The Glory – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Swell

Episode 11 of The Glory starts with a flashback to October 19th when Myeong-oh died. After realizing he is dying, Myeog-oh grabbed Yeon-jin’s leg and used his ring to leave a scratch on her leg. That is how she got the scar. He then breathed his last breath and Yeon-jin cleaned up the mess.

Given that this is not her first rodeo, she knows what to do but she is still in shock. First, she cleans the murder weapon then she removed her stained dress and puts on a coat. She called Shin Yeong-jun and his men to take care of the body.

The men carried out the body in a big blue box and threw Myeong-oh’s phone into the Han River. They drove his body to Yeongsan Funeral Home where they cleaned any evidence left on his body. Shin Yeong-jun suggested they wait till it rains and then they will bury Myeong-oh so that everything will be contaminated. Yeon-jin is left to deal with deleting the CCTV footage and destroying her dress.

Present Time

Yeon-jin wakes up startled and asks Yeo-jung who he is and what he did to her. She demands to see the CCTV footage but the nurse tries to calm her down and explains they have no cameras in the operating room. Yeo-jung tries to warn her that the anaesthesia has not worn off yet but she grabs her shoes and runs outside. The nurse rushes after Yeon-jin as Yeo-jung turns off the monitor with a sinister look on his face. Yeon-jin gets home and tries to calm down.

Elsewhere, Do-young and Dong-eun discuss what Dong-eun wants. Dong-eun tells Do-young that she wants him to leave Yeon-jin but he is clear that he won’t be leaving his wife. Dong-eun is not shocked to hear this, she simply asks why and Do-young says he is unable to explain. He expresses surprise at the fact that Dong-eun is not aggressive in her plans to make him leave Yeon-jin and asks to meet her again.

Dong-eun goes home and sleeps on the sofa. She is awakened by the sound of Yeo-jung making dinner. She offers to help him prepare the food and they talk about their day. Yeo-jung. Yeo-jung tells her about Yeon-jin’s procedure and she tells him about her meeting with Do-young. The conversation naturally turns to Dong-eun’s scar and Yeo-jung asks to treat them. Dong-eun refuses the treatment saying that it is pointless as she is no longer in pain.

The next day, Dong-eun gets a call informing her that Suna- did well in her interview at the US embassy and she should send the agency fee and set a date for Sun-a to leave. Dong-eun sends a package to Hyun -nam who is recovering from another severe beating from her husband. In the package, there is Sun-a’s phone and a letter informing Hyun -nam that Suna- was picked by a homestay family.  Dong-eun encourages her to write a letter to the family and offers to translate it for her. There is also red lipstick because Dong-eun thought it will look good on Hyun -nam.

Meanwhile, Yeon-jin’s mom gets a phone call from an employee at  Joo General Hospital.  The morgue attendant informs her that Yeo-jung is looking for So-hee’s body. The attendant also informs her that So-hee’s body is stored in the freezer but he doesn’t know why. The attendant says he is scared after Myeong-oh also came to look for So-hee’s body.

On the other hand, Yeon-jin worries that she hallucinated Yeo-jung’s question before she fell asleep. She ponders over the recent happenings outside his clinic and he spots her. Yeo-jung goes over to say hi. She asks if she said anything word during the procedure and he tells her she mentioned Myeong-oh’s name.

She decides to go shopping and texts Do-young to eat at home as she will be preparing crab stew. She lets him know that she won’t be there so it will be safe. She however gets home and is surprised to find him eating already. She asks him why he didn’t respond to her message and he tells her that his silence was his reply. Yeon-jin gets angry. She asks him about Dong-eun and how she got his attention.

Do-young calmly explains that he was curious after losing to her in a Go match. Yeon-jin accuses him of cheating and Do-young responds that it is unfair given that she is the one who has been having an affair with Jae-joon.

At the school, Sun-a visits Dong-eun and thanks her for her help. She is sad that her mom and Dong-eun won’t be escorting her to the airport but understands why. She promises Dong-eun to study hard and become a good person. They hug and Dong-eun asks her to be a better person than her.

At the airport, Hye-jeong tries to text Myeong-oh, she believes he made it to Russia and wants to know if Dong-eun messed with him too. She remembers Myeong-oh’s tablet and goes to find it in Jae-joon’s car. She pretends to be his girlfriend and asks the new driver to get the tablet to her. The driver refuses so she calls Jae-joon and he allows her to get the tablet.

She goes home and goes through the tablet. She finds the recording of the night Myeong-oh met with Yeon-jin.  Meanwhile, Jae-joon also wonders why Yeon-jin deleted the CCTV footage on the night of October 19th. He decides to restore the security footage and bribes the technician to get the restored footage within three days.

