Sexify Season 2 Review – A charming and worthwhile follow-up

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Episode 1 -| Review Score – 3/5
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Sexify is a Polish drama that follows the lives of three college students who are trying to change the world with their innovative sex app. The three women, Natalia, Paulina and Monika, have so much faith in their app that they quit college at the end of season 1 to focus on it.

Sexify season 2 is a light-hearted drama that follows these girls and shows the challenges they face in their new quest to be taken seriously as business entrepreneurs. Each one of them has their own demons to slay and somehow, while working on the app, they are able to find solutions to some of their relationship issues.

Let’s start with Natalia, she is the brains behind this operation. In season 1, she created the app hoping to emerge the winner in the competition for the best start-up at her university.  Her professor dared her to find something sexy other than sleep to present. Natalia decided to take his advice and focus on creating an app that helps women reach an orgasm and help women be more open about their sexual needs. This is how the Sexify app was born.

Natalia is a virgin and barely knows what sex entails. This season we see her get a boyfriend, Adam. However, sexual issues arise in their relationship and she realizes there is more to sex than she initially thought.

To be able to test the app, Natalia needs someone who is not afraid to explore her sexuality and that is where Monika comes in. She is the face of the company and comes from a rich family. Her father is a guru in the world of business and she wants to prove she is not a hopeless mess.

She is also charming and while Natalia is good with ideas, she is great at actualizing them. This season, she really stands out and fights hard for her independence and to get the funds needed for the app to be a success.

Lastly, we have our relatable queen, Paulina. In season 1, she was struggling in her relationship with Mariusz because she was afraid to speak about her sexual needs. After breaking off her engagement, she gets out and experiments. Season 2 sees her be more open-minded about sex and relationships. One thing we know for certain is that she becomes more empowered this time around. Hopefully in season 3 they will try again and at least get full closure.

Season 2 sees the girls leave school and venture into the world of business and that is a tougher jungle compared to college. They make a deal with Malgorzata but she is a vulture set to eat them alive.

The girls definitely grow more this season and spread their wings in a great way. They know they have each other and do their best to be there for one another. This helps them trust each other and that kind of bond helps them a lot.

This season also sees them understand their role in the company more. They divide and conquer. Everyone steps up and did their part for the success of the company. They also make unlikely allies and connect with old friends to get help. They are able to create a community for themselves, which is great to see.

At the core of it, Sexify is a show about feminism and women understanding their power. This season, they work with Kripol to also launch Sexiguy. Sexiguy is meant to empower men and help them satisfy themselves and their women better. In this world, whether we like it or not, both men and women need each other to survive. This is a great inclusion and helps to mix things up.

Sexify pulls back the curtain on sex which is considered taboo to talk about. It is a worthy effort and hopefully the creators will dig deeper into this one if it’s renewed for a third season.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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