The Glory – Season 1 Episode 15 Recap & Review

How Long Have You Known?

Episode 15 of The Glory starts with a young Dong-eun remembering how she found Yeon-jin’s name tag after So-hee was killed. In the present day, Dong-eun watches the shaman put on an amazing act of being possessed by So-hee’s spirit. The performance gets interesting when Yeon-jin loses it in fear and the shaman passes out supposedly from a curse. Everyone except Dong-eun runs away petrified and Yeon-jin’s mom wakes up startled from her sleep at the shaman’s place.

Later, Yeon-jin goes to see Hyun -nam and accuses her of using her mom to kill her husband. Hyun -nam slaps her twice and warns her not to come looking for her or cause any more trouble. She questions how Yeon-jin can live threatening someone’s child. She tells Yeon-jin that she is no longer afraid of her and will hurt her back if she messes with her.

Do-young watches this interaction and pays the men Yeon-jin had hired to tail Hyun -nam. He warns the men that their boss Shin Yeong-jun is about to flee the country. The men leave to deal with their boss and Do-young makes Yeon-jin a proposal. He asks her to go apologize to So-hee’s family and accept her punishment. He tells her if she is willing to accept her punishment gracefully then he will stay married to her but should she choose otherwise then it is over.

As expected, Yeon-jin refuses to repent or apologize. According to her, their marriage ended the day Do-young played Go with Dong-eun. Do-young accepts it and tells her that he has made his decision. He calls his lawyer and asks him to proceed as planned.

News of their divorce hits the headlines the next morning. The media speculates whether the bullying scandal was the reason the couple broke up. Yeo-jung jokes that  Do-young’s divorce is not good for him and Jae-joon worries about how it will affect his possibility of getting Ye-sol’s custody.

Elsewhere, Hye-jeong worries that there is a possibility that Jae-joon might go back to Yeon-jin. Sa-ra is the only one who doesn’t care what happens and she gets into a fight with Hye-jeong. She tells Hye-jeong that she is just a plaything and asks her to leave so she can focus on uploading Yeon-jin’s bullying videos.

On the other hand, Hyun -nam holds a service for her husband at sea. She returns home to find Yeon-jin’s mom and her lawyer waiting to talk to her about settling her husband’s case. She refuses to settle and Yeon-jin’s mom tells the lawyer to make sure Hyun -nam accepts the offer and doubles the money.

Yeon-jin’s mom goes back home and finds Dong-eun waiting for her. Dong-eun reminds her about their history and Yeon-jin’s mom is shocked. Dong-eun tells her she doesn’t care that she killed Hyun -nam’s husband, she wants the nametag Yeon-jin’s mom got from Shin Yeong-jun. She gives Yeon-jin’s mom her phone number and tells her that she can pretend to love her daughter or save her own skin.

Later, Sa-ra uploads Yeon-jin’s video which shows Yeon-jin bullying So-hee and threatening to kill her. Her boss confronts her and she admits to bullying but says she never killed anyone. She quits her job and goes home. At home, she tries to prevent Ye Sol from seeing what is going on but Ye Sol has already seen everything. She tells her mom she is no longer proud of her and doesn’t wish to be like her. She is already having a hard time at school because of the scandal.

The next morning, Yeon-jin holds a press conference where she claims she is innocent of all allegations and will be suing her accusers. She directs the media to the fact that So-hee was pregnant at the time of her death. She claims that So-hee killed herself because she didn’t want to deal with the pregnancy. She portrays herself as the victim and leaves for Myeong-oh’s funeral. As the press conference continues, the detective in charge of Myeong-oh’s case continues to dig for more evidence as advised by Dong-eun.

At Myeong-oh’s funeral, things get out of hand when  Hye-jeong shares the video of Sa-ra sleeping with Myeong-oh on the internet. At first, Sara thought it was Yeon-jin’s doing but as  Hye-jeong mocks her, she realizes she is the culprit. In a rage, she grabs a pen that she was using to tie her hair and stabs  Hye-jeong in the throat.

The public is shocked to see the attack and the chaos going on at the funeral. First, there was a fight between Yeon-jin and Sa-ra. The stabbing and So-hee’s mom also made an appearance and threw food at Myeong-oh’s picture. The police arrive to arrest Sa-ra and Hye-jeong is rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Jae-joon leaves the funeral and heads to Yeo-jung’s clinic. He asks about So-hee’s body as he is shocked to learn she was pregnant at the time of her death. He is worried about what the police will find if they do an autopsy. After he leaves, Yeo-jung calls Dong-eun and tells him that they were wrong. Myeong-oh wasn’t responsible for So-hee’s pregnancy but it was Jae-joon.

