Sea of Stars Guide: “Wind Tunnel Mines” Walkthrough & All Puzzle Solutions

Sea of Stars Guide – Wind Tunnel Mines

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Stonemasons Outpost

Wind Tunnel Mines Level 1

Wind Tunnel Mines Level 2

Wind Tunnel Mines Level 1 (Part 2)

Malkomud Boss Fight


“And they called it a mine. A MINE!” The next area of Sea of Stars is essentially broken up into two different areas. There’s a town called Stonemasons Outpost, and a large dungeon called Wind Tunnel Mines. We’ve combined both of them here into one guide so if you’re following along with this one, no need to switch between two different articles!


Stonemasons Outpost

From the world map area, enter Stonemasons Outpost and you’ll find a whole bunch of miners rushing about scared, with rumours of a wizard called Malkomud, trying to wake something called “The Sleeper”.  Naturally, you’ll volunteer to save the day and help out these villagers. After all, the elevator south of here, leading us to Brisk, is currently not operational.

Before descending down the mines, be sure to visit the merchant to buy some upgrades, and talk to the villagers.

When you’re ready, ascend up the stairs and into the mines, located at the back of town and up a large staircase.


Wind Tunnel Mines Level 1

Once inside, jump down the gap and you’ll be greeted by the Molekin Elder. After a brief bit of dialogue, progress to the right and save. The door to the left of the ladder happens to hold a campfire rest site and a merchant inside. When you’re ready, climb up the ladder and into the doorway at the top.

In this next area will be the first of many puzzles within this dungeon. Be sure to dispatch the enemies and collect 3x Egg from the checkered basket before progressing. When you’re ready, let’s tackle this puzzle.

  1. Flip the lever to move the platform to the right down.
  2. Use the platform to jump the gap. Climbing up the rock wall afterwards.
  3. Stand on the platform and let it click into place on the ground.
  4. Flip the lever to move the platform back to its original place
  5. Head over the gap, shimmy across the rock and into the new area.

Keep moving to the right, but take a detour up the rock wall to find some wall mushrooms to the left, and a chest on the far right, holding 1x Green Leaf.

In the next area, are a number of platforms located all the way round in a circle. Dispatch the enemies and head north east. There’s a cave entrance here, along with another basket (holding 3x Diary inside) and a ladder.

This ladder will lead you back to the elevated platforms we couldn’t reach just now. The chest holds 1x Teal Amber Ore. You’ll want to head inside the doorway at the top of the ladder on your far right. Proceed through the linear hallway and you’ll come across a platform leading down to face a new enemy called Bushtroo.

This Bushtroo is actually blocking one of the wind tunnels, and it’s our job to basically unclog this. Focus on the two flying drill bats first, and if you can, use Zale’s Sunball or Valere’s Moonerang to target multiple enemies to get some extra hits on our main foe in the process.

Bushtroo’s attacks have a large wind-up, leading to an easily blocked attack called Teal Drop. Essentially, shards of crystal will drop from the sky and hit each of your players. You’ll want to tap the action button just before the crystal drops onto you. After defeating these enemies, we’ll be back in the main area again.

This time, the Elder will excitedly chirp that your work has made the elevator out of the mines work again. He’ll also encourage you to stop Malkomud and take the elevator up. We want to jump down the newly created gap to the lower level.


Wind Tunnel Mines Level 2

In this new arena, there will be several different pathways to go. Our first port of call is to get a new ability, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves here!

There’s also a 1x Rainbow Conch hidden behind the platform holding the tightrope so be sure to grab this.

Just to the left is a ladder. Climb up and across the tightrope. In this new area, there’s only really one way to go right now so follow the pathway to the right and up, into the next cave (route pictured below)

Inside this cave, climb up the ladder and across the rock wall to the right. Another tightrope and another rock wall will eventually lead to a campfire and a save point. Make sure you save and rest up as we’re about to hit another boss fight. 

When you’re ready, jump down and head into the cave mouth ahead. Inside is a large chest holding 1x Mistal Bracelet. By pressing Square (X for those using a Steam controller!) a gust of wind will move those crystal cuboids we’ve been seeing dotted around the area. Once you’ve done this, head out the cave, and use it on the crystal in front of you. When it drops down the ledge, push it to the left and you’ll trigger a mini boss.

Mini Boss Fight – Salamander

Salamander essentially serves as an appetizer for a much tougher boss further on down the line. He still packs a wallop on his own though. Salamander has big wind-ups for some of his attacks, but the main one is Salamanger, which will see him gobble up one of the players and spit them at another, dealing damage to both.

