Taxi Driver – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

In episode 4 of Taxi Driver Season 2, we see Sang-gi and his men seeking help from Do-gi who is disguised as a local from the village. Do-gi directs them to a local repair shop and storms off in his tractor. Sang-gi and his men drag their truck to the local repair shop which surprisingly belongs to Do-gi. They instantly start bickering and Do-gi’s attitude infuriates Sang-gi. One of the men with Sang-gi requests Do-gi to repair their truck and he agrees.

Do-gi gets it done in time for the afternoon show. However, after the Rainbow Deluxe Taxi gang’s intervention, Mr Lee does not win the raffle as per Sang-gi’s plan. The winner turns out to be Jin-eon. Sang-gi and his men try a second time with another elderly woman but Go-eun manages to alert the group and Kyung-goo wins the second raffle. Sang-gi and his men are upset that their plan did not materialize and he yells at his men.

Sang-gi tries to con Mr Lee a second time by bribing him with a gift. The old man hands over his credit card to Sang-gi to make a transaction but Do-gi appears out of thin air. He has a transmitter with him that blocks the transaction from being made. Despite multiple efforts from Sang-gi, the transaction is not successful and Do-gi manages to break Sang-gi’s card machine.

Back at the Rainbow Deluxe Taxi headquarters, Ha-joon is all by himself at the taxi shop and accidentally makes it into the secret chambers when he is trying to help a customer. Sung-cheol finds him just in time and lies to him about the secret space in his cabin. At the same time, Sang-gi and his men are hosting a meal for the elderly in the village. They spot a new target – an old woman.

Sung-cheol, Go-eun and Do-gi wonder why the men weren’t making their next move yet and the taxi driver tries to push the conman in the right direction. Sang-gi’s truck surprisingly breaks down yet again and Do-gi is at the right place again. He offers the three men a ride to the village.

However, they run into Sung-cheol disguised as an elderly man. Sung-cheol flashes a 100-dollar bill and Sang-gi learns that the man must be rich. He and his men see that Sung-cheol was wearing designer slippers and make him their next target. They later arrive at Sung-cheol’s house and find a Porsche in his backyard.

Not only that but the men are shocked to see many expensive items just laying around in the old man’s hut. The men hide when they hear Sung-cheol approaching and see the old man with stacks of cash and learn that he is CEO Baek Sung-mi. Sang-gi looks up Sung-cheol’s new identity, Sung-mi, online and is shocked to learn that the old man was a big catch.

Kyung-goo and Jin-eon are watching Sang-gi from the camera Do-gi installed in the truck. The next day, Sang-gi tries to talk to Sung-mi (Sung-cheol) and invites him to his singing show. Sung-mi shows up and Sang-gi is being extremely chummy with the old man causing him to walk out.

Sang-gi’s men tell him that they were not able to find the item he had asked them to search for in Sung-mi’s house. They tell him that the item may be hidden in the old man’s farm. The trio decide to follow him around the next day and Do-gi watches the bees falling into the trap. At the same time, Kyung-goo and Jin-eon look around the apartment the trio were renting.

Since the duo were not able to find anything on Sang-gi, Do-gi is stumped. However, Sang-gi too needs more intel about Sung-mi which is why he arrives at Do-gi’s repair shop to service his truck. He starts asking Do-gi questions about the old man and asks if Sung-mi had any land in the village.

Do-gi directs Sang-gi to a presumably lucrative location and the conman thinks he’s hit the jackpot. Sang-gi and his men dig up the entire ground but are not able to find anything and are tired. They end up digging the last hole and still find nothing. Sang-gi is furious and reprimands Do-gi for giving him false information.

Do-gi further lies and tells Sang-gi that he used to lend his tractor to Sung-mi in the past. He bribes Do-gi for it and Do-gi tells Go-eun how he was sure the men had something going on with them. After Do-gi has left, they use the tractor to mow Sung-mi’s land and find a box hidden underground. Sang-mi opens the box and finds poop inside.

They are furious and are trying to take the tractor away but the vehicle breaks down. Sang-gi’s men spot Sung-mi taking another box into the field. The trio decide to help the old man with dinner and kick Do-gi out. Sang-gi and his men have started following Sung-mi (Sung-cheol) around everywhere.

The group now plans a singing show with Go-eun as the main lead. At the show, Sang-gi sees Sung-mi enjoying himself and offering a 100-dollar note to Go-eun. He asks Go-eun to woo the old man into talking about his hidden treasure. However, Sang-gi and his men are shocked to see Go-eun drive away in Sung-mi’s Porsche.

She tells them that the old man gave away his car to her and adds that she knows the location of his hidden treasure because she is pretty. She drives off but the men follow her in their truck. Do-gi appears on his tractor and blocks them from following Go-eun’s car. The men eventually catch up to Go-eun’s car but find it empty.

They also lose their trucks as it falls off a cliff and bursts into flames. A flashback shows that Do-gi had learned that the men had a large sum of cash and gold biscuits hidden in the truck. Do-gi had caused the truck’s handbrake to malfunction and for the truck to fall off the cliff. Sang-gi breaks down watching his truck burn into flames.

Do-gi sets out to follow Sung-mi and threatens to kill him. Sung-mi decides to run from the men and jumps off a cliff into the ocean. Sang-gi has gone out of his mind and assumes that the old man had directed them to the hidden treasure. Kyung-goo and Jin-eon save Sung-mi (Sung-cheol) from the ocean. Do-gi drives Sang-gi’s men and ties them up. Sang-gi is still following the treasure and is going crazy.

Do-gi and the group decide to leave him treasure hunting. Do-gi thinks that it is punishment enough for the conman after he lost his wealth, his friends as well as his senses in search of a treasure. Sang-gi is digging up holes under all the red flags to find the treasure but accidentally steps on a land mine. The group returns all the money to the elderly that were conned and Mrs Lee is happy to reunite with her family.

Meanwhile, Ha-joon is still suspicious about what he found earlier and makes his way into the secret underground office. The episode ends with someone taking photos of Sung-cheol, Kyung-goo, Jin-eon, and Go-eun. The man says “I found him” as he snaps a photo of Do-gi as he matches the photo with the on his application papers from Vietnam.

The Episode Review

This episode started off really light-hearted but the end has me confused. I really do not know if Ha-joon is clumsy and inquisitive or if he has some underlying motive behind his actions. Now that he has discovered the secret basement, we will have to wait and see how he becomes a part of the revenge crew.

The epilogue at the end does help build tension as the person who killed the gangster from the last case is looking for Do-gi. It is possible that Bok-ja is behind this but if she isn’t there is a lot at stake for the gang. I loved Sung-cheol’s odd character in this episode and the way Jin-eon and Kyung-goo bicker is really funny.

We can sense that something is brewing between Do-gi and Go-eun with how she only listens to him. I can’t wait to see them fall for each other if that is on the cards for them!

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