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Let The Real Estate Games Begin
Billionaires Have Compounds
Sorry, Not Sorry
Red Engagement Party
I’m No Soldier
The Wait Will Be Worth The Wait
Karma’s Gonna Get You


Let’s face it, how you felt about season 1 of Selling Sunset will determine whether this second season is for you. With more drama, reality TV tropes and even more lavish and bigger houses sprinkled in, Selling Sunset grabs the reality TV bull by the horns and rides it head-first into the sun. The drama between the girls is even bigger than it was before, the season twists and turns through a tired variety of tropes we’ve seen a million times before and all of this culminates in a bigger focus on the drama rather than the real estate.

Much like the first season, Selling Sunset is more about the inter-personal relations of its workers than it is about the real estate business but this season that’s even more evident. The “story” played out across this season begins with a catch-up as all our familiar faces join together and fill us in with some exposition around what they’ve been up to. This is then shaken up by new girl Amanza Smith entering the fray. From here, the different episodes interweave real estate properties being bought or auctioned off with the real meat of the series (and let’s face it, the real reason a second season was green-lit), coming in the form of fights between the girls.

Once again Selling Sunset establishes itself as one of those trashy guilty pleasure reality watches that revels in all the familiar, tired trademarks you’d expect. As someone whose ex-wife used to watch every reality show under the sun (Kardashians, Vanderpump, Little Women etc.) all those same tropes show up here with a combination of hilariously overblown fights (The bubbling Heather/Amanza fight as one such example) and gossipy, back-stabbing moments where the girls confide and ultimately two-face their way through situations.

Of course, this isn’t new for anyone who went into season 1 and loved this juicy manufactured drama. For those turned off by that though, there’s even more not to like in this second season. Selling Sunset seems to know it’s target market and shoots straight for them, doubling down on this drama a lot more.It’s almost certainly going to find an audience and fans of the drama last season will be at home this time around too.

All the stylistic cues that made the first season a medley of mushed up ideas from other reality shows are here and Selling Sunset certainly doesn’t miss a beat. Those expecting more real estate action will almost certainly be disappointed and beyond the lavish establishing shots of these beautiful multi-million dollar properties, it’s the drama that’ll keep fans sticking around. If you want more cat-fights, bitchiness and general gossipy drama Selling Sunset is right up your alley. For everyone else, I’d highly suggest riding into the sunset as far away from this as possible.


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  • Verdict - 2/10

2 thoughts on “Selling Sunset – Netflix Season 2 Review”

  1. They are all dumb, annoying bitches.. I mean.. least time I checked Bali is in Indonesia😂 she refers to those as two different things
    They are just so fake, and self centered it hurts
    Just makes you wanna shake them and be like ‘why do you have to be so dumb?’..

  2. So sad to see this kind of horrible behavior from women towards other women. It doesn’t matter how you dress it up, how much money is involved or what status you think you have, this season is just trash, not even entertainment. There is not one of these women who can keep her mouth shut; with no self respect or boundaries, bullying each other is not worth sitting through, even while forced to stay home through a pandemic, it’s just degrading. Grow up!

    PS, an apology means changing behavior otherwise it’s just BS

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