The Glory – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap & Review

Lies & Betrayals

Episode 13 of The Glory starts with the Sa-ra and Yeon-jin scandal trending on social media. Do-young rushes to pick up Yeon-jin from the Shaman’s place where she went to hide and Sa-ra tries to escape but is arrested.

Elsewhere, Yeo-jung treats Dong-eun’s wound and remarks on the scandal. Dong-eun asks him if her mom has been bothering him and he tries to change the subject.

Do-young picks Yeon-jin from the shaman and takes her to meet with the lawyers. Yeon-jin plays innocent and refuses to admit whether the claims are true or not. Do-young is surprised but says nothing. Yeon-jin asks the lawyers to let the matter go and not to file charges. She assumes that the scandal will soon run its course if they ignore it.

On the other hand, Sa-ra tries to play hardball with the detectives and pressures her dad and lawyers to handle the drug case quickly.  Jae-joon also gets bad news from the technician, he was unable to recover any footage from the hard drive. Yeon-jin didn’t erase the footage, she replaced the hard drive.  Luckily, he gets a text from Hye-jeong asking to meet. She plays him the recording she found on Myeong-oh’s phone.

They realize that Yeon-jin was the last person to talk to Myeong-oh and she probably killed him in Jae-joon’s store. Jae-joon changes his mind about his relationship with Yeon-jin and proposes to Hye-jeong. This is what Hye-jeong has always wanted so she leaps to the opportunity and says she has no qualms about raising Ye-sol as her daughter.

In the meantime, Hyun -nam continues to secretly work with Dong-eun. She is already planning to get rid of her husband.  Her husband has been calm lately as he continues blackmailing Yeon-jin’s mom.  He even stops by her house and makes sure she has seen him. This drives her further off the ledge.

Dong-eun also meets Gyeong-ran, Jae-joon’s store manager and another victim of the bully gang and asks her not to get in her way. On the other side, Yeo-jung meets with a friend and makes a move to start his revenge plan on the man who killed his dad. He later runs into Do-young at the Go play centre. They play a game and Do-young notices that Yeo-jung plays just like Dong-eun.

Yeon-jung confesses that he is the one who taught Dong-eun the game and is helping her with her revenge. He says that she deserves to be happy after everything is done. Do-young admits that he also wants Dong-eun to be happy and hopes her revenge gives her the relief she wishes to have. He is curious why Yeo-jung is not stopping Dong-eun and Yeo-jung explains that he wants Dong-eun to reclaim her life.

Yeon-jin battles with the paparazzi as they crowd her to get a statement on whether weather forecast ‘A’ is her. She denies it and heads to Jae-joon’s store as she is worried she might have left evidence behind. Gyeong-ran spots her and tells her that Jae-joon has been asking about the hard drive. Yeon-jin orders her to tell him she is the one responsible.

The next morning, Hyun-nam visits the shaman and gets a fake reading for So-hee. She sees Yeon-jin’s mom arrive to ask about the destiny of the man blackmailing her. Yeon-jin’s mom strikes a deal with the shaman to help her deal with the man in return for 1 billion Won.

Hyun-nam drives off and gets a call from Yeon-jin asking her what Hye-jeong is up to lately. Hyun-nam informs her that Hye-jeong has moved in with Jae-joon. Yeon-jin is shocked and hurries over to Jae-joon’s house where she finds Hye-jeong. Hye-jeong is feeling confident now that she is engaged to  Jae-joon and has even called off her wedding to the other rich man.

Yeon-jin accuses her of working with Dong-eun and wants to know what else Dong-eun ordered her to do. Hye-jeong tells her to leave and informs her that there is a huge reason why Jae-joon has been ghosting her. Later, Hye-jeong visits Sa-ra in the jail cell and informs her that Yeon-jin betrayed her and released information about her tax fraud to cover up her bullying scandal. Sa-ra is fuming mad when she hears this and plans her move to take down Yeon-jin.

Meanwhile, Dong-eun stops by her place to pay her landlady and she tells her that her mom has been causing trouble. Dong-eun asks why she never told her about her mom’s first visit and the old lady says Dong-eun deserves to have at least one person on her side. Dong-eun goes back to Yeo-jung’s place and accidentally comes across Yeong-cheon’s letters. She reads them and is saddened by the way Yeong-cheon is torturing and mocking Yeo-jung.

Concurrently, Yeo-jung is at Yeong-cheon’s prison trying to get a job as a medical officer there. He sees Yeong-cheon and promises to get back at him. Yeo-jung still can’t get over the fact that Yeong-cheon killed his father for fun.

Things are also not looking up for Shin Yeong-jun after he gets a call from the lottery store owner telling him the funeral home has been sold. The lottery store owner asks him to handle Myeong-oh’s body before it is discovered. The lottery store owner later calls Yeo-jung and informs him that he has already spoken to Shin Yeong-jun. Yeo-jung asks him to keep him updated if they try to move the body.

He goes home to find Dong-eun has prepared food and he is touched. Dong-eun asks him about his day but he simply says he went far. Dong-eun decides not to press the matter further as she already knows he went to see Yeong-cheon. She asks him if anything would have changed if they met under different circumstances and he says it would have all been the same. He would have still fallen for her and he is shocked when she hugs him.

Following the scandal with her mom, Dong-eun quits work. Before she leaves, she apologizes to Ye-sol. She calls her mom and tells her she is stopping by her place and wants her gone when she gets there. Unfortunately, she arrives to find her mom drunk and entertaining men. Her mom accuses her of trying to steal her boyfriend and says she wishes she had aborted her. Dong-eun reminds her that she was the one who betrayed her and hurt her. They get into a fight and her mom intentionally starts a fire.

The detective working Myeong-oh’s case visits Yeon-jin but she denies knowing anything. She later schedules a meeting with Shin Yeong-jun who tries to blackmail her for more money. He tells her that he is retiring early and moving to Hawaii. Yeon-jin is surprised that he thinks she will fund his retirement and asks why. He informs her that he still has Myeong-oh’s body and he never buried it.

As they talk, police officers are notified that a body has been discovered. The body turns out to be Myeong-oh. Yeon-jin asks Shin Yeong-jun to take her to the body at the funeral home but they arrive too late. The body was already moved and the police are now investigating the murder of Myeong-oh.

The Episode Review

Dong-eun’s revenge is almost finalized and she is moving each piece perfectly like a chess game. Throughout this process, she has remained calculated, focused and one step ahead of her enemies.

She is also giving Yeo-jung space until he is ready to confide in her. This is a sign that she cares and trusts him. I hope she can find a way to be done with her mom. Her mom is so toxic and has such a heart wrenching effect on her.

I can’t wait to see what happens when Yeon-jin realizes the end is about to come.

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  1. There is some pretty terrible acting on this show but wow, the woman who plays Dong-eun’s mum is the worst of all. She is just so cringe that it takes me out of what a garbage person the character is.

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