The Glory – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

You Have No Idea

Episode 12 of The Glory starts with Shin Yeong-jun playing indoors with a friend. Dong-eun remembers a conversation she had with Hyun-nam about the corrupt detective and his influence. Hyun-nam was the one who first brought the funeral home to Dong-eun’s attention. Hyun-nam drove her to the funeral home where they snuck in and she expressed her suspicions that something illegal was happening in the abandoned building due to electricity being consumed.

Later, Dong-eun met Yeo-jung and told him that she suspects Myeong-oh is hidden in the funeral home. She had done her research and learned that the funeral home had been on sale for the past three years. Currently, it is under the care of a lottery shop owner.  Yeo-jung offers to help her confirm her suspicions.

Their suspicions are proven to be true after they buy the funeral home The lottery shop owner is surprised to learn that Dong-eun and Yeo-jung have no plans to call the cops.  On the other hand, Dong-eun and Yeo-jung are taken aback by the fact Shin Yeong-jun seems to be preserving Myeong-oh’s body. Dong-eun thinks Shin Yeong-jun is using the body as insurance for himself. She also doesn’t think it is luck that Shin Yeong-jun is preserving the body.

According to her, luck has never been on her side. Yeo-jung asks her to let him make up for that and Dong-eun asks how. Yeo-jung suggests they get Yeon-jin to his clinic to ensure they get all the facts. This is how Hye-jeong ended up being used to get Yeon-jin to the clinic. Once there, Yeo-jung took a sample from Yeon-jin’s leg wound while she was under anesthesia.

Present Time

Back in the present, Hyun-nam meets with Yeon-jin and tells her about the man that is helping Dong-eun. She tells him that he is a young, handsome, accomplished surgeon who runs a clinic in Semyeong. Yeon-jin panics when she learns that Hyun -nam is talking about Yeo-jung and his family owns Joo General Hospital. After this conversation, she starts seeing So-hee’s ghost.

Her mom, on the other hand, is trembling with fear as she continues to get messages about Yeon-jin’s murderous escapades. She calls Shin Yeong-jun and shows up in his office when he ignores her calls. She complains that someone has been calling and texting to threaten her about Yeon-jin.

Shin Yeong-jun tells her that he already tracked him down and sent her all the culprit’s personal information. She tells him that he should have taken care of it. Shin Yeong-jun claims that is a step too far and she reminds him who pays his bills. Shin Yeong-jun is displeased by her words and says he was wrong to assume they are friends. They are simply accomplices and he leaves.

Elsewhere, Jae-joon receives a delivery from Dong-eun. She tells him it is a school newsletter and she has been debating if she should send it to him or Do-young. In the end, she decided to send it to him. The USB contains photos of Ha Ye-Sol that a teacher, Mr Chu took. Upon seeing the photos, Jae-joon hightails it to the school in a murderous fit.

At school, Dong-eun stops Mr Chu from taking more photos of the girls. Dong-eun asks him to take a look at the project he ordered her to handle. All this time, Mr Chu has been getting on her nerves and she has been plotting the best way to get rid of him.

Jae-joon arrives and hits Mr Chu on the head with his camera in the staff room. He proceeds to beat him to a pulp and only stops when Ha Ye-sol sees him. Ye-sol calls her dad and reports what happened at school. The police arrive and Jae-joon is taken to the police station where his lawyer tries to calm him down and get him to accept to settle. Do-young arrives with his lawyer and helps settle the case against Jae-hoon’s wishes.

They leave the police stationand Jae-hoon insists on following the case of the photos but Do-young reminds him that he has no rights. Jae-hoon tells him that he is Ha Ye-Sol’s biological dad. They get into a physical fight and  Do-young hands Jae-joon his ass. The lawyers intervene and Do-young leaves Jae-hoon with a warning to never get close to his daughter again.

Meanwhile, Hyun-nam goes shopping with her husband and she informs him that Yeon-jin killed two people. He is super excited to hear this information and hurries outside to buy her mangoes. He fails to notice two of Shin Yeong-jun’s men waiting outside planning how to make his death look accidental.

On the other side of town, Dong-eun meets with the gang Song-hee introduced her to and pays them for their services. They helped her last time to deal with Yeon-jin’s men. She also buys some drugs from them.

Sa-ra also finds herself struggling with her drug problems after her parents discover she is still using. Her dad is frustrated that she is ruining his reputation as a pastor.

Another frustrated parent is Park Sang-im, after learning the police have filed a report about the hospital concerning So-hee’s body. In a flashback, we see So-hee’s mom refusing to have a funeral so that she can get justice for her daughter. Yeo-jung’s dad saw the mom’s struggle and believed her when she said So-hee didn’t commit suicide. This is why he agreed to store the body in the freezer and preserve it. He had hoped things would be handled quickly and the truth will be revealed. Unfortunately, 18 years later and the truth was still hidden and he is dead, can’t help with the civil complaint being lodged against the hospital.

