Sea of Stars Guide: “Sacrosanct Spires / Hunting Fields” Walkthrough & All Puzzle Solutions

Sea of Stars Guide – Sacrosanct Spires / Hunting Fields

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Sacrosanct Spires

Hunting Fields

Sacrosanct Spires Part 2

Seat of the Triumvirate


Head to the marked spot on the map, approaching from the south so we can dock at Sacrosanct Spires. Head up the small world map area and interact with the green entrance. This area will see us moving in and out of the huge Sacrosanct area, broken up with another in the middle called Hunting Grounds. All of this builds up to a very tough boss fight at the end.


Sacrosanct Spires

When you enter the area, save, rest at the campfire and interact with the purple crystal blocking the way. B’st will fine-tune the right frequency with a lovely lullaby and then let us pass.

Progress up the linear path, being sure to climb higher in this tower. There’s a variety of different obstacles to traverse, including grappling points, tightropes, and a couple of enemy encounters too. The next section though will feature a platform we can pull out (pictured below), which is another timed obstacle to get up quickly.

In order to do that, you need to circle back the way you came, over the two grappling points and then up the gap.

Keep moving up and at the next enemy encounter, tightrope over to the south west, then grapple onto the wall to the north west. At the top of this wall, and across the next Graplou spot, you’ll find a chest holding 1x Sapphire Orb. Snap this up and then proceed out the door to the right. In doing so, a brief cutscene will ensue, where we’ll meet the Seat of the Triumvirate. Anyone else think Rachater looks like Daffy Duck in disguise?

When you gain control of your characters again, we’re back on the world map. Head to the right and enter the Hunting Fields.


Hunting Fields

As you enter the area, progress along the linear pathway and then interact with the campfire and save point. There’s a switch just to the north east of this area, so go ahead and flip the switch. We’ll also be ambushed by enemies too. Dispatch the enemies and keep moving to the right. There will now be two switches in front of you.

Pull the bottom switch, and then the top one. Uh oh, it’s Rachater! He shows up and ambushes you, dropping you down into the gallows below. You’ll immediately have an enemy fight when you arrive, so dispatch these guys and use your wind power to remove the cube blocking your path out of this prison to the south.

Head round the outside of this prison clockwise and  jump down off the platform. When you do, you’ll tumble further underground. There’s a couple of enemies to take out and another cube puzzle too. It’s quite straight forward, but you want to move it so it’s resting against the far north wall (pictured below).

Keep moving along the linear pathway until you reach a strange caged bird creature. In order to free him, we need to switch the lever behind him. Shimmy down onto the wall below and then jump back up. Hit the lever and… oh no, we’re trapped too!

Thankfully Serai isn’t so while controlling her, move the assassin all the way to the right, over the walls until you reach a puzzle. This is a simple memory game, but ignore this for now and instead, push the cube to the north of this area all the way to the right. Now it’s time to solve this puzzle.

  1. Grapple the button on the wall to reveal another on the other side.
  2. Use your wind power to push the cube all the way to the left. Climb up.
  3. Grapple the button to open a gate holding a switch (5)
  4. Push the cube to the right.
  5. Climb up and press the switch.

A console will switch on south of this area with a memory game. It’s quite straightforward and you get two attempts if you make a mistake. Simply match the three sets of 2 cards together. 

This will open up a lever on the left next to the cages. Press the switches and both cages will open. This will free Verlot who will open up the way forward. He’ll step on the wind platform north of this location. Follow him up and move to the next interior area.

Grapple the platform and traverse across. Defeat the enemies and grapple the next platform, continuing on this linear track up. When you reach an area with multiple platforms you can pull out, don’t proceed south. This will return you to the world map. Instead, grapple the platforms one at a time and climb up.

At the top of this next area is a larger platform with a couple of enemies and, more importantly, a chest holding 1x Plasma Blade. Head out the exit to the right and we’ll be back on the world map.


Sacrosanct Spires Part 2

Move along the linear track to the next interior area. Activate the console and there will be another memory game for us to solve. There’s a total of three wrong moves to make on this one, so solve the puzzle and then we’ll be onto another physic-based puzzle area.

First up, climb to the very top of this area where you’ll find a red boulder.

