Solar Opposites – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Earth Eraser

Episode 2 of Solar Opposites Season 2 begins with Yumyulack shrinking another human down, this one called Declan. Snatching him up, Yumyulack prepares to drop them inside The Wall.

Once inside, Declan meets the Wall-Greeter, Mia. Thanks to some murals on the wall, Declan is introduced to the basic background of this world, and in particular the fierce battle that saw Cherie lose her life. In fact, the People of the Wall are intending to hold their first Annual Cherie Day to honour her memory.

Steve the Nutritionist goes door to door, eventually stopping by a guy called Halk’s and handing over a strawberry. It doesn’t take long before Halk is called to the scene of a crime.

Specifically, he’s called to a crime scene where Steve is found mangled. While they think he may have been killed by a cricket, Halk decides to investigate further.

Terry is invited out to a dinner party, taking Jesse and Pupa along with him. Only, Korvo blackmails his way into the party thanks to his Earth Eraser. Unfortunately Korvo ruins the vibe, eventually flipping the table and walking off.

In the taxi on the way home, Korvo and Yumyulack go through a wild, contrived sequence of events to ban dinner parties. With the bill passing, the pair lead a police team door to door, stopping parties across the country.

Inevitably, this brings them back to the dinner party from before, with hybrid hell-hounds that eat the partygoers and turn them into wine bottles. With Terry down as a “maybe” on the guestlist, the hounds eventually track him down, ready to kill the hapless alien. Thankfully Korvo finds him first and they head into an organic store.

While everyone is killed around them, the pair patch up their differences. Eventually Korvo makes dinner parties legal again, rewriting any wrongs he’s committed.

As the episode closes out, things take another turn for the nasty inside The Wall. Declan is found pinned up against the wall with his intestines used like confetti strewn across the room. Whatever did this to him, it’s clear the humans inside the Wall are not alone.

The Episode Review

Once again the best part of Solar Opposites comes from what happens inside The Wall. In fact, I don’t know about you guys but I’d happily just take an entire series based entirely around these characters.

Whether it be the slight change in humour or the imaginative way everything shrunken down is used in a compelling way (ladybirds on leashes for example), the entire subplot is absolutely fascinating.

Meanwhile, Korvo and Terry quibble about dinner parties while the show touches on satirical and humorous topics involving government corruption and cracking down on laws. This certainly draws some parallels to the current climate in America and makes for some pretty good jokes in the meantime.

Beyond that though, the show continues to deliver the goods across its run-time. Roll on the next episode!

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