Sea of Stars Guide: “Elder Mist Trials” Walkthrough

Sea of Stars Guide – Elder Mist Trials

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Left Route

Middle Route

Right Route

Elder Mist Boss Fight


Trials in the Mist (cont.)

The Elder Mist Trials have begun and this is the last step to officially becoming a Solstice Warrior. After a short tutorial, step over the platforms and you’ll get to see how the mana boost works in action during our first fight. Physical attacks on their own won’t work in this area, so you’ll need to boost each of your attacks accordingly.

When it’s defeated, hop over the platform and you’ll find yourself in a hub area, complete with a save point, campfire and three distinct storm portals heading off to parts unknown. You can complete these in any order you wish, but for this guide, we’ll go from left to right.


Left Route (1)

The portal on the left takes us into a brand new isometric area. Head up the stairs and open the chest to your right to reveal 1x Basic Armor. Dispatch  the enemies lurking in the courtyard and flip the switch just below this. This will move the octagonal platform over to your left and allow you to jump over.

Once you’ve done that, head up the stairs, take out the enemies and unroll the ladder down. Head back to the original switch, flip it again, head up the ladder and now you’ll have a pathway to the higher level.

Hop over the broken platforms and up the next set of stairs. Defeat the two monsters and then a teleporting pedestal with a crystal on top will appear. Touch this and you’ll be teleported back to the main hub area, but in place of the left portal will be a relic.


Middle Route (2)

The middle route is slightly different to the other two here. Instead of defeating enemies or puzzles, we’ll have a small memory test. This is a great way of testing who has been paying attention and who hasn’t to the main story! There are three questions in total, each one accessible via rock walls dotted around. The answers to each are here:


Q: Of these two actions, which one regenerates MP?

A: Attacking

Q: What is the name of the school you went to?

A: Zenith Academy

After answering these two questions, progress up the linear pathway but be sure to open the chest here, which includes: Recipe: Mushroom Scramble.

Q: One very important Solstice Warrior duty is to destroy Dwellers, who becomes vulnerable during which natural phenomenon?

A: Eclipse

Touch the portal and return to the main hub.


Right Route (3)

Progress into the right portal and follow the linear broken pathway up. Be sure to take a slight detour to open the chest, which holds 1x Shiny Pearl.

When you’re ready, climb up the rock wall and circle around the perimeter of the courtyard before jumping down and defeating 2 more enemies.

Just to the south of this is a platform you can jump down to from the courtyard you’re currently in. Flip the switch and another of those teleporting crystals will show up. There will also be a couple of handy platforms that spring up too, making your life easier. Touch the crystal and we’ll be back in the main hub again.

With all three relics gathered, it’s a good idea to go down and save your game. We’ve got a boss coming up.


Elder Mist

Boss Fight – Elder Mist

Elder Mist isn’t too difficult a foe to beat, but you do need to go in with the right technique, otherwise you’re going to be punished. There are two targets here, with Elder Mist and Elder Mist’s sword. You want to make sure you always target the sword first, and avoid attacks that damage multiple targets.

Every time Elder Mist is hit while the sword is still active, will result in a nasty Counter Swipe that’ll take a good chunk of HP away from your party.

Alongside the sword counters, Mist will also use a Fist Smash, where his floating fist will head over and pummel one of your characters. You should be able to negate some damage here as the wind-up is very obvious.

Finally, Elder Mist will use Healing Mist, which he’ll wind up with lock-breaking Moon symbols. It’s important to save up Valere’s Moonerang skill for this precise moment. If Mist is allowed to use his attack, he’ll recover a good chunk of his HP.

In terms of tactics, you want to use physical attacks against Elder Mist’s sword first. Not only does this drop mana boosts, but it’ll save MP for tackling the main bulk of Elder Mist.

Elder Mist’s Sword has around 90 HP so be sure to focus on that first, and once it’s taken out, use the Mana Boosts in conjunction with a high MP attack like Sunball for maximum damage.

When Elder Mist restores his sword later in the fight, switch back to focusing back on that and once more, avoid attacks that damage multiple foes when the sword is active. His Counter Swipe is nasty. It’s also worth noting too that Elder Mist is vulnerable to Valere’s Crescent Arc so using this, alongside maximum Mana boost, is a great option.

230 Experience Points    


After defeating Elder Mist, you’ll be bestowed the title of Solstice Warrior. Hooray! Head back to the Sacred pools, leaving the Elder Mist Trials whence you just came, and back to the top of the Mountain Trail area.

Elder Mist will introduce you to a new mechanic in the game: celestial ruins. This is an addition which will allow you to change the time of day. There’s a small puzzle to your left just behind the Elder, but take a slight detour to the right to pick up 2X Wheat and some potatoes for cooking.

Standing on the platform, change the time to night, hop over the platform and then change it back to day on the next one.

Once you’ve done that, we’ll be back on the world map. Proceed to the Evermist Island’s Landing and watch the cutscene, before flying off to a brand new island.

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Moorlands >>

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