Servant – Season 4 Episode 7 “Myth” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Servant season 4 begins with Julian in bed with Leanne. He can’t sleep, and looking outside doesn’t help. All of Leanne’s followers are standing outside, watching the house expectantly. But what about inside? Needing some bedtime material, Julian finds a book depicting devils and demons.

Dorothy phones Eric off the back of the video clip and asks him for help in trying to find Leanne. However, he can’t find anything on record and it would appear that they may have used a different name.

In the morning, Julian begins dancing with Leanne, desperate for answers and trying to work out why people are getting hurt in the house. In retaliation, Leanne bites him.

Julian confronts Sean about the demon material, who has come to the conclusion that everything here is connected with keeping the equilibrium of the house in check. In other words, he’s discovered something called the Faustian Bargain.

Sean has deduced that Leanne actually did die in the past, given the headstone, but Leanne has come back as a servant of God; a “fallen angel”. This would explain what’s been going on. Julian though begins coughing and spluttering. He doesn’t vomit any slugs though (shout out to Harry Potter fans reading this!) but writes on his phone “Did Leanne do this?” He seems to have lost his voice.

Roscoe shows up in the basement, revealing himself and also Uncle George, who’s down in the other house and has big news about Leanne. He’s actually left the Church of the Lesser Saints quite recently and is intent on righting his wrongs. Part of that journey comes from an apology to Sean and the others. He points out they’ve been fooled and he too had been once.

George tried to hang himself and was approached by May at the hospital after, claiming he’s a servant of God. As for Leanne, she was the “perfect candidate” to come back as a Servant of God. However, they underestimated how broken she actually was, with Leanne quickly becoming a vivid believer of their faith. She’s an ordinary girl but confused and deranged.

Sean’s inability to feel and taste when she was angry seems to derive from the common cold or certain drugs, which could be a sign that she was spiking him. The splinters were Leanne’s doing, taking shards of wood and sprinkling them on Sean’s bed.

But what about the Jericho doll? Well, old houses “have secrets” which translates to a bunch of tunnels under the streets heading out and about. All of it was one big illusion. But what of Jericho himself? Well, it’s not Jericho but another little boy with blue eyes who was reported missing from the mum.

But what about Leanne? Well, it turns out her mother didn’t die until a few days after the fire occurred, while Leanne appears to have formed an obsession with Dorothy, showing up once a year on the same day to try and work through her issues. That soon turned to an obsession but Jericho’s death was the turning point. That was Leanne’s way in and she may have seen the abandoned babe as a sign from God, which she stole and then snuck into the house, finding a way into becoming part of the Turner’s family.

George reveals all of this because he wants help in getting Leanne back. When Roscoe finds out all this he’s shocked, pointing out bitterly that he was lied to. “You played your part,” He retorts slowly, before walking away. As the episode closes out, George sits in silence in the dark, begging for forgiveness from a higher power and whipping himself.

The Episode Review

So is George telling the truth? Or is this another clever red herring to dissuade us from the truth? It’s clear that all of this is happening because of Leanne but whether this is a case of a confused young lady with mental issues, infiltrating a family and causing a series of coincidences, is another matter. Given what we know from Shyamalan flicks, the answer is usually not so simple.

However, it’s good that we actually got some answers this time, tying back to the Marano family, the pine needles and a number of other intriguing elements that have been dangling plot lines since the early days of the show’s run.

There’s plenty of reason to stick around for this one now, especially given last week I was lamenting the lack of answers. Hopefully we get a definitive ending to this entrancing series.

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