-young speaks to his lawyer and they advise him to be careful about his next step. Do-young asks the lawyer to find Se-yol a school abroad.

After her meeting with Jae-joon, Yeon-jin goes home to find Sa-ra waiting for her. She accuses Yeon-jin of betraying her. As they talk. Yeon-jin remembers that she left evidence behind when she was at the funeral home.

As the revenge plan goes smoothly, Dong-eun and Yeo-jung make our hearts flatter with their cute interaction. Dong-eun says she still has her walls up but Yeo-jung keeps crushing them. They are so cute as a couple.

Night rolls by and  Hyun -nam’s husband gets a call from the shaman asking to meet so he can pick up his money. He is elated to hear that his blackmail scheme worked and Yeon-jin’s mom is willing to pay him 1 billion Won. He quickly rushes out asking  Hyun -nam not to wait for him. The shaman is setting him up and Yeon-jin’s mom hits him with her car and acts like it was an accident. She also brought  Shin Yeong-jun along as a passenger so that he can be her witness.

Shin Yeong-jun is angry when he realizes her plan but it is too late to do anything but play along. Yeon-jin’s mom tells him if he messes up they go down together. Dong-eun watches the scene unfold from afar and approaches the shaman.

Yeon-jin also decides to use the cover of the night to commit a crime just like her mom. She sneaks into the funeral home to find the evidence she left behind. Unfortunately, Yeo-jung finds her and kicks her out. He gives her the piece of her handbag she left behind and warns her to drive safely. As she leaves, Yeon-jin gets a message from her mom informing her she is at the police station and asking her to come.

At the police station, Yeon-ji’s mom and Shin Yeong-jun give their statement and the police ask Yeon-jin’s mom to find the victim’s family and settle. They consider the case a simple accident and at the moment, nothing has led them to believe otherwise.

Dong-eun also meets with the detective working on Myeong-oh’s case and he interviews her.  The detective believes that Dong-eun was the one feeding Myeong-oh information but that is not illegal. Dong-eun asks him to investigate the case and believe her. She also brings up So-hee’s case and asks him to check for DNA in a lighter that was found near where So-hee died.

Yeon-jin picks up her mom and drives to the shaman’s place. The shaman performs a  ritual on their behalf and as planned she acts like she is possessed by So-hee’s spirit. This and the news of Hyun -nam’s husband being the man her mom killed sends Yeon-jin spiraling. She starts remembering the details that led to So-hee’s death. Dong-eun watches from a distance. This time she left Yeo-jung at home and he gets a message that he has a job interview set at the prison.

Hyun -nam visits the morgue and identifies her husband. She acts like a grieving wife and no one suspects her of being part of what led to his death.

The Episode Review

Dong-eun is utilizing every resource that she has to beat her enemies, but Yeo-jin has already turned everyone against her. Jae-joon is only helping her because of their daughter, while Do-young is contemplating leaving and Sa-ra and Hye-jeong are only thinking of themselves.

We are only a few episodes away from the finale so the stakes are slowly being raised. It will be entertaining to see what will happen to the bully squad and everyone involved.

As much as I have mixed feelings concerning Do-young, I hope he will make the right choice for his daughter’s sake. If you think about it, his only mistake is that he married a pathological liar and a master manipulator.

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  1. Hi Hani. I think she just wanted them to pay for their actions and I don’t find her revenge particularly cruel just necessary. I think everyone got what they deserved.

  2. Something I noticed is that Dong Eun’s revenge doesn’t even involve hurting them by herself. She’s literally just exposing things they’ve done. But will their punishment truly match what they deserve?

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