Yeon-jin also makes a move on  Hyun-nam husband but her goons tell her that they have not seen Sun-a. She realizes something is off but asks her henchmen to continue to watch Hyun-nam’s husband. She calls Sun-a school to ask about her. As Yeon-jin digs for Sun-a’s information, Dong-eun prepares for her to leave the country the next day. She meets with her friend Song-hee and asks if she can introduce her to the members of a gang she used to know. Dong-eun uses the men to deal with Yeo-jin’s gang and allows Hyun -nam to go to the airport.

Unfortunately, as Hyun-nam is about leave, Yeon-jin arrives and stops her. She threatens to call Hye-jeong and have her find Sun-a at the airport. Hyun-nam gets on her knees and begs Yeon-jin to leave Sun-a alone. Yeon-jin asks her to tell her about Dong-eun’s other helpers. Hyun-nam mentions that she only knows about a man but she doesn’t know his name or what he does. She promises to find out and Yeon-jin says if she fails to keep her word, she will drag Sun-a back. She leaves Hyun-nam and tells her that she won’t be giving her husband money to gamble that day so he will be home early to punish her.

Hyun-nam fails to make it to the airport though because her husband beat her to an inch of her life. However, she wrote a letter to her guardians asking them to give Sun-a a happy life. Dong-eun watches Sun-a leave and she is sad Hyun-nam couldn’t make it. Yeo-jung tries to cheer her up. Later, Sun-a texts her mom that she got to the US safely and promises to wait for her.

Her husband returns and Hyun-nam hides her phone and is unable to receive Dong-eun’s call. Her husband starts beating her again after he sees a lot of money in her purse. She lies to him that a strange woman asked for her phone to send a message but she got scared after reading the message. Her husband, driven by greed, decides to check the message.

After her concerning conversation with the morgue attendant, Yeon-jin’s mom reaches out to Shin Yeong-jun and asks him to look into why Yeo-jung is investigating So-hee’s murder. Shin Yeong-jun asks around to see if it is illegal for the hospital to freeze a dead body. He is hoping to find fault and asks for legal help to go against Joo General Hospital. Yeo-jung is also planning to buy an abandoned funeral home and is in the final stages of finalizing the transfer deed.

Later, Yeon-jin’s mom gets a message from an anonymous number informing her they know Yeon-jin killed somebody. The message turns out to be from Hyun-nam’s husband. At the same time, Dong-eun’s mom calls the parents of the student her daughter teaches and tries to start more trouble.

As Dong-eun and Yeo-jung play Go at home, Hyun-nam cooks for the first time with a sense of hope. Hye-jeong discovers something on Myeong-oh’s tablet and Shin Yeong-jun pays to keep Myeong-oh’s body at a funeral home. He is holding on to his body because it is evidence he can hold against Yeon-jin to get money.

Dong-eun and Yeo-jung go for a drive and Dong-eun asks him why he never told her about knowing Myeong-oh. She asks if he thought she was responsible for Myeong-oh’s death. Yeo-jung tells her that Executioners don’t question those above them. He explains that he doesn’t care what she did or what she wants, he is there to do as she asks.

Dong-eun is surprised by his answer and asks who she is to him that he is willing to do this for her. Yeo-jung reminds her that he had a tough period in his life and when he tutored her, he felt like she was his saviour. He tells her that he has chosen to be her partner in crime. Dong-eun tells him he is crazy, and they continue to drive but fail to notice Shin Yeong-jun’s car coming from the funeral home.

The Episode Review

Dong-eun is starting to have hope because of Yeo-jung and that is a new feeling for her. This is the first time in her life that someone is willing to lay their life down for her so I hope this alliance ends well. It will also be interesting when they discover Myeon-oh’s body in the new funeral home that Yeo-jung is planning to buy. I hope Shin Yeong-jun didn’t see them.

Watching Hyun-nam being beaten by her husband was heartbreaking and triggering. Her husband deserves what is coming his way. He and Dong-eun’s mother are the worst kinds of parents. They are despicable and self-obsessed and they should be punished for the things they have done to their children. In every scene they manage to go lower, it is sickening.

I am curious if Hye-jeong found the whole recording of Myeong-oh’s murder and what she plans to do with that information. Obviously Jae-joon will protect Yeon-jin, so I am not interested in what he will do with the recovered footage.

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  1. I agree. The beating was very difficult to watch. And I can’t wait to see how his sorry ass meets the end.

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