Taxi Driver – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Episode 5 of Taxi Driver Season 2 starts with a few men running after a young girl who has fled from what looks like a kidnapping situation. The girl manages to outrun the two men who report her missing.

Meanwhile, Do-gi is on the rooftop of his house where he finds Ha-joon. The new employee had moved into the same apartment complex as Do-gi. Ha-joon mentions that he is going to return the boxes he borrowed from work and goes back to Rainbow Deluxe Taxi. There, he discovers the secret basement by accident and is shocked. The next morning, Kyung-goo and Jin-eon successfully block the secret entrance now that Ha-joon had discovered it.

Do-gi tells Sung-cheol that he had successfully moved the items from their headquarters to a different location. Sung-cheol asks Do-gi if he would like to move into their old headquarters and the driver replies that he’ll think about it.

Go-eun is at work when she notices someone taking photos of her. Ha-joon distracts her and the car with the photographer moves away. The new employee asks questions about the secret basement but Go-eun asks him to tag along. Go-eun is going house-hunting with Do-gi and Ha-joon tags along with them. While looking at the apartment, Ha-joon ends up talking to the agent while Do-gi wonders if Go-eun would like to move in at the old headquarters which was now empty.

On their drive back, Go-eun asks how Ha-joon knew so much about house hunting. The young man claims that he moved out when he was very young but implies that he moved even before he was a teenager. There is an awkward silence but Go-eun changes the topic asking to swap places with Ha-joon who was Do-gi’s neighbour.

The two argue in the cab while Do-gi drives. The taxi stops all of a sudden when the young girl from the beginning of the episode tries to cross the street. Do-gi is shocked and Go-eun runs out to check on her but the young child runs away. Do-gi finds her hiding and apologises for scaring the girl.

The girl, Hwang Seo-yeon says she wants to go to someone named So-mang. Do-gi takes her to Rainbow Deluxe Taxi. There, the group is discussing how to send the young girl back to her guardians. Sung-cheol talks to Seo-yeon and reassures her asking for her family members’ contact information.

Jin-eon and Kyung-goo are causing a ruckus trying to get Seo-yeon to smile but Go-eun brings her something to eat. Seo-yeon gets scared when she hears a bell ring from the door opening and the trio are further worried. Outside, Do-gi and Sung-cheol chat about Seo-yeon and Do-gi mentions that she had “lost” her younger sister – So-mang.

He also mentions that Seo-yeon was afraid of the police. Seo-yeon is afraid and hides under a desk when Sung-cheol goes out to check on her. She reveals that her parents do not know that So-mang exists but she wants to meet her little sister. Seo-yeon also mentions that she is scared of “Uncle”.

Do-gi goes out to check on Seo-yeon’s house where he overhears her mother talking to two men about the little girl’s disappearance. Do-gi asks Go-eun to send him a picture of Seo-yeon’s side profile. He shows them the picture of the woman alleging to be Seo-yeon’s mother and father but they do not recognize the child.

Do-gi thinks that Seo-yeon was kidnapped and the couple were forced to report her missing claiming to be Seo-yeon’s parents. Do-gi is following the two men and arrives at a consultation talk for newlyweds by a famous real estate agent – Mr Kang Pil-seung. Sung-cheol lies to the cops and tells them that the kid is not Seo-yeon but another child who was safely reunited with her parents.

The group is discussing their next step in the case but Mr Oh, the taxi driver who was keeping an eye on the kid, calls them to inform Sung-cheol that Seo-yeon had gone missing again. Everyone is looking around but Do-gi goes back to the old secret headquarters. He finds Seo-yeon in the revenge taxi where the young girl asks Do-gi’s help to find her little sister.

Do-gi puts the taxi in service and nosedives into a new case without knowing anything about the background of the revenge. Do-gi goes back to Pil-seung’s office, Feel Consulting, while Go-eun looks up the consultant. She learns that he is a famous real estate agent and tells Do-gi that the man was super rich.

