Taxi Driver – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Episode 6 of Taxi Driver starts with Go-eun and Do-gi’s fake marriage being detected by Kang Pil-seung. The real estate consultant decides to back out of the consultation when he learns that the couple were faking their relationship. Do-gi decides to show his desperation by dropping to his knees and telling Pil-seung that he and Go-eun were coworkers and would go to any length to get an apartment.

Pil-seung agrees to work with them because they are very desperate. Pil-seung takes Do-gi and Go-eun to see an apartment they could potentially buy. Do-gi and Go-eun are excited but they suddenly are shocked when Pil-seung mentions that Go-eun is pregnant and should take care of herself.

At the Rainbow Taxi headquarters, Sung-cheol spends some time chatting with Seo-yeon as she draws. He then shows the drawing to the group. A flashback scene shows how Pil-seung and his men had kept many young children in an abandoned house in order to use them as adopted children for young couples who were trying to get a bank loan.

The kids were treated like animals and were left to starve for food in gross living conditions. The group comes to the conclusion that said children were probably orphans which made the paperwork pretty easy. Just then, Pil-seung calls Do-gi and schedules a meeting with the couple.

In his office, Pil-seung talks to the Dream Butterfly Orphanage and asks about Seo-yeon. Meanwhile, Go-eun and Do-gu meet Pil-seung at a maternity hospital where he tells the couple that they had to register a newborn under their name. The consultant states that a woman was about to give birth and the couple had to register the child under their name only for it to be taken away from them when it was older.

Go-eun and Do-gi are visibly upset. Pil-seung leaves the two alone to deal with the soon-to-deliver mother who has changed her mind about giving up her child. He beats her up and claims that he is helping her by taking off the burden from her shoulders as an unwed young woman.

Do-gi watches the fiasco and rings an alarm before Pil-seung can further harm the woman. One of his men tells Pil-seung that the woman had run away and they rush after her. As she runs, Pil-seung’s man finds her and follows her in his car. He is about to run her over when Do-gi intervenes in his taxi and chases after his car causing a distraction, and allowing the woman to flee.

He beats the man to a pulp while Go-eun goes off to find the woman. Together, they take the woman to a home for single mothers. Back at the office, the group discusses possible ways to find the kids. Do-gi claims that Pil-seung has a number of properties registered under his name and asks Go-eun to find the one that has the least monetary value. He claims that the said property could be a clue to finding the kids.

Go-eun finds it to be a photo studio and Do-gi goes to investigate it. He finds family portraits of Seo-yeon with four different sets of parents and learns that Pil-seung had taken advantage of helpless people. He waits there for the night and with Jin-eon and Kyung-goo’s help he beats Pil-seung’s men to a pulp before saving the young girl who was there for a photoshoot.

Pil-seung is in his office when an employee hands him another contract for one of his newly invested properties. A couple creates a ruckus claiming that they were being exploited after they did as Pil-seung asked them to do. Pil-seung claims that he was only asking for money for his consultation and the couple was desperate enough to sign the birth of a child under their name without thinking about the consequences.

Sung-cheol is with Seo-yeon who wakes up from a bad dream when he notices a concerning bump on her forehead. Later, Pil-seung watches CCTV footage from the photo studio and sees how Do-gi beat up his men. Just as Do-gi arrives at the abandoned house where Pil-seung had kept the children, he learns that the consultant had left it open as bait and the kids were all taken out of the property.

Pil-seung wants to burn down the property with Do-gi inside and he assumes that the taxi driver was seeking revenge for his own child. Pil-seung burns down the house and takes all the kids away in a van. Go-eun is worried about Do-gi but he asks her, Kyung-goo and Jin-eon to follow Pil-seung’s tail and rescue the kids.

Do-gi tries to break out of the house but the fire is spreading fast. Just as he is about to escape, he hears a child crying. Do-gi grabs the child and jumps from the first-floor window of the house before the house blows up into flames. The group chases after Pil-seung and Go-eun are praying for Do-gi’s safety.

Do-gi turns on his microphone and announces that he is okay, as he follows the tail in his taxi. Pil-seung is in the van assaulting the kids who are being transported inside suitcases. Sung-cheol tells Do-gi that the bump on Seo-yeon’s head was from constant assault which further infuriates the driver.

Meanwhile, the other three members of the group follow Pil-seung’s van inside Feel Consultants’ head office. They notice that the kids weren’t with Pil-seung and go to look for them. Pil-seung is taking away his money and other important documents to flee but Do-gi arrives in time to beat him and his men up.

Do-gi is filled with rage and chokes the consultant asking where he hid the kids. Meanwhile, the trip tries to find the kids around the entire office building but they are not able to find them anywhere. Pil-seung threatens to kill the kids if Do-gi kills him and the driver loosens his grip on his neck.

Pil-seung charges Do-gi and claims that he would let the kids go if Do-gi dies at his hands. Go-eun is running around the parking lot looking for the kids when she hears a cry from one of the large vans. She tells Do-gi that they found the kids and the former soldier gets back at Pil-seung, beating him to a pulp. He ties up Pil-seung and puts him in a suitcase before dropping him off in a dumping yard.

The consultant tries to break a deal with Do-gi in exchange for his freedom but the driver mentions that all of his property seals are no longer in his possession. Do-gi asks if Pil-seung is guilty of his actions but the man truthfully responds, stating he has no guilt. Do-gi stuffs his mouth with his golden ticket and leaves Pil-seung to rot in the garage.

As they drive off, Go-eun asks Do-gi to close the case and asks him if they should get a fake divorce. The driver laughs and agrees as they drive back to the Rainbow Taxi stand. Ha-joon starts his shift but instead of taking passengers, he drives off to another location. He is actually after the revenge crew and is working as a spy.

Sung-cheol donated all the money from the case to children’s welfare and visits Seo-yeon and So-mang at their new adoptive house, bearing gifts. Do-gi goes out on a personal mission to beat up Seo-yeon’s “parents” for beating her when she was in their custody. Pil-seung is adjusting to his new life as a beggar when Ha-joon pays him a visit asking about what Do-gi has done.

The Episode Review

This episode was  so good to watch because messing with young children is something that really gets to every sensible individual. I loved the moments of rage that we saw Do-gi show every time Pil-seung’s wrongful actions were revealed. I wish the other characters, aka Kyung-goo and Jin-eon, were more involved in the cases.

I cannot get over the fact that Ha-joon is actually spying on the revenge crew. The fact that the season’s plot introduced him as a new worker leads viewers to believe that he would be joining the revenge crew in the investigation. In reality, he’s the spy who was trying to infiltrate the group’s secret. It’s such a sudden plot twist but a really well executed one. I cannot wait for the episodes to come, if only to see where Ha-joon’s storyline goes.

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