Salamander is vulnerable to Zale’s Sunball, as well as the Combo Attack: Solstice Strike. He shouldn’t be too difficult to take out, but be wary of his standard claw attacks too, which can also do some hefty damage if you’re not sufficiently levelled by this point.

After defeating the Salamander, he’ll rush off into the depths of the mines and leave you with the ominous prospect of facing him again later on.

For now, keep moving to the left and you’ll come to another puzzle. It’s pretty straightforward and you can solve it quickly if you follow the numbered solution below:

Moving the crystal onto the highlighted spot will reveal a crystal you can jump up to return to the opening area of the cave again. Move the green crystal you to the left and up into the gap, allowing a platform to reach another chest. Inside is another key item, the Mines Key.

Back outside again, use your wind powers to push the crystal blocking the previous path on the right and go all the way to the end of the map, hugging the rock wall as you do.

Inside is another Bushtroo, a few drill enemies and an ant. Use Sunball or Crescent Arc against the ant first as quickly as you can. These ants are annoying and can summon multiple others that can easily overwhelm your party if you’re not careful.

Once you’re done, head into the newly opened wind tunnel and you’ll have opened one of the closed doorways next to the elevator. 

In this main hub area, climb back up the ladder but instead of the tightrope, keep moving to the right. Use your wind power on the green wheel contraption to lower the platform behind you, holding the crystal. Jump down and move it along the marked lines on the ground to the adjacent platform.

Just to the left of this area, a crystal cube will appear. You’ll want to push this along too and then use it to climb up and enter a previously inaccessible cave.

The pathway in here is completely linear, so just keep following the route up, destroying the three drill bats blocking your path along the way. There’s also a checkered basket holding 1x Mushroom Soup just next to this area.

At the end of this cave is another Bushtroo, and this time it’s joined by two ants and a Drill Bat. Using the same technique as before, Zale’s Sunball and Valere’s Moonerang are musts for this fight.

Once it’s defeated, head on through the wind tunnel. Another doorway will open, situated just to the right of the ladder we’ve been relentlessly climbing this chapter.

Spin the wheel, and a ladder will descend. Climb up.


Wind Tunnel Mines Level 1 Part 2

With the Mistal Bracelet in hand, we now have the power to progress through this last part of the mines. Move the crystal cuboid just south of the ladder to form a platform we can cross over. Do this and you’ll find another puzzle we need to solve. There are two parts to this, and it’s a slightly more complicated version of the one earlier. We’ve labelled both crystals as A and B for clarity. Here’s how we solved it:

With this done, follow crystal A all the way to the left of the chamber and push it up into the new room. This is another puzzle that requires a few different steps, but we’ve laid it out below for your convenience!

The crystal will fall and be replaced with a cube we can climb up. Use your wind powers against the wheel above the doorway. Progress down and into this new chamber, where a boss fight awaits!


Boss Fight – Malkomud

Finally the great wizard Malkomud! He’s not too happy that you’ve been fighting with his pet Salamander, and both will now attack you together. This is a two phase fight, although in truth the moves are pretty similar across both.

Phase 1

Salamander will use the same attacks we saw before, but this time the Salamander will also use a headbutt. As for Malkomud, his attacks are actually pretty easy to dodge given their wind-ups. Malkomud will throw chunks of ore at you from afar, while his other physical attack is called Shovel Might, where he’ll use his shovel to damage one of the party.

Salamander will have a lot of time between attacks, with most taking 2 or 3 turns to charge up. Use this time to focus on Salamander first and use a combination of attacks to break the locks.

Phase 2

Once you’ve done enough damage, Malkomud and Salamander will team up and begin hitting you with combined attacks. The worst to watch out for is Geobress. This is a big charged attack that can do enough damage to kill one of your party members if you’re not careful. It’s imperative that you try to break those locks as quickly as possible.

Malkomud will also use his shovel to swipe at everyone in the party. It’s a good idea here to save up your combo to use Mending Light, which is incredibly useful in this fight. In this second phase, Malkomud will be vulnerable to both Sun and Moon attacks, so be sure to fully boost both Sunball and Moonerang. Eventually, you’ll best him.

556 Experience Points    


After The Fight

Upon defeating Malkomud, he’ll reveal more of his backstory and how he’s been an outsider and misunderstood. Garl is the one who manages to get through to him, using his kindness to quell Malkomud, who’s just misunderstood and shunned by the villagers as they’re scared of his powers. More importantly, he’s allowed to keep living in the mines and he promises not to clog the wind tunnels anymore either. Bonus!

When you leave the chamber, a brief cutscene will ensue and you’ll be back in the Stonemasons Outpost again. This time, head all the way to the south and use the lift that’s now operational to descend into our next area.

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