Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Somebody episode 6 starts with Yun-o chatting with the young boy he mentoring but he soon realizes that Young Gi-Eun has hacked the boy’s account. This intrigues him and he simply laughs at the turn of events.

He doesn’t respond to her message until the next day. He pretends he didn’t leave her behind on purpose. Young Gi-Eun decides to play a fool to lure him in and they schedule a meeting for the next day. Yun-o insists he wants to apologize in person and sends her an address. She tries to get more information from a cop friend but he is not forthcoming with details about the cases regarding the Somebody app.

Elsewhere, Mok-won is planning to help Kim Sum even though it is dangerous for her. She wants to do an exorcism on Kim Sum. She asks Kim Sum to call Yun-o when she reaches the plateau. Kim Sum calls him at that precise moment and he picks up the call. Mok-won gets a revelation and she senses Young Gi-Eun is in danger.

Young Gi-Eun decides to go to the meeting place alone. Yun-o gave her an address to the old restaurant knowing that the area is being demolished. He pretends to be running late but he is setting her up to be hurt in the demolition. He locks all the exits, making it impossible for her to leave the site as the demolition continues.

Her wheelchair gets stuck and she is forced to crawl to find her way out. Yun-o teases her as she suffers and offers to answer a few questions she is curious about. She asks him why he abandoned her and he tells her that she isn’t worth being abandoned as he doesn’t love her. He takes her wheelchair with him and asks to never meet anymore. He leaves her there struggling to get out.

Kim Sum calls Jung and asks a favour to find the location of Young Gi-Eun as she is not picking up her phone. Jung checks Young Gi-Eun’s phone records on the app and shares her last known location with Kim Sum. Mok-won and Kim Sum head over to Euljiro and try to find Young Gi-Eun.  As they search for Young Gi-Eun, Kim Sum asks Mok-won about the exorcism.

Mok-won tells her that the General revealed to her that Yun-o is the same guy who hurt Young Gi-Eun. Kim Sum is not happy to hear this and she jumps to defend Yun-o. She asks Mok-won to watch her words. They continue with the search and find her lying under some debris.  Kim Sum doesn’t understand what happened to Young Gi-Eun. She lashes at her for coming to that place to meet a man.

On the other hand, the KCSI find the body of a woman likely Na-eun rotting in the silo.

The episode ends with a flashback of how Yun-o killed the owner of the restaurant. The woman used to help him obtain new phones to ensnare women. He dumps her body near the place he abandons Young Gi-Eun.

The Episode Review

Young Gi-Eun made a terrible mistake going to meet Yun-o alone. She should have taken her cop friend or even Mok-won or Kim Sum along. She knew that Yun-o is dangerous and she still underestimated him.

Kim Sum is in denial as she knows deep down that Yun-o is capable of murder. She knows Mok-won is right about his involvement with Young Gi-Eun. Maybe the reality is too much for her to process, but once she is faced with irrefutable evidence, who will she choose to protect?

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  1. I agree, the cop is such a stupid character, so many things that went wrong in this series and does not make sense! So many times no precautions or common sense was used!

  2. The cop is so frustrating! Acting so tough to meet and catch Yun-o but failed and end up crawling on the ground. Its her 2nd encounter with him so she should have known better! not falling into his trap🙄

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