Star Ocean: The Second Story R Guide: “Salva Mines” Walkthrough

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Guide: Salva Mines

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Salva Mines

Allen – Boss Fight


Salva Mines

When you regain control of your character (again, we went with Rena at the start), we’ll be in the mines. Be sure to save up and immediately head west at the train tracks and all the way to the far end. Keep following the racks and you’ll find a couple of chests here, holding 1x Blueberries and 1x Anklet.

Return back down this passage to the save point area, and go north east instead. There’s a chest up this passage that holds 1x Blackberries.

Return all the way to the save point, and this time head north. There are a fair few passages to take here, so begin by going north east (pictured below). There’s a chest in here holding 1x Blackberries.

Return back to the main passage and this time go to the left (the passage that doesn’t have the faded tracks leading straight up). All the way at the end, you’ll find another Unique Spot by some purple crystals. Go ahead and interact with this now to find Quietly Gleaming Minerals and 100 EXP. Nice!

Once more, we’ve got a fork in the road with two possible options. Go to the left first, and you’ll find a dead-end but a chest holding 1x Resurrection Elixir.

The pathway to the right meanwhile, will hold a chest at the far end holding 1x Buckler. At this point, return to the Unique Spot and go straight up. You’ll find another save point here. This can also be gained from the right passage which circles back to our starting point at the first save point.

From the second save point, go all the way to the left, and you’ll find another two chests guarded by an enemy.

Dispatch the goon and open both chests to reveal 1x Blueberries and 1x Spectacles. Finally, with all of this cleared up, save and go north to a passage that opens up to this Altar we’ve been hearing about.

When Allen ties up Rena, Claude will show up to save the day. However, it’s now time for a boss fight!



Boss Fight – Allen

The first boss fight in Star Ocean is actually quite a tough one, all things considered. Allen has some strong spells, including Crush, which drops a huge ball from the sky, and some vicious slashing melee strikes too. He’s got big attack damage, and he’ll likely take one of your players out (the one you haven’t been levelling up) in a quick strike or two.

Now, it may well be that you use a bunch of Resurrection Elixirs here to get your other player back from dying.

A good idea here is to try and counter-attack as many of Allen’s attacks as possible when he glows red, following up with a flurry of attacks yourself. Don’t be left alone either, so when your partner is downed, go ahead and use those Resurrection Elixirs..

Without brute-forcing your way through, a good strategy is to hang back and perfect counter Allen’s moves, while simultaneously running around the battlefield to distract Allen long enough for your non-playable character to get some cheap shots in.

Counters are really the aim of the game here, and if you can nail that, you should get through this without too many problems.

150 EXP 250 FOL 4 SP 
3 BP    


With Allen defeated, there will be a whole bunch of cutscenes. When you gain control of Rena, you’ll be back in your house again. Once there, Claude will leave your party. Speak to your mum before eventually leaving the house again.

Follow the marker down to the Sacred Forest but you’ll be forced back to the middle of Arlia after, where you’ll find Claude trying to communicate with someone. It would appear to be his father, given his backstory, but we’ll have to wait and see.

For now, Rena is going to tag along with Claude on this adventure to the Sorcery Globe. The first port of call is heading to see the King of Krosse. Apparently Rena knows him quite well too, which is a bonus. So off we go!

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