Sea of Stars Guide: “Moorlands” Walkthrough

Sea of Stars Guide – Moorlands

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Sleeper Island

To New Horizons


Sleeper Island

Now we’re onto a new island, we’ve got new foes to fight and more places to explore. In this first area, there’s some good items to collect and a nice change of décor too!

Head down from your starting position and be sure to take the route to your left first. There’s a cave at the bottom of this which holds a chest. Inside is 1x Solstice Mage Ring. Head back up and take the path to the right, collecting any ingredients along the way. At the bottom of these stairs and platforms, circle back up and open the chest, which holds 90x Gold.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to head down to the southern part of the platform and descend the ladder, dispatch the enemies and then climb back up the rock wall again, being sure to tightrope over the two platforms on the floor above.

The path below is linear but keep your eyes peeled for a special chest tucked away just out of sight. This holds 1x Rainbow Conch inside.

Once you’ve done that, touch the pedestal and progress along. A brief cutscene will show a mysterious woman watching you before disappearing into a portal. Is she a friend? A foe? We’ll have to wait and see!


To New Horizons

Back on the world map, push forward and enter the Moorlands. Here, there will be new enemies to fight, including ants which have a high defence stat against physical attacks. Valere’s Moonerang and Zale’s Sunball are both great options here.

After defeating the two ants, circle around the large platform overlooking the octagonal cracked spot on the ground. You’ll want to jump down from here and break the rock.

There are some mushroom items inside so pick them up and head back whence you came. At the top of the platform we originally jumped down, head north instead to reveal a much larger area. Detour to the top right to collect some peppers, before heading right along the path which changes from yellow flora to an orange dirt path.

You’ll essentially curve around and come to a new courtyard area, compelte with some enemies to dispatch called Srowers. These are spear-wielding humanoids but shouldn’t cause you too many problems. Defeat them, climb up the rock to the left and hop over the platforms.

In the next area, there will be a few chests we can open and some more enemies to defeat. These will be varying groups of enemies we’ve faced already, so be sure to mix up your attacks accordingly.

Climb up the rocks to the left of the glowing blue crystals and follow the linear path along until you come to a chest. Inside is 1x Power Belt.

Jump down from this chest and keep moving south until you come to the edge of the map. From here, keep moving to the right, descending down the steps until you reach another breakable platform. There’s a cave just ahead, so head in, progress up the rock wall and back outside again.

Circle around the linear pathway and then jump off the edge, down into a newly created cave (pictured below)

The rock wall to your left will allow you to return up if you’ve missed anything in this cave, but otherwise move as far right as you can here. Head up the rock walls of this cave and you’ll return to another outdoor area.

Ignore the green crystal and the platform for now, as we don’t have the skills to move that right now. Instead, jump into the water after defeating another group of enemies.

From the water, go south and take a left. Climb up the rocks and open the chest, which holds 4x Teal Amber Ore.

Once you’re done, head all the way to the right until you reach another breakable platform. If you break the platform and jump down, there’s more mushrooms and a chest holding 1x Silver Sword. Back above ground, you’ll want to head north through the rock archway, dispatching any enemies that show up along the way.

There’s a shrine to your left that we can’t do very much with at the moment so instead go in the opposite direction, following the shallow lake to the right.

If you swim down from here when you approach a rock column, there’s another chest, this one holding 1x Rock Lid, a useful upgrade for Gale. 

Head inside the cave and back out the other side. Now, there will be a signpost just south of this area, which branches off into two different directions. If you choose to go south-west, you’ll end up in Windy Loch, a Fishing Spot accessible on the world map. If you’re not fussed with this, proceed to the right instead.

When you do, you’ll meet a brand new traveller called Teaks, who’s a Historian currently messing about with some runes.

After a short cutscene and some dialogue, rest for the night and then proceed further to the right. There will be another celestial stone here we can interact with, but this one is timed. You basically want to rotate the light around clockwise, hitting 1, 2 and 3 in that order (pictured below). In doing so, you’ll reveal a scroll, which happens to be another Combo skill – and a very useful one at that. This is Solar Rain, a skill Garl and Zale can perform together.

Just before leaving this area, be sure to talk to the Wanderer at the top of the north route just to the right of the celestial stone puzzle. If you talk to him a few times, he’ll reward you with 1x Mushroom Soup.

Keep going along the linear path and you’ll eventually be back out on the world map again.

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