Servant – Season 4 Episode 6 “Zoo” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Servant season 4 starts with a news report on the sinkhole down Spruce Street. The Mayor is having talks about a potential evacuation order, although these holes certainly don’t stop Julian from hurrying up with his car, ready for Jericho’s upcoming party.

Leanne uses some tough love with Dorothy to get her up and out of bed, deciding she should at least make an appearance and entertain the guests. Dorothy is not particularly happy about it but Leanne reminds her that the party is going ahead whether she likes it or not.

Well, with the cult laying low for now, Dorothy believes that Leanne is punishing them for betraying her. Sean though, believes he can use Julian to persuade Leanne, given he’s pretty much wrapped around her little finger. Given she trusts him so fully, going through Julian seems like the most obvious course of action.

Before that though, it’s speech time as Leanne tells Dorothy to enjoy this special day and pointing out what she’s done for them. There’s also a petting zoo set up in the garden too, but when the goat gets a bit peckish and takes a bite out of Leanne’s dress, her demeanour changes and she heads upstairs to get changed.

Upstairs and alone, Leanne is blindsided by the cult again, who attempt to take her out. Leanne manages to use a pair of scissors to get the upper-hand, stabbing one of the women in the thigh and using her strange powers to succumb them. She has a strange, psychological hold over this house as we know, and that much is evident when she quietens the baby by putting a finger to her lips. After, she phones her guys informing them to “take care” of those on the third floor.

They say animals can sense evil spirits and that much is true with the goat from earlier. It slams its head into the glass window constantly, as Julian, Sean and Leanne watch in shock from the kitchen. The entire party is a complete disaster, especially when the cake is brought out and it has no candles. The petting zoo goes all Jumanji on us, with animals running and charging left and right, while a dog ends up biting Leanne.

The table is tipped over, the animals continue to act crazed, while Leanne is taken away from the party by Bev for some medical attention. That’s probably just as well given Julian and Sean end up fighting one another.

As for Leanne, she’s taken down to the house helper’s basement under the guise of getting her some treatment. Well, that treatment involves drugging her, tying her up and finally realizing that Bev – not Bobbie – is part of the cult.

As Bev begins playing loud music, smoke filters up to the main house from the fireplace. Julian notices and rushes downstairs to check on Leanne. Only, Leanne ends up cursing Bev, who collapses on the floor, foaming from the mouth. Leanne chuckles to herself as the others watch in shock.

That night, Dorothy decides to watch the old news reports she’s recorded once more. She ends up watching the Leanne tape and this time realizes exactly who she is.

The Episode Review

Now that the truth about Leanne’s origins are out in the open, it’ll be interesting to see exactly how Dorothy reacts to this going forward. I called it last week that Bev was the one involved in the cult rather than Bobbie and that much has certainly come true, as we learn the cult are absolutely everywhere and are like chameleons, able to blend into their surroundings and avoid detection.

As for Leanne and the whole Jericho situation, we’re still no closer to actually getting definitive answers over anything that’s happening. This show continues to drip-feed out its mystery and it’s been a particular problem in this fourth season, given this is supposed to be the finale.

It seems like we could end up with a frantic finish to try and close everything, or alternatively a frustratingly open conclusion. Either way, Servant continues to drip-feed out its horror in a rather frustrating way.

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  1. Anyone notice how Dorothy was taken aback looking at the photo album of Jericho’s first months? I think she recognized that the baby in the photos is not the same Jericho she has now. I think before the season is over, Dorothy will remember what happened to her baby and probably go off the deep end again. I didn’t understand what Leann did to Bev.

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