Do-gi attends the talk and sees that the consultant had a reputation but also sees how he was very proud and hated commoners. Do-gi also learns that these talks were very exclusive and only married couples with the golden ticket were invited to the talk.

Once Do-gi is back, Go-eun tells him that Seo-yeon was adopted and they finally make a connection with Kang Pil-seung. Do-gi finds a picture of Seo-young and So-mang with Pil-seung in one of his magazines and claims that two different couples had adopted the girls in order to successfully rent out an apartment in the city. Do-gi shocks Go-eun and asks her to marry him. 

Meanwhile, Ha-joon and Sung-cheol are trying to get Seo-yeon to warm up to them as Go-eun and Do-gi get a makeover for the mission. The duo pretend to be a couple and talk to Pil-seung’s men about the special talk. They get the golden ticket to the talk and attend the exclusive event. The talk begins with Pil-seung telling the audience how the properties were sold for millions of dollars with no way for young couples to afford them with their meagre pay.

Pil-seung states that only children of rich kids can afford such apartments. The entire room is silent but Pil-seung states that he would reveal the secret to buying apartments in his private consultation. Do-gi and Go-eun wait in line for their turn for the one-on-one chat with Pil-seung.

Meanwhile, Sung-cheol takes Seo-yeon to an amusement park and manages to get the child to smile as she enjoys herself. Meanwhile, at Do-gi and Go-eun’s private consultation, Do-gi asks Pil-seung about his photograph with Seo-yeon and So-mang. Pil-seung is suspicious of the couple and claims that they had enough money to get a house without his help.

Go-eun and Do-gi leave the office disheartened but the taxi driver has a plan. Go-eun manages to turn off the power at Feel Consulting which allows Do-gi to get inside the firm. Do-gi gives Go-eun access to the software there while he looks at the other application forms. He learns that Pil-seung was looking for couples who were very poor and decided to have a do-over with their application.

He sets off the fire alarm and destroys the recent application forms which weren’t uploaded on the server yet. The next morning, Pil-seung is upset that the new application forms were ruined. The taxi driver crew are discussing Seo-yeon’s situation and learns that she was indeed kidnapped along with many other kids.

For their next meeting with Pil-seung, Do-gi and Go-eun claim that they lost a lot of their money after investing in Cryptocurrency. This manages to get Pil-seung interested in their application. The couple tells Pil-seung that they are very desperate to find an apartment. They add that they were willing to do anything, no questions asked.

Pil-seung seems to be happy with that response. Do-gi and Go-eun are driving back home when Pil-seung gives them a call stating he would be at their house for an inspection. Kyung-goo and Jin-eon rush to decorate Sung-cheol’s house to suit the newlyweds.

Do-gi claims that the couple was a paying guest at the shared house. Outside the house, one of Pil-seung’s men spots Seo-yeon but she runs and hides at the taxi depot. He is about to catch her but Sung-cheol, Kyung-goo and Jin-eon arrive just in time to send him away.

Meanwhile, the apartment is extremely well-decorated for the newlyweds – Do-gi and Go-eun. However, Pil-seung is able to catch them in their lie and asks if Do-gi and Go-eun were really married as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

I am worried about the people that are after Do-gi, and the rest of the Taxi Driver crew with the people following them around. However, it seems like Ha-joon is soon going to get connected to the case. He claims to have moved out before he was a teenager, which could mean he too was in a situation similar to Seo-yeon’s.

The chaos that Kyung-goo and Jin-eon bring to the show is hilarious but it seems like this time they have caused trouble for Do-gi and Go-eun. Pil-seung surely is doing something like having the couples adopt children in order for them to be given housing loans at a lower interest rate.

It will be interesting to see how the crew handles such a sensitive case. It is possible that Ha-joon becomes a vital part of this investigation and helps the crew out making it his official entry into the Rainbow Deluxe Taxi’s “Revenge Crew”.

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