Star Ocean: The Second Story R Guide: “Krosse Cave” Walkthrough

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Guide: Krosse Cave

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World Map

Krosse Cave


Mopping Up The Cave


World Map

On the World Map, you’ll notice that our marker is to the right of the city. If you actually leave Krosse, you’ll be going left, over the stone bridge from before. Follow the path with the stream to your left and go up the path as it winds round and eventually up a hill.

At the top, check out the edge of the cliff, where you’ll find a chest holding 1x Eggs and Dairy. Return back down the path we just travelled and to the stone bridge. This time, descend down toward our destination.

At the bottom of this path, be sure to open the chest on the beach to get 4x Artemis Leaf.


Krosse Cave

Inside the cave, be sure to save and continue up the path. Now, this area is deceptive because it looks like one massive labyrinth but in reality, there are just a fair few different paths that weave around and connect back up together, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to get through.

The enemies in here are a decent level though, so be sure to use Rena to heal up Claude, and use Claude as your heavy-hitting melee striker. It’s a good idea to try and Perfect Balance when you can. Furthermore, if you can get behind the orbs, you’ll get some very hand Back Attacks in, which will stun enemies long enough that you can get some good attacks in.

This is a great place to level up, so if you’re a bit under-levelled, you’ll be able to gain some power here quite quickly.

When you first enter, take the path to the left and then left again. Here, it’ll open to a slightly larger chambr with an enemy and a chest holding 1000 Fol.

Leave via the north path and then take the path to the right first (the one that has a wooden box by the side) to grab a chest holding 1x Blackberries.

Go along the other path north. There’s a long pathway here that eventually leads out to another fork in the road, alongside a blinding light shining down. At this point, keep going right rather than down. At the end of this short path, you’ll find a chest holding 1x Blueberries.

Take the other path south and keep going as far down as you possibly can until you reach a chamber that winds round to the right (pictured below).

Inside here, you’ll find a few enemies and 2 chests, one holding 1x Leather Boots and the other with 1x Resurrection Mist. Turn back and this time, go left, down the path with the light shinig down. There are a coupl eof enemies here guarding a jump down to a mysterious area.

On the far left, you’ll notice a little chamber guarded by 3 “normal” enemy orbs. Destroy all of these and then open the chest here to gain 5x Eggs and Dairy.

With all of this collected, it’s back to the main path again. From this mysterious crystalline section, go north and you’ll come to another fork in the road. The path to the right leads us to our destination. So naturally, we want to go left!

Keep moving all the way up this pathway and you’ll find a pink chest holding 5x Silver. There’s also another pink chest just to the north of this (back at the fork in the cave) which holds 2x Blackberries.

Finally, return all the way back whence we came and head right on the original fork in the road to head toward the right. When you do, you’ll come to a strange chamber with floating red rocks.

After some dialogue, we’ll have a new path to go to the right. Leave the chamber and you’ll find a bunch of treasure chest. When you open the first, you’ll be attacked by a couple of enemies, that will hit hard.



Boss Fight – 2x Gargoyles

This boss fight isn’t too much of an issue, and involves 2 gargoyles flying around and attacking. They don’t use any magic attacks and favour jumping in the air and hitting with a downward kick.

They do a fair chunk of damage, but at this point if you’ve been kitting out your gear and gotten used to dodging and casting special attacks, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Use Rena to cast healing spells on Claude, while also keeping a distance to cast magic on the gargoyles. As for Claude, use a combination of melee strikes with special attacks like Meteor Palm and Air Slash to keep on the offensive. Naturally, you want to focus on just one of these at a time rather than switching your attacks around to both targets.

There is a short window of time where you can Perfect Dodge, typified by the red mark just before it slashes on the ground, but it’s quite hard to do. Eventually though, the Gargoyles will go down.

1000 EXP 850 FOL 6 SP 
5 BP    


Mopping Up The Cave

With the Gargoyle defeated, head over to the Unique Spot to unlock Jade Green Columns. This will also net you 500 EXP and 3x Green Beryl. The other treasure chests in here can now be opened too.

The white chest on the left holds 1x Wooden Shield+ and there’s another chest on the left (our destination) which holds 1x Ancient Text. You can’t decipher it right now though unfortunately. Instead, grab 1x Laeticia Jewel and 1x AA Device from the chest we just opened.

This jewel works as a summon and in a lovely nod to the past, will see one of the characters from the past join the battle for a limited period of time, which is quite handy.

The other chests on the right hold 1x Walls of the Soul, 1x Sweet Potion and 500 Fol.

With all of this mopped up, it’s time to leave the cave. At the entrance, Celine will thank you both for your help and you’ll be given the choice to recruit her for the journey ahead. Go ahead and do that now.

When you leave the cave, it’ll be on to our next destination – Kurik.

<< Krose City

Kurik >>

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