Taxi Driver – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Trot Singer

Episode 3 of Taxi Driver Season 2 starts with Do-gi dropping off an old colleague at base camp. As he drops the soldier off, he asks Do-gi to return to the forces but Do-gi claims he has a different job now. The two friends depart as Do-gi hears a whistle coming from the trainees who are marching by.

The sound sets off his panic attack from the night of his mother’s murder and Do-gi collapses. He somehow manages to compose himself and once he drops off a new passenger, Do-gi buys a whistle and enlists the help of some kids to overcome his Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). He braces himself and signals the child to blow a whistle when he is ready but chickens out before the child can do so. Do-gi leaves with the whistle but is unable to blow it.

In the taxi, Do-gi gets a call from Sung-cheol. He is going to Vietnam to investigate the murder of the cop-turned-gangster. Sung-cheol tells Do-gi that the shell casing of the bullet was made in Korea which meant the person who saved Do-gi was Korean too.

Back at the Rainbow Deluxe Taxi’s secret headquarters, Gyung-goo, Ji-eon and Go-eun are working on some high-tech modifications for a new taxi for Do-gi. In Vietnam, Sung-cheol discovers that the shooter was aiming at the cop and was intentionally trying to save Do-gi. Sung-cheol expresses his worries to Do-gi back in South Korea and tells the driver that his identity was under threat. Do-gi seems confident about it.

Meanwhile, the new employee, On Ha-joon, has a clash with Go-eun but Kyung-goo and Ji-eon only have good things to say about him. Ha-joon catches Do-gi and seeks his help. The new employee had landed a scratch on the taxi he was driving and Do-gi gives him a tip to help the newbie out.

An old woman is about to take her own life when she finds the contact number for Rainbow Deluxe Taxi’s revenge services. The team immediately gets a call and Sung-cheol sends Do-gi to pick the woman up from the train station. The woman narrates her story to Do-gi and reveals how a young man, who was a singer by profession, had scammed the old woman.

After holding a singing show in her small village, Sang-gi learned that Mrs Lee Im-soon was suffering financially. He used the information to get close to Mrs Lee. After he had won her favour by revealing that he had a sick five-year-old son at home, Sang-gi lures Mrs Lee into applying for a credit card.

He convinces the woman to look after his pop-up shop where elders from the village end up buying broken electronics. However since Mrs Lee was at the store, the villagers pin the blame on the old woman. Cops learn that the electronics were purchased from a credit card registered under Mrs Lee’s name too.

She begs the cops to not call her son who is already suffering financially. Sang-gi, who has long fled the village, calls Mrs Lee to rub salt in the wound, stating she should ask her son to help repay her debt. The taxi driver group hatches a plan to help Mrs Lee because he knows how the elderly are easy prey for such scammers.

Mrs Lee accepts the conditions of Rainbow Taxi and decides to take revenge. The team find Sang-gi and his men buying more faulty electronics for their next target. This time, Kyung-goo and Ji-eon have settled with the villagers of this new town that Sang-gi is attacking.

The man sets up a singing show in the village while Kyung-goo and Ji-eon record evidence from gathering. Sang-gi and his team have an old man as their target. They end up convincing an elderly man named Mr Lee. Go-eun tells Do-gi that Sang-gi and his men had used the old man’s identity card to purchase phone numbers and had maxed out the bills to all six cards registered under Mr Lee’s name.

Do-gi pays Sang-gi’s men a visit following and he comes across a goon named Yong-chil who was working with Sang-gi. Do-gi successfully beats the five men up all by himself and uses a flash drive to give Go-eun access to all of their documents. Go-eun manages to cancel all the subscriptions meanwhile, Do-gi destroys all the confidential data collected by Yong-chil and his men.

Sang-gi is unaware of this and tries to reach Yong-chil but is unable to get through to him. Sung-cheol is having a meeting with an NGO called the Blue Bird Foundation during which he promises to sponsor money to help the needy as a founding member of the organisation. Just then, he sees that Ha-joon has caused an accident with one of the taxis.

Instead of scolding the new employee, Sung-cheol takes the young man to the hospital to check his vitals, which surprises Ha-joon. Meanwhile, at the village Kyung-goo and Ji-eon are bickering as always while Go-eun is still working on Mrs Lee’s case.

Sang-gi and his men are driving to the same village when their truck breaks down in the middle of the street. Just as the three men fight, Do-gi appears disguised as a villager in a tractor and offers to give Sang-gi and his men a lift into the village.

The Episode Review

The show has really found a sweet spot in the form of seeking revenge for the helpless and viewers really enjoy what they are seeing. I personally love how Do-gi is really trying to battle his PTS rather than live with it. The teamwork in Taxi Driver is great and the group could see their dynamic change now that they potentially have a new employee joining the team.

Ha-joon’s character seems like he is up to no good with the trouble he keeps causing but he could be a vital member of the revenge crew. I am sure the person who saved Do-gi was Bok-ja but I wonder what she would do to him when she finally meets Do-gi.

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