Sexify – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Malgorzata, The New Judas

Episode 6 of Sexify season 2 starts at Sexify company with men invited to test the Sexiguy app. Natalia is complaining to Jabba and Krynicki that she’s 24 years old haven’t been with someone. She hoped to have sex with Adam, but he left after discovering his erection problem was used as a study case.

Rafal informs them that the focus group, led by Paulina, is talking. The group has different opinions about the app. Some thought the app was boring, but Natalia wasn’t buying that idea. She’s angry that men don’t want help from the app to discover what turns them on and to spice their sexual lives.

Monika is requesting men to test the app, but people are not interested. They feel it’s a waste of time and dismisses the Sexiguy app.

In the office, the Sexify team analyzes why men aren’t interested in the app. Surprisingly, even Rafal has yet to use the Sexiguy app. Shortly, Malgorzata calls the girls to her office, asking them if they can finish the app in five days. The girls ask for more time to streamline a few things  Shockingly, she agrees to give them more time. She gives them 31 days to complete programming the app. She insists the girls need a short break and gives them a treat at Hammam.

Rafal requests a meeting with Maks to convince him to work together. He feels they don’t need the girls to upgrade the app. It’s not a surprise because Rafal has always wanted to shine alone. But his request to Maks fails terribly.

Adam feels naked and betrayed now that others know about his problem. After his therapy session, he decides to call Natalia so they can sort their issues out. Maks talks highly of Sexify girls claiming their energy, enthusiasm, and determination are unmatched.

Rafal is frustrated, making him talk about his issues to the sandwich lady. He explains that the company is about optimizing male orgasm and the lady offers to help.

After a nice treat at Hammam, Monika returns to the office only to be denied access. Malgorzata tells her that her presence in the company is no longer needed, including Natalia and Paulina. At this point, Monika realizes that they have been duped.

Monika informs the girls that Malgorzata has taken over the company. She also tells them that she sold her shares to Malgorzata to get money to buy Sexiguy. This is another setback for the girls; their sleepless nights and efforts are going down the drain. Monika goes back home, but unfortunately, her parents are not around. She regrets messing up everything, from her college to Sexify company. And all she needs is a place to stay, at least for now.

Natalia talks with Adam to make him understand she didn’t use his problem to generate the app. Paulina finds her father conversing with a lady and feels like that’s a bad idea. She insists her father is married, despite telling him to move on.

At the end of this episode, Maks gives Monika access to Sexify company to collect her belongings. On the other side, Rafal wants to test the Sexiguy app with the help of the sandwich lady.

The Episode Review

Sadly, Malgorzata has duped the girls despite all their hard work. Although there were hitches here and there, she could have given them a chance to redeem themselves. I feel bad that the girls’ efforts have gone down the drain. The future of Sexify and Sexiguy remains in limbo.

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