Servant – Season 4 Episode 5 “Neighbors” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Servant season 4 starts with Dorothy waking up startled, as Sean happens to be holding her hand and lying next to her. “I’m so glad we’re on the same team again.” Dorothy says with a smile.

Sean helps Dorothy into her wheelchair and the pair head downstairs, but Leanne is against it, believing Dorothy is going to hurt herself. Sean dispels any doubts she may have, and puts Leanne in her place.

Dorothy is transferred into her wheelchair in the hallway, where she notices a letter being pushed under the door. She manages to hide if from Leanne and the others, as it happens to be from CLS, the people after Leanne. Instead of stopping them, Dorothy suggests to Sean that they throw a cocktail party and “pave the way” for them to take Leanne and be rid of this nightmare. It’s all under the guise of welcoming the new neighbours of course.

Leanne s incredibly unnerved about the whole idea, especially when she mentions to Sean how knives can be dangerous… before proceeding to stab herself in the palm. “I love this family Sean and nothing is going to change that.”

The party goes ahead and both Dorothy and Sean work to try and root out who the cult members are. They don’t do a particularly great job of it, until thy discover one of the guys has a scar across the back of his neck. He’s not the one after Leanne though, he’s just a sleazy photographer with an open marriage.

After a game of quotes, Dorothy and Sean encourage all of the guests into the kitchen but unfortunately, as they speak about getting rid of Leanne, our unwelcome house guest overhears it all. Before she can do anything, a couple of shadowy figures arrive from the front door and bag her head.

They attempt to take her outside but massive tremors cause the whole house to shake. The chandelier almost falls on the Sean but it stops just before it does, while Leanne gets control of the situation and heads outside. In the middle of the street is a massive sinkhole that’s opened up, while Leanne tells the Turner’s “What is it going to take to realize we’re family.”

The Episode Review

One of the biggest problems with Servant comes from its pacing, which is lethargic to say the least. We’re now nearly halfway through the season and we’re still no closer to resolving the main mystery or understanding what’s going on with Leanne.

Instead, Servant continues to rehash this same ideas of including spooky one-off occurrences and then ending with a big cliffhanger reading for the next episode. There’s very little in the way of continuity here (they’ve thrown a party for the neighbours but no mention of the kid who had his arm broken by Leanne?) while last week’s electricity situation, with broken wires resulting in zero power cuts (thank you for the revealing comment about that last week on the recap!)

With only 5 episodes left, it remains to be seen how this on will play out but judging by what we’ve seen, it’s probably going to be a pretty slow and dragged out affair!

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