Sexify – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Let’s Join Forces… Maybe?

Episode 4 of Sexify season 2 starts with Monika and Natalia explaining to Mrs Debska about meeting the guys behind Sexiguy. They claim to have had a productive talk, but we can see they had a heated argument with Rafal. The girls feel Sexiguy product isn’t creative and should be disregarded.

But as an investor, Mrs Debska urges them to launch the product earlier so as not to allow Sexiguy to monopolise the territory. The male version of the Sexify app should be ready for the Warsaw Web Summit in 12 days.

In her apartment, Paulina and her dad are conversing and she confesses to seeing him on a dating site. She thinks he’s cheating on her mother. Contrary, it’s Paulina’s mother cheating on her dad.

Natalia feels under pressure to launch the app within 12 days. Two guys approach Mrs Debska to be her DJs for her birthday party. She dismisses them as she had requested female DJs. Maks is wondering why she’s putting pressure on the Sexify team to launch the app during the Summit.

Even after her sexual experiments, Paulina still doesn’t have a conclusion about men. According to her, men don’t have an issue having sex, but they rarely talk about it. She tells the girls they need to find a way to get the men to talk about sex. They also discuss other issues such as money and Paulina says she thinks that Monika uses the company’s money lavishly. She doesn’t know the sacrifice Monika made for her. Monika gets angry and leaves.

Later, Paulina is reminded of Mariusz and she texts him asking to meet.

At home, Adam is taking a pill to help him erect and eagerly waits for Natalia. However, she changes her mind and decides to talk with Rafal. Her motive is to convince Rafal to bring down the app, but he’s not buying the idea.

In a conversation, Maks tells Monika that he unsuccessfully tried to talk to Malgorzata. He advises her to talk to Mrs Debska herself. To do so, Monika attends her birthday party to convince her to postpone the deadline. But she declines the request and is ready to make an offer to buy Sexify company instead.

Paulina happens to meet Mariusz, and they take a walk. She asks him if he has someone, and he confesses to having “him.” In a wild guess, she thought it was his long-time friend, only for him to admit he meant Jesus Christ. He wants to be a priest and manages to sneak Paulina into the church. Mariusz claims he knows what he wants and is proud of his decision to become a priest.

Natalia is making out with Adam and later notices he took pills for erection, which she finds offensive. She calls Monika and Paulina to the office to discuss the app. The only strategy to make it is to buy the Sexiguy. As usual, Monika will help the company secure finances to buy Rafal. Previously, we saw Natalia picking a metal rod when Rafal rejected her request. Out of anger, she destroyed the Sexiguy computer system.

Sexify offers to buy the visionary idea of Sexiguy and asks Rafal to mention the price. After negotiations, he agrees and moves to Sexify. But the company needs more programmers to beat the deadline. As a starting point, all men with the Sexiguy app get an automated message reading, “what would you like to improve in your sex life?”

The three entrepreneurs approach Jabba and Krynicki, PhD., to help with the project. Monika is borrowing money from Mrs Debska.

The Episode Review

Buying off Sexiguy is a brilliant idea from Natalia, but I don’t know if Rafal will remain loyal. Ostensibly, working with Jabba and Krynicki, PhD, can yield impeccable results.

At this point, I feel this might bring success to Sexify company.  This is only if everyone does their jobs well.

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