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If you’ve made it this far with Selling Sunset then you know what to expect. Drama, drama and more drama. This time around that drama comes in the form of a wedding and one very public and awkward divorce. There’s no denying that this show has made a splash with the public and it’s one of those trashy reality TV offerings that’s bound to attract a dedicated following. This time around there’s a bit more poignancy thrown in but don’t expect this one to get too sentimental – there’s plenty of tension, awkwardness and bubbling emotions too.

The “story” this time around focuses around ¬†Chrishell Stause’s divorce to Justin Hartley. The This Is Us star made headlines for his public break-up and here we see this bubbling up and eventually spill over late on in the season. She’s not the only one with drama either and both Davina and Amanza have much more prominent roles this time around too, with plenty of gossip spread to the other ladies. All of this culminates in Christine’s wedding at the end where inevitably drama spills over in true reality TV fashion.

Now onto its third season, the real estate element of this show really is hanging on by a thread. It’s thrown in to give the series its sense of consistency but let’s be honest, fans of this show aren’t real estate fans. They may well like the lavish homes but it’s the soap opera drama that fans are craving. And drama is what they get. The season is more dramatic and bombastic than ever before, with that aforementioned wedding and divorce both built up as the dominant storylines through the season.

There’s definitely a sense of the writers throwing everything they can at this one – oftentimes at a fault. Whereas some of the earlier drama in this show has been nuanced, here the fiction element is proudly flaunted for all to see. However, that is counteracted slightly by the inclusion of real-world events which blurs fact with fiction. Interestingly, this seems to be a recurring trend with reality TV at the moment. Despite that, season 3 is more contrived and over the top than ever before.

Fans will be in their element but this is still the same trashy reality TV offering that hit screens during the middle of last year. If this is your jam you’ll be in your element, for everyone else however there’s little here to recommend with this out-of-tune offering.

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  • Verdict - 2/10

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