Solar Opposites – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Lake House Device

Episode 3 of Solar Opposites Season 2 begins with Terry forgetting about Korvo as he’s comically thrown around the room by a machine. Terry, as it turns out, was actually at Disneyland while all this was going on. The two aliens are obviously very different, prompting Korvo to come up with an idea to try and change Terry. Specifically, he wants to make Terry more assertive and less lazy.

Predictably, Korvo sends a letter to Terry as a child in a bid to help him out. Using the Lakehouse Device in the ship, this seems to work but not quite how he expected.

At school, Yumyulack is bullied by the other cool kids. Jesse suggests he go to the gym and work out. That way, he can build up some muscles and beat them back. Well, at the gym two buff men suggests he just need to get B.D.E. or, more specifically, Big Dick Energy.

This works to change the perception of everyone around him. Yumyulack eventually finds himself face to face with Idris Elba, who happens to be part of the council of Big Dicks. He wants to offer Yumyulack a position but he refuses. Instead, Yumyulack goes one step too far and duplicates what he’s got. Well, Sigourney Weaver shows up and uses her NFG (no fucks given) power to stop Yumyulack and save the day.

He’s not the only one who goes too far though. Korvo sends one letter too many which eventually sees Terry snap and chase after him with a knife. Korvo does manage to right the timeline though and grits his teeth, preparing to watch all The Fast And The Furious movies with Terry in chronological order.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 brings back the pop culture references for an episode that deals with time travel and rewriting the present. Alongside that is a constant joke about B.D.E. but to be honest, most of this episode doesn’t really hit the same level of wit the others in this season have so far.

Don’t get me wrong, the episode is still funny but the N.F.G and B.D.E. gags just run for far too long and don’t really work as well as they could. However, the Notebook Letters and rewriting the present is quite funny and the episode does end with a nice little montage at the end. However, this is easily one of the weakest episodes of the season so far.

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  1. Hey stans grandad, thanks so much for commenting and taking the time to read the recap.

    Comedy is, of course, subjective and I’m glad you really enjoyed the episode. I’m glad you found it hilarious though and Solar Opposites definitely has some great jokes across its season. For me personally, I felt like the jokes could have been mixed up a little rather than relying on one single punchline. Again, it’s all subjective and I actually really liked the season as a whole.

    Thanks again for commenting; positive or negative it’s all really useful feedback – I really appreciate it!

    -Greg W

  2. garbage review. Nothing “ran too long” it was fucking hilarious the ENTIRE time…….stop reviewing things if you clearly can’t get into them.

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