Star Ocean: The Second Story R Guide: “Krosse City” Walkthrough

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Guide: Krosse City

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When you gain control of Rena, we’ll be on the world map. Our target here is Krosse, but before you go there, swing around to the left, through the forest area and open a chest holding 5x Blueberries. Turn back and from Arlia, follow the path until you can curve off to the left down to a beach. Once there, you’ll find a white chest holding 1x Talisman.

That’s all to see on this part of the map so continue along the main path into Salva.



Enter Salva and you’ll be greeted by a mini cutscene about “PA”s. These are Private Actions, and they can occur between different party members. By engaging in specific dialogue choices, you can either increase or decrease your relationship with them. We’ll tackle all of this at the end of the chapter, as we can fast travel around at that point and nail all of these in one fell swoop.

In Salva, there are a bunch of different shops but given how close we are to Krosse, which has much better equipment, only stock up on potions and Resurrection Elixirs if you need them.

Before you leave town, be sure to swing by on the left, where you’ll find a chest holding 1x Portrait B. You can also swing by Allen’s mansion on the right if you wish, and head back down to the mines if you haven’t already. If you do decide to do this, go all the way back to the Altar where we found Allen, and you’ll be able to grab a chest here which holds 1x Robe.

When you’re ready, leave town via the back exit.


World Map

Follow the path along and then turn left at the fork in the road. Keep walking down and you’ll find a chest holding 3x Blackberries. Return to the main path and keep going along, killing any enemies you wish in order to level up. As you approach Krosse, the scene will change slightly as the sun starts setting. It’s a lovely little aesthetic touch that’s worth pointing out!

When it does, you want to take a left (before arriving at Krosse) and head up the hill. On the left path you’ll find 1x Gold Cross inside a white chest and also an entranceway to Lasgus Mountains. We won’t go there just yet though!

Instead, head back down the hill and toward Krosse. On the way, take a detour over to the stone bridge and keep going until you reach another chest, holding 1x Lunar Talisman (pictured below).


Krosse City

When you first arrive in Krosse, head straight for the inn right ahead. At this point it’s worth mentioning that you can switch around your playable character at any time so go ahead and do that if you wish, playing as the other character for a bit to freshen things up. That’s what we did in our playthrough!

After some dialogue at the inn, including some cheeky banter in the morning, head outside and explore Krosse. The town is beautiful but there’s not much to see on the south east path into the alleyway. Instead, leave the inn and turn left so you arrive in the large town square.

Be sure to head into the weapon shop as there’s some good gear here. There’s Iron Greaves, a Wooden Shield and some other goodies that’s worth picking up here. Beyond that, you’ll find the Krosse Guild, who will offer advice on skills. Opposite this on the other side of the square you’ve got a vendor too.

When you’re done exploring, head back up the main path toward the castle. A brief cutscene will ensue with a strange man sporting 3 eyes, before disappearing. Continue on and head into the castle.


Krosse Castle

Approach the reception desk on the left and Rena will write both you names in. You’ll be encouraged to look around the castle, and you’ll be able to find another Unique Spot just up the stairs. This is Portrait of Prince Clauzer, and you’ll net 100 EXP and 1x Portrait A for doing this very simple task.

At the top of the stairs, you’ll be presented with your main pathway north. Just before you go here though, exit through the door to the left and go all the way to the end of the pathway. In the next room is a chest holding 400 Fol.

Finally, return to the main path and in to see the King.

When you approach, another big scene with lots of dialogue will take place. These include details about the Sorcery Globe (or a lack of detail, as the case may be!) and shipping details leading out to the Kingdom of Ell.

However, the King is on the case and wants to try and get this resolved just as much as we do, and he’s been recruiting adventurers to the cause. This explains the three-eyed guy outside earlier.

Impressed with Rena’s tenacity, the king will hand over 1x Travel Permit and 600 Fol. It’s a generous reward, and it’s followed up by a recommendation to use the transport ship departing from Kurik in order to get to the Ell Kingdom.

On your way out of the castle, be sure to go down the hallway to the left of the reception desk. At the far end, you’ll find 2 White Chests, holding 1x Leather Helmet and 1x Wooden Shield respectively.

When you’re done, leave the castle and approach the main square. A short cutscene will take place, where you’ll notice a strange woman in a heated discussion with a symbologist.

When Rena jumps in, we’ll get more dialogue, including word of a strange treasure that’s apparently hidden in a cave somewhere. Naturally, we’ll get the offer to jump onboard. This is Celine Jules, and she’s a treasure-hunting enthusiast.

She’s one of the guest characters that join our party and she’s a handy member to have in our party. You won’t be able to change her equipment either while she’s in our party.

She’ll mention word of Krosse Cave and how there’s some ancient treasure inside. She’ll hand over 1x Treasure Map, before there will be a tutorial regarding Guild Missions. These are a nice way of earning extra Fol and XP along the way for our adventure.

If you now re-enter the Guld from earlier, you’ll find there’s four new missions available, including cooking missions and, of course, fishing. Grab all four of these and it’s a good idea to complete the simple tasks too. They’ll give you some good rewards and help out in the story.

Rena PA Options

It’s worth completing all the PA actions here too while we’re at it (pictured above). When you return to the world map (either exit from Krosse will suffice) then be sure to fast travel across to the different towns to complete these PA actions.

You can also complete the fishing mission here too by fast travelling to Arlia and heading toward your house. You’ll find Celina just chilling here and a tutorial for fishing will pop up while by the stream.

Speak to Celine here too. You don’t need to choose anything specific, but listen to Celine and your friendship level will go up.

You’ll find Claude by the side of town (pictured below), go and talk to him and select “What about you, Claude?” This will raise your friendship level.

 Next up, go to Salva and speak to Celina in the shop just north of the save point. You’ll find Celine inside. Select “I could go look for her” and exit the shop. Next, head all the way up to the Salva Mines and Yuki will be just beyond the main entrance. She’s been practicing her singing and the cave is perfect for her, hence the absence!

After talking to her, select “You shouldn’t give up so easily.”

Head outside and swing by to speak to Claude, just next to the cart holding rocks. Select “Maybe there are other worlds out there”.

Back in Krosse City, pop over to the fountain in the main square. You can actually fish inside here, believe it or not, and you may even bag a Krosse Carp too!

You’ll find Celina just on the left of this next to some tables. Talk to her and select “Yes, that sounds like fun.” Next, select “How about if we pay for his bill?” You’ll hand over 10 Fol, which is barely anything in the grand scheme of things, and also boost your Friendship Level with her too.

If you leave town at this point and return, speak to Celine by the café once more, and then Claude after, selecting “Yeah. It really is a model castle town” to raise your friendship level.


Claude PA Options

Much like with Rena, Claude’s PA actions require specific dialogue choices to increase your level. In Arlia, talk to Celine by the item shop and pick “Wow. That’s really nice of you,”

In Salva, talk to Celine inside the jam shop just like before, but this time, when going to the inn, choose “You shouldn’t give up so easily.” and then “That’s right. I’m the Hero of Light.”

Finally, in Krosse, go to the alleyway on the right of town and be sure to leave rather than eavesdrop. After, go and find Rena in the Church and select “I hope my wedding’s in a church like this too.”

Otherwise, the rest of this is quite similar. For now though, let’s head on to the Krosse cave.

<< Salva Mines

Krosse Cave >>

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