Solar Opposites – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Emergency Urbanizer

Episode 4 of Solar Opposites season 2 begins with Korvo’s worst nightmare coming to fruition – summer break. With Jesse and Yumyulack home for 3 months, Korvo and Terry contemplate how to get rid of the pair.

After going over numerous methods of death, their neighbour suggests they send the pair to summer camp instead. So off they go, the Solar Opposites head off to camp but wind up lost in the middle of the woods. With their navigation equipment left in the car, this dysfunctional alien family find themselves wandering through the woods.

Two months pass and Korvo decides to take drastic measures. This includes creating a wooden city. Using a vial, the ground starts spinning as this algorithmically driven metropolis appears.

Korvo realizes they need to get jobs in order to make money and work their way out. Well, Jesse, Korvo, Terry and Yumyulack all take on different careers, with the latter a big businessman and working in this town’s version of Wall Street.

Well, they eventually learn the true meaning of life (a play on an earlier gag about this not being a show about morals and life lessons) and eventually head home after their emotional arc.

Meanwhile inside the Wall, Halk tries to get to the bottom of these serial murders. It turns out there’s been five different murders in total so far. Eventually, this search leads Halk down to Sector 7. With Pupa watching from outside, they come across a shady character but his trigger-happy associates wind up killing a man.

Halk continues on though, determined to get to the bottom of this as he chases after a suspicious looking man. In the heat of the moment, the two come to blows, eventually culminating in Halk arresting him. Who is he and what does he know? We’ll have to wait and see!

The Episode Review

The Wall sub-plot is easily the strongest part of Solar Opposites and for that alone, the show remains a very watchable comedy. Hopefully there’s a standalone Wall episode just like the first season as this serial murder plot is pretty intriguing.

Meanwhile, this episode tackles a variety of different pop culture references, including Wolf of Wall Street and conventional movie tropes – including the emotional character arc – which the characters themselves reference too.

On top of that, the show does a good job keeping the humour flowing and if you’re a fan of Rick & Morty’s humour you’ll undoubtedly be in your element here.

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