Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Are you the Bonnie to my Clyde?

Episode 5 of Somebody starts with Kim Sum asking her AI friend about the chat she had with Yun-o the previous night. The AI tells her about what Yun-o said he wants to do with her and Kim Sum is happy to learn about his dark side.

She immediately texts him and says she wants to talk. She asks him to come to her place and he comes over right away. She eagerly waits for him by the door and they start some weird foreplay before they make love. The next morning, Yun-o employs the help of the AI to prepare breakfast for Kim Sum.

Meanwhile, Young Gi-Eun visits Somebody and asks to meet the CEO Jung. She asks for her chat history from her previous account on the app which Yun-o deactivated. Jung promises to help her with the matter but warns her that it might be a futile endeavour.

Back in Kim Sum’s apartment, she tells Yun-o about the feature on the AI that keeps even deleted messages. He asks her if she knows what his hobby is and she responds that she knows it all. He says it will be fun if they committed murder together and she agrees.

Young Gi-Eun finds a hacker who can help her trace the owner of the  Wheel me profile on Somebody.  She is hesitant when she is asked to pay for the services in crypto coins but she is also desperate so she agrees.

After spending the day with Kim Sum, Yun-o leaves but he asks the AI why Kim Sum invited him to her house. The Ai tells him that it is unsure as this is the first time this has happened. Yun-o thinks it is because she wanted sex and gets pissed when the AI laughs at him. He destroys the AI and leaves.

Elsewhere, Mok-won decides to go to the club she met a lady she liked before. She meets her again and the lady Yoon was waiting for her. She takes her back home and tells her about her job as a shaman. Initially, Mok-won is scared that Yoon would not accept her job but Yoon turns out to be very understanding.

The next morning, Kim Sum wakes up to the shocking sight of her AI friend wrecked. She opts not to go to work and fix the AI. She is scared when she checks the footage of Yun-o destroying the machine.

The hacker sends Young Gi-Eun files related to the Wheel me profile. She is shocked to see two videos of him coaching a young boy on how to kill. In the video, she can’t see his face clearly but she tries to use his surroundings to find out his true identity.

On the other hand, Kim Sum is able to restore AI. She sees the last message that was typed in was signed off Agape. It turns out that Yun-o planned the whole incident as Agape. Kim Sum figures it out but decides to play a fool. She texts him that she misses him and asks if he was the one who destroyed AI. He admits it and apologises, she asks to meet him so he video-calls her and shares his location. He was nearby and she goes out to welcome him. After he leaves, Kim Sum packs all the blades and sharp objects in her house and heads to Mok-won’s place.

Mok-won asks her to explain what she wants to do with the knives. She says she is scared that she might kill someone who she just met and who is just like her. Mok-won offers to make her a talisman but Kim sum asks her for something stronger. Mok-won suggests a ritual.

Young Gi-Eun hits another snug in her investigations and asks the hacker to find her the profile of the young boy Yun-o was talking to. She gets the kid’s information and reaches out to him on Somebody.

The episode ends with Yun-o gifting a woman a phone for her birthday and asking her to redownload Somebody. He then starts choking her.

The Episode Review

As expected, Yun-o betrayed Kim Sum the moment he got a chance. He clearly has anger issues and a big ego. He didn’t destroy the AI because it knew some of his secrets; he destroyed it because it laughed at him.

We still don’t know whose leg was hanging from the metal container from the previous episode. Is it Na-eun or another victim killed by Yun-o?

It is doubtful that this alliance with Yun-o will end well. Kim Sum is already scared she might kill him and that says a lot about her state of mind. She is angry about what he did to her AI friend and she knows that he is Agape or somewhat involved with what happened to her. It is only a matter of time before her emotions blow up.

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