Sea of Stars Guide: “Sky Base” Walkthrough & All Puzzle Solutions

Sea of Stars Guide – Sky Base

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Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3

To Clockwork Castle


Floor 1

Exit the Speed Ball and we’ll now be in the Sky Base. From your starting position, head through the doorways to the north east until you come to a few enemies. Defeat these guys and head south, into the room which holds a campfire and a save point. When you’re done, exit the room and head south east through the doors to a little mini puzzle.

The three consoles control the floating platforms in front of you. The middle button will illuminate one of the green lights on the wall. We can cycle through the four different buttons. When it does, we can then control that platform with the up and down arrows. Simply stand in front and interact with them. First of all, move both of the first two button all the way to the back of the room.

Hop over and collect 1x Rainbow Conch from the hidden doorway ahead. Jump down, return to the console and line up the rest of the platforms so they look like this:

Hop over and in the next room, defeat the enemies and interact with the console. This will then shift the room we’re in to a different part of the Sky Base, which is pretty cool.

Exit the room from the door we originally entered, and interact with the orange button on the wall. Jump over the newly created platform and interact with the console in the next room. You may be able to dodge the red sensors, but regardless, the teleporter to the right of the console will be active, so head over and jump in.

We’ll now be back at the save point and camp fire from before. Use both if you wish, and then jump in the elevator to the next floor.


Floor 2

Exit the elevator and follow the route all the way through to the room with an orange console on the left. After an amusing little cutscene with Serai, the way forward will be open. There will be a bit of climbing to do here, so follow this obstacle course along and enter the larger room. You’ll be ambushed by three enemies, so take these fellas out and then move through the room to the south west. 

In this room there’s a slight puzzle and a really cool view down below as well.

Step on the first orange platform and use your Graplou to hit the raised platform across from you. A beam will rise up from the ground, so tightrope over that and hop on the next button. This will raise 3 Graplou points. The first two will allow us to move up and down the room.

  1. After hitting the left Graplou from the platform, point the Grappling hook directly south to line up against this Graplou point. Hit it to raise a beam.
  2. With the beam raised (3 in the picture above), hit the previous Graplou point (2 in the picture above) to slide back.
  3. Tightrope over the beam to the other side.
  4. Stand on the button to open the door.  

In the next room, Graplou to the south west and hit the console. This will turn on a console and also some red sensors. The teleporter on the other side of our room. Before we do however, tightrope directly to the right and use the Graplou point to reach the opposite side of the room. There are two chests here, holding 1x Sparkmesh Cape and 1x Rosewood Cork.

Once you’ve grabbed these bits, hit the orange button on the wall to move the Graplou platform up, allowing us to hop over to the teleporter. Naturally, jump into the teleporter.

You can try to dodge the red sensors or jump right into fighting, t’s completely up to you. When that’s done though, interact with the orange computer and it’ll open the north passage.

Head up through into the next area, where we’ll have another little puzzle to solve. The console in the middle of the room will push the blue blocks up while the red is down, and vice-versa. This looks more complicated than it actually is and ironically, only involves us pressing the console once to solve.

  1. Flip the switch on the wall to the left and free the battery.
  2. Flip the switch on the wall to the right and free the second battery.
  3. Push the battery off to the right so it’s nestled behind the blue barricade.
  4. Push the battery to the left and then get behind it, pushing it down, then right, and then up so it’s resting against the top right blue cube.
  5. Press the console to switch the red obstacles up and the blue ones down.
  6. Return to the battery on the right. Push it to the left and then up so it slots in the hole.
  7. Return to the left battery and push it down, then left, down again, back to the right and then all the way up so it slots in place.

The north door will now open and we can progress on. There’s a chest to the far left of the next area, which holds Music Sheet #7 and a save point. When you’re ready, head north west through the next door. 

At the end of the long corridor will be another enemy fight and a console. Hit the button and exit through the north east passage. At the end of this hallway will be another elevator, and a chest just to the right holding 1x Question Pack #8.

When you’re ready, enter the elevator and it’ll take you up to the next floor.


Floor 3

Swing round to the console and interact with it. This will lower down another elevator and activate a new teleporter, leading to the area just north of the earlier puzzle room.

Interact with this elevator, hitting the button outside and then the console to properly enter the third floor. Here, there will be a lift that slides from left to right, with consoles on the right and left of the area. We’ve only really got one choice right now so defeat the enemies and head right.

