Sexify- Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Never Trust an Old Enemy

Episode 5 of Sexify season 2 starts with Krynicki, PhD, Jabba, and Rafal at Sexify office. Rafal is, however, wondering why they’re doing more work, yet they’re supposed to be mere helpers. Natalia calls and informs them that she and other girls will meet sex experts in pursuit of a better app.

At the penis maintenance workshop, ladies are asked to touch the most sensitive parts of a penis, but Natalia cannot since she lacks experience.

Maks and Monika visit a factory, a world of male fantasies where artificial intelligence is used to customize dolls to fit client preferences.

Paulina and her dad visit a guru who promises attendees to experience free ejaculation with orgasm.

Rafal is informed that his and Grezs ‘app is getting updated, which makes him feel conned. As he grabs some tissues, he sees a magazine by the World of Computers and figures he is worthy of being in that magazine. Natalia keeps reminding the code team not to “fuck it up.” Adam visits Natalia’s office at Sexify and discovers that his erectile dysfunction problem is being used as a case study to enhance the app. He feels exposed, thinking that the coding crew knows about his sexual issues.

Natalia and Alina meet at the workshop and do some introduction, and that’s when Alina says she is a dominatrix. This gives Natalia another clue about sexual fantasies. Natalia is eager to learn more from Alina about dominatrix. She questions whether a tied man can claim to be happy. Maybe giving up his control makes him feel good.

Back at the dolls factory, the man explains they don’t collect data as the girls are tailored to suit particular clients. Complete independence is what most male clients are looking for, which robots can achieve. Shortly, they get invited to a wedding ceremony between a man and his customized doll. The groom claims he had been married for twenty years, which never worked, so having a doll is his last resort. They also meet with Violetta, a brilliant female doll.

Rafal meets the World of Computers intern trying to sell his product Sexiguy. However, the lady notices that Sexiguy has a similar outline to Sexify. Jabba and Krynicki notice that the World of Computers is publishing an article about Sexify based on the information given by Rafal. Well, Rafal has already “fucked-up.”

At the arena, the guru charges the crowd, asking them to connect with the earth by being barefoot. The aim is to unleash the beast within. Paulina’s dad feels uncomfortable and opts out. Later, she convinces him to get back to the room. Zygmunt opens up about his feelings and gets cheered by the people.

Rafal and Jabba have to convince the intern that she misunderstood the information. All this is to save the face of the company.

Mrs Debska brings the Vertigo Funding Group to Sexify company, trying to convince them of a business partnership. Grezs arrives late for work only to be told he no longer works there. She also changes the access card to ensure the Sexify team doesn’t access the company.

Krynicki attends his friend’s show to understand more about men’s needs. From their chat, he notices that men are worried and afraid to get embarrassed about their performance. No man wants to make a fool of himself in bed. That’s why men pretend and act out of fear.

Rafal turns off the Sexiguy app to avoid a media fiasco. Well, he leaked information to the World of Computers.  His action leads to Sexify getting bad publicity from the media.

The Episode Review

I’m not stunned that Rafal sold out information to the World of Computers. He was unlikely to remain loyal, especially to his university study rivals.

The girls trusted Mrs Debska but she had other motives from the beginning. Let us see how this will play out.

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