What we want to do is basically activate each set of blue pressure plates at the back of each floor in order to open the route down. Then, with the way now open to progress, push the boulder down the newly opened holes.

Keep doing this until you reach a point where you can jump down into an underground area (this floor is pictured below).

You’ll want to ump this gap twice, once on the right and another on the left, to grab all the chests here. First up, jump through the hole on the right. On the elevated platform is a chest that holds 1x Sparkmesh Armor.

Defeat the enemies and there will be a very useful Recipe in the chest to the north, holding Recipe: Champion’s Omelette. Flip the switch to open the way forward. Stand on the red circular platform and return to the previous ground floor of the puzzle room.

Push the boulder down the gap to the left to break the rock and proceed down. From here, open the chest behind the two enemies to find 1x Crystal Egg. Flip the switch to open the cage and head out.

Instead of jumping on that elevator, go all the way north and interact with the console, flanked by two stone statues. Place the crystal egg there (pictured above), and another wind portal will open. Jump up to the top and head back out to the world map. Now it’s a case of walking over to the Seat of the Triumvirate on the other side.


Seat of the Triumvirate

Once you enter this area, use the save point and rest up. We’ve got a really tough fight ahead of us now. This one is arguably the toughest in the entire game. However, go just south of this location and open the chest to reveal 1x Rainbow Conch.

When you’re done, make sure you cook up some healing items at the campfire and start ascending the staircase. Be sure to open the first chest you come to here, which happens to hold 1x Neobsidian Staff, a new weapon for Valere. Eventually you’ll come face to face with the terrible trio.


Boss Fight – Seat of the Triumvirate

The Seat of the Triumvirate consists of three magical birds. There’s Brother Casugin, Rachater whom we’ve met before, and Abstarak. All three of these birds use a slightly different tactic, which can make targeting one foe tricky – unless you know who to go for first of course!

Rachater comes armed with heavy wind-up attacks, most notably with Get Zook’d. This will see three consecutive blasts from his bazooka against a single foe. He also uses a land mine attack, throwing a mine at the feet of every party member, which will explode and hit everyone.

Brother Casugin will use his staff to fire projectiles, and also use his big wind-up attack, Mend Minds. This will heal all three of our enemies for a good chunk of HP.

Abstarak uses a phase attack, where he’ll phase-shift a character for a small amount of damage. However, his wind-up attack is awful. It’s called True Terror and it will do a lot of damage to your party, while also showing off a pretty cool animation. In fact, the first time we attempted this boss, that move wiped out our entire party with 1HP left, and then Rachater used his mine attack. Game over man, game over!

The tactic here then is to target Brother Casugin first. Put all your efforts into taking him down but when Abstarak is winding up his True Terror attack, use Serai’s Disorient and try to delay this move as long as possible while focusing on breaking the locks. The wind-up for this is 2 moves but with Disorient, you’ll have 4 to take out five locks. You may get lucky but if not, then make sure you use Valere’s Lunar Shield with 1 turn remaining and be ready to heal after if need be.

Put all your Combo Attacks and big damage moves into taking out Casugin. It’s a good idea to switch around the party when you’re running low on MP rather than using little physical attacks, being sure to chuck in B’st for some good physical damage attacks – and to soak up damage done from True Terror if it hits too.

Once Casugin is down, turn your attention to Rachater. Without Casugin healing everyone, this fight is significantly easier, but True Terror can still be, well, a terror. When Casugin is downed, use your Mending Light Combo to make sure you’re topped up with HP.

Rachater should go down quite soon after Casugin, especially if you’ve been using Moonerang and other attacks that hit all foes. With just Abstarak left, the rest of this fight should be quite straightforward. 

14466 EXP    

With the Seat of the Triumvirate defeated, watch the cutscene and then head back down the stairwell again. Use the teleporter that’s now operational to the south west of the campfire and save point.


Es’tristae’s Lookout

This short and sweet section will see you basically unlock a fast travel station in this world. Before we get there though, proceed to the left and open the chest, which holds 1x Broken Handle inside.

Now we can head all the way up the stairwell and watch the cutscene. When it’s done, the Speedball Travel Network will be online. Interact with the ball right of the save point and select the Sky Base.

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