Defeat the enemies in the next area and open the chest to reveal 1x Plasma Daggers. When you’re ready, hit the console and this will activate a new room we can access via the elevator. Hit the console on the left twice and head outside, where you’ll find a campfire and a save point. There’s also a Merchant of sorts, coming in the form of a vending machine in the top right of this room. 

Grab what you need and prepare yourself for another boss fight!

Boss Fight – The Catalyst

The Catalyst’s fight takes place across three different phases. For the first two, we’ll have to defeat the “defence protocol walls” before proceeding on to tackle the main bulk of the Catalyst itself.

Phase 1

The first fight will pit you against two machine guns on the wall, called Blasters. They have around 100 HP so if you’ve been levelling your characters or grinding a little up to this point, you should be able to take them out with a couple of hits. However, once their hull comes off, it’ll reveal another layer to the guns, called Salvoers. While the first will hit you with simple blasts, this second will hit the whole party for projectile damage. 

A good tactic here is to tackle one gun at a time, for reasons that become obvious as we get deeper into this fight. Also, preserve your MP here and don’t use any big attacks. We’ll need that later on! For now though, this first phase shouldn’t pose too many issues. It’s also worth noting that mana boost orbs do not carry over to the next phase so don’t be afraid to use charged physical attacks here.

Phase 2

Now we have a tougher phase of the fight. There are four guns on the wall, two Blasters and two Salvoers. Focus on the Salvoers first and if you’ve built any combos up, X-Strike or any other attack that hits the entire wall is a great shout. Likewise, Valere’s Moonerang is a good option. However, once we’ve ripped off the hull of the Salvoer’s, it’ll unveil a new layer, called Repair Unit. These will heal one of the guns on the wall each time for a pretty sizable chunk of health.

For that reason, once you’ve unveiled the Repair Units, hit them with your best attacks, with Zale’s Sunball and Valere’s Crescent Arc particular favourites here.

When you get down to one gun left, save all your MP, combo and Ultimate attacks. Heal up if you need to as well, using some items here, so we can come fully prepped for the next phase.

Phase 3

The main fight of The Catalyst is here, and this time we have SIX targets to focus on. There will be a combination here pf the different guns we’ve faced. Again, using Ultimate moves (particularly Valere or Zale’s) is an excellent tactic as it’ll likely wipe most of them out in one fell swoop. If you can, save Serai’s MP if she’s in your party.

If you don’t have any Ultimate attacks yet, use any combos or attacks that hit all enemies, and if the hulls break off to show a Repair Unit, focus on those first. While all guns are active, it doesn’t matter which you target first, but you want to focus exclusively on Repair Units when the Salvoers are down.

When all the guns are gone, The Catalyst will lower and allow you to hit the main bulk of the boss. You’ll have 3 moves to do as much damage as you can. This is where Serai comes in handy. Use her Disorient ability to extend that period to five attacks. In doing so, this will allow us to speed up the fight a bit.

You likely won’t be able to defeat The Catalyst the first time around, but repeat this process a few times and it’ll go down.

10880 EXP    

With The Catalyst defeated, watch the cutscenes and then head back out to the save point with the vending machine. Use the teleporter here to travel back across to the Speed Ball Network, and select “Sea of Stars entrance”. Head back in your ship and travel up to the whirlpool. Interact with it and we’ll be back in the previous world.


To Clockwork Castle

We’ve got a bit of backtracking to do here but if you unlocked the secret path at Mesa Island, your life will be made a lot easier here! Head back to the castle and speak to Cael. He’ll be right where we left him in the heart of the castle. This will require you to trek back through the grounds and the various hallways though!

After some lengthy cutscenes. we’ll be in control of our characters again. Head back into the previous room and another cutscene will ensue. This time we will meet the new and improved Cael, who’s now The Artificer. More importantly, he should be able to help us get one step closer to finishing the game.

Back To Sky Castle

Watch the rest of this cutscene and then head back whence we came, all the way to Sky Base once more. Return to The Catalyst’s console and this time, a new route will open up, allowing us to progress. Specifically, a light will shine down and illuminate the strange moon underwater.

There’s also a waterfall here, leading straight to the Dweller of Dread. Use the campfire, rest up and save. We’re properly into the endgame now!

<< Sacrosanct Spires

Dweller of Dread >>

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