Jae-joon calls Do-young’s mom to his office and has her meet Yeon-jin. He had already told Do-young’s mom that Ye-sol is not her biological grandchild. Do-young’s mom demands to know who the biological father is and Jae-joon confesses that he is responsible. He asks her to disown Ye-sol so that he can have custody.

Do-young’s mom loses her patience and destroys Jae-joon’s office.  She calls her son and she refuses to pick up her call. At the moment, Do-young is preparing to transfer Ye-sol to another school abroad and fires her current nanny. Ye Sol is at school, sad because of the recent ongoings and tells her dad she is sorry. However, Do-young tells her that none of it is her fault and comforts her.

Dong-eun goes to Joo General hospital and learns that Do-young paid all of So-hee’s hospital bills. As she leaves, Yeo-jung’s mom spots her and watches her silently.  Dong-eun later meets with Hyun -nam and they say their goodbyes. Their contract is over and she wishes Hyun -nam well in her next endeavour.

She hopes they won’t meet again and wants Hyun -nam to live a happy life. Hyun -nam also wishes her good luck and gives her boiled eggs as a parting gift. She wonders what a young Dong-eun was like before she was hurt by the world and Dong-eun tries to remember the days when she was young and happy. Before Yeon-jin came into her life.

Later, Dong-eun eats the eggs, Hyun -nam gave her and she remembers the first time she met her landlady. She had failed to recognize her but they met when she was young and working at the laundry.

At the hospital, the doctors save  Hye-jeong’s life but they are unable to salvage her vocal chord. The doctor tells Jae-joon that she is most likely going to be mute all her life. After hearing the news, Jae-joon dumps her and asks whether he should send over her things.  Hye-jeong is angry and heartbroken when Jae-joon leaves her in her time of need. On the news, as Jae-joon leaves the hospital, we learn that Sa-ra’s dad was also arrested for embezzling church funds.

Dong-eun is also at the hospital and gets a call from Yeo-jung congratulating her for managing to get her revenge on Sa-ra and  Hye-jeong. Through their conversation, we see how they got Myeong-oh’s body and put Yeon-jin’s DNA under his nails. ( Initially, Shin Yeong-jun had cleaned all evidence from Myeong-oh’s body.

Dong-eun asks Yeon-jung what he is doing and he tells her he is going far. He is on his way to prison for his interview for a job as a medical officer. Yeong-cheon finally tells him the reason he killed his dad and blames him. As it turns out, Yeong-cheon got ticked off that the doctor cared about his son and decided to kill him.

Unfortunately, Yeo-jung is not given the job and he drives home crying thinking about Yeong-cheon’s words. He pays his mom a visit and she notices that he was crying but he denies it. He asks her to take him for lunch and she agrees.

Concurrently, the detective gets the DNA report back and realizes that the DNA on Myeong-oh’s body is the same as the one found on the lighter at So-hee’s crime scene. They quickly round up everyone involved to get DNA samples.

In the meantime, Yeon-jin gets a text from Dong-eun informing her she sent her name tag to the police. She invites Yeon-jin to meet her so she can witness her own mom betraying her. Yeon-jin’s mom tells her that she won’t risk going to prison because she failed to keep Dong-eun in check. Dong-eun ravels at the mother-daughter betrayal and tells Yeon-jin that her mom is no different in the end. She is just like her mother who will betray her child for their own selfish needs. Yeon-jin starts weeping asking her mom why she betrayed her.

As Dong-eun drives home she gets a call from Song-hee informing her that So-hee’s mom fainted and they are rushing her to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital, Dong-eun is surprised to learn that Yeo-jung is So-hee’s mom’s legal guardian. She meets Yeo-jung at the hospital and asks him how long he has known about So-hee and that she will need his help.

The Episode Review

I didn’t see that last twist coming but I hope it won’t affect Yeo-jung’s relationship with Dong-eun. He probably had his reasons and it is not a betrayal but an omission of some facts.

It was satisfying to see Dong-eun use Yeon-jin’s mom for her revenge. Yeon-jin deserved to know that she is not that different from Dong-eun; both their moms would sell them to the devil in a heartbeat if it would be of benefit to them.

As we come to the finale episode, it seems that most of the guilty people have already been dealt with. We will have to see what end Dong-eun gives to Yeon-jin and Jae- joon. We can only hope they get what they deserve.

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  1. As for Yeonjin’s mom, I think it came to a point where she can’t do anything more for her daughter and she is also in a predicament but she did cover up for Yeonjin. As for Dong-sun’s biological mother, she did nothing for her. Not.a.thing. I think she is the most annoying character in The Glory.

  2. Thank you for the reviews , they really helped me to follow the show better 😁👍🏻

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