Somebody – Netflix K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

With Friends Like You, Who Needs Enemies?

Episode 7 of Somebody starts with Mok-won, Kim Sum and Young Gi-Eun heading home after the traumatic events of the day. Mok-won tells the girls that she can’t do it anymore and needs alcohol to get over the day. She suggests they go out clubbing.

They head over to a club and Young Gi-Eun seems to be having a great time, happy that she survived once again. She later calls her cop friend and tells her about the body in Euljiro and asks him to go investigate.

She also opens up to Mok-won and Kim Sum about how she felt when she was crawling her way out of the area. She shares the conversation she had with Yun-o about abandonment and wonders if Yun-o has mommy issues. She wants to use his mommy’s issues to lure him but Kim Sum is not sure how that will work. Mok-won offers to make a talisman to help them get Yun-o but Kim Sum says she needs more time to think about their plans.

Young Gi-Eun’s cop friend heads over to Euljiro and finds the body of the restaurant owner. The autopsy report on her body states that she was strangled and her spine was completely broken. Unfortunately, no evidence was left behind on the scene so the police have no clues so far about the murderer.

Meanwhile, Mok- won calls Young Gi-Eun and tells her about her revelation about Kim Sum’s boyfriend. She tells her that she believes he is the same man who hurt her and warns her that he is dangerous.

The next morning, Mok-won barges into Kim Sum’s office and confronts her about her feelings and denial about her boyfriend. Kim Sum says she can prove that her boyfriend has no mommy issues and calls Yun-o. He is surprised that she called him so early and she asks him about his mom. He tells her about his relationship with his mom and tells her that Jung had reached out to him. She wanted him to renovate the building and informs her he will visit her office building soon.

Mok-won asks her why she wanted an exorcism when she can run a background check on Yun-o herself. Mok-won asks her not to risk her life for Yun-o but Kim Sum tells her she will go as far as she wants. Mok-won leaves her office and takes one of Kim Sum’s blades.

On the other hand, Jung listens in on the conversation on the app between Yun-o and Kim Sum. She decides to do something about it as it is bothering her too much.

Later that night, Kim Sum calls Mok-won and invites her and Young Gi-Eun to her office the next day to meet Yun-o. Mok-won thinks that is a good idea and says she will be there to see the man and end her curiosity. The next morning, Yun-o visits the office for his meeting with Jung. The meeting goes well and he asks to see Kim Sum. Jung asks to speak to him privately before taking him to Kim Sum’s office.

In her office, Jung confronts Yun-o about his activities on the Somebody app. She tells him that she is willing to protect him and let him do his extra-curricular activities on the site. The only thing he has to do is to end his relationship with Kim Sum. She also promises not to tell Kim Sum about his real identity but he tells her that  Kim Sum is aware of who he is. This leaves Jung shocked and it dawns on her that she underestimated Yun-o.

Yun-o asks Jung why she is protecting Kim Sum and she tells him that should something bad happen to her the dating app will cease to exist. Yun-o argues that that would be better as Kim Sum would be free. Jung tells him that that would be difficult as the app means everything to Kim Sum. Jung doesn’t believe that Kim Sum knows  Yun-o’s real identity.

As planned Mok-won is waiting outside on the roof to see Yun-o and confirm her suspicions. She gets a message from Kim Sum that they will be walking out the door together so she prepares to take pictures. However, Kim Sum leaves the building arm in arm with a different man. Mok-won sends the pictures to Young Gi-Eun and she confirms that that is not the man who hurt her.  This was Kim Sum and Yun-o’s plan to get her friends off their backs.

In a flashback, we see what Yun-o did with the man Mok-won hired to be a lookout at the Euljiro restaurant. Yun-o locked him in a house and threatened to kill him if he dared to leave. While he is in the house, he starts snooping and finds the phones Yun-o has been using to log onto the dating app.

Elsewhere, Kim Sum visits her father in jail. He is currently in prison after killing a man. She asks him if he has been able to forget about the man he killed. Her dad tells her that he can’t possibly forget.

There is a second flashback to a year before when Yun-o first downloaded the Somebody app. He gets his first match and she invites her to meet him in a hotel room. The woman asks to invite a third person to their rendezvous and tells him not to worry about the CCTV cameras. The woman says she wants to invite a guy and Yun-o agrees so she invites a second guy from the app.

Before the second guy arrives, he sleeps with the woman and she asks him to choke her. The choking gets out of hand and he accidentally kills her. The second guy arrives a few minutes after she is dead and Yun-o chokes him too.

The Episode Review

There was a lot to unpack in this episode and it is now clear that Kim Sum will protect Yun-o over her friends. She purposely misled Mok-won and Young Gi-Eun, and that means that she knows Yun-o is the man who hurt Young Gi-Eun. There would be no other reason for her to walk out with another man who is not Yun-o.

Mok-won is insightful but it is not enough to help her deal with the devils that are Kim Sum and Yun-o. Surprisingly, she never checked on the man she hired as a lookout, even though she knew he was in danger.

Kim Sum’s father being in jail for killing someone is ironic as he was the one who thought Kim Sum is a monster. Kim Sum probably visited him because she is hoping to know what it is like after killing someone for him. She is wondering if they have the same experience and if he is remorseful – or if he found it euphoric.

We also get to see where it all started for Yun-o on the somebody’s app. What’s left now is to find out how it will end!

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