Star Ocean: The Second Story R: Complete Walkthrough & Game Guide

Star Ocean: The Second Story R: Complete Walkthrough

Welcome to our Star Ocean: The Second Story R guide! Throughout the next few weeks we’ll be honing in to every part of this RPG, helping you find the best ways to play and unlock everything there is to see.

From here, you’ll find links across to each of the individual chapters for walkthroughs, along with links to FAQ guides and more.

Now, it’s worth noting that although Sea of Stars does have chapters, they’re only viewed when saving the game. To make life easier, we’ll be breaking up the individual walkthrough into each area you visit in turn. 

Do bookmark this page though as we’ll be adding more and more articles over the coming weeks, including thorough walkthroughs for every area of the game!

FAQ Guides

Star Ocean: Second Story R Release Date, Platform & Game Length

Main Quests

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Main Walkthrough

1) Arlia & Sacred Forest

2) Salva Mines

3) Krosse City

4) Krosse Cave

5) Kurik

6) Marze

7) Forest of Symbols

8) Harley

9) Hilton

10) Lacuer City

11) Linga

12) Hoffman Ruins

13) Lacuer Front Line Base

14) Kingdom of Ell

15) Eluria Tower

16) Centropolis of Nede

17) North City

18) TBC!


(We’re currently working our way through the game right now and will continue to update this page through the coming weeks as we play more and add more walkthrough chapters in, thanks for your patience in the meantime!)

What do you think of the different missions? Are you playing through the game right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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