Luckily, his wife is an amazing woman and she tells of the policeman sent by Shin Yeong-jun to make sure the body is released from the freezer. Unlike Yeo-jung’s mom, Dong-eun’s mom is set on making her daughter’s life miserable. She keeps texting Yeo-jung to meet her but he arrives at the set hotel and watches her before leaving. He simply pays her bills and leaves with no introduction.

Concurrently, Yeon-jin arrives home and finds  Ye Sol’s driver at home and Do-young waiting for her inside. He is on the phone with his lawyer who informs him that they have already requested a restraining order against Jae-joon. She demands to know why Ye Sol left school early and went to her grandmother’s. Do-young tries to avoid an argument but she insists they talk.

He agrees and tells her about the incident with Jae-hoon at school. He tells her that he knows all her secrets and has been holding back. He makes it very clear that Ye Sol is still his daughter even though she is not. Yeon-jin says she was trying to protect their family and he mocks her asking her what exactly she managed to protect with her lies and calls her selfish. He angrily leaves and Yeon-jin drops to the floor. She gets a call from another parent about a voting meeting to kick out a teacher who has been caught in a bribing scandal. She lies she is at work and can’t make it to the meeting.

The teacher in question is Dong-eun. Dong-eun is hurt by her mother’s action to get her kicked out of school. She confronts her mom and they get into a fight that leaves Dong-eun scarred on the face. Dong-eun destroys everything her mom got from the parents and locks herself in the car crying. Jae-hoon arrives at that moment and asks her to get out of the car. He is angry because he thinks she told Do-young and sent him to the police station.

Luckily, Yeo-jung arrives and nearly hits Jae-joon with his car. He pretends to be apologetic, he leaves Jae-joon with his card and gets back in his car. This allows Dong-eun to drive off and they go back home.  Dong-eun is still hurt by what happened with her mom. She had tried to cut ties but her mom refuses to give her peace. Dong-eun stays in her tent while Yeo-jung paces up and down wondering if she is okay.

Dong-eun finally tells him that she is fine and asks why he is pacing outside the tent. He answers that he wants to show her that he is there for her. Dong-eun asks how he found out where she was and he replies that her mom texted him. Dong-eun is still unable to stop crying and he asks her to get some rest.

The next morning, Dong-eun attends church and while there she meets with the men she hired. They secretly exchange a phone that supposedly has photos that she asked them to take. Hyun -nam watches from a distance and calls Yeon-jin to update her on what Dong-eun is doing. Yeon-jin that Dong-eun is at Sa-ra parent’s church.

Dong-eun uses the phone to send Sa-ra a picture of the drugs she set in the church and invites her to the Garden of Eden. Unable to resist, Sa-ra goes to the underground basement at the church and takes the drug. She didn’t realize that Dong-eun was recording her and shared the video with the parishioners. One by one the people start leaving the church after seeing the video.

The drugs start giving her hallucinations. She thinks the snake in the drawings of the Garden of Eden is Myeong-oh and begins to remember the day she gave Myeong-oh fellatio. This leads her to start masturbating and people take photos of her. Dong-eun watches as the scene unfolds but is interrupted by Yeon-jin. Dong-eun tells her that this part of her revenge took a lot of effort and asks if she liked it.

Yeon-jin tells her that Sa-ra is a first offender and will be out soon. She is sure Dong-eun won’t be able to beat them. Dong-eun responds that Yeon-jin should do her best not to be brought down. As they talk, Song-hee uploads a story online titled, “Exposing weather forecaster ‘A’ for school violence. Yeon-jin gets notifications on the phone of her past bullying incidents.

Dong-eun warns that Sa-ra may get out of her scandal but she won’t be as lucky. She calls her a murderer and Yeon-jin asks if she has proof. Dong-eun tells her she has no idea and laughs sarcastically.

The Episode Review

The revenge is taking a much clearer shape now. I know Do-young is not exactly innocent but we gotta admit that he is a good father and a better man for the way he is handling Jae-hoon. I enjoyed watching him teach Jae-hoon a lesson. In all fairness, Jae-hoon struck him first. He has also been holding back and he didn’t lose his cool even when talking to Yeon-jin. He spoke his facts without being too aggressive or abusive.

The scene with Dong-eun crying and confronting her mom was difficult to watch. This woman has put her through so much and still wants her to suffer more. Some people should not be parents. I also felt bad for Yeo-jung because he didn’t know how to comfort Dong-eun. It must not be easy to see the woman he loves in such pain. He is still doing his best to be there for her and that is so heartwarming. We could all use a Yeo-jung in our lives.

As things are getting hotter, I can’t wait to see what happens next. Yeo-jin is not prepared for the storm that is coming her way. This makes it even more fun to watch.

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  1. Her mom was calling other parents and asking for bribes as Yeon-jin ordered her to do. I think she found evidence of her mom’s betrayal inside the trash

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