Sea of Stars Guide: “Fleshmancer’s Lair” & Final Boss Walkthrough

Sea of Stars Guide – Fleshmancer’s Lair

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The Fated Hour


The Room Of Illusions

Soul Curator

Phase Reaper



The Fated Hour

We’re finally here. The last dungeon area of the game. Land just outside Fleshmancer’s Lair and head inside. From this starting area, use the save point and rest up at the campfire. It’s a good idea to bring along as much food as you can, with Champion’s Omelette and Bouillabaisse serving as excellent choices here.

In the next area is the first puzzle of this dungeon. Head all the way to the left and hit the white pedestal. This will raise an orange cube platform… and some enemies too.

These are very similar to those we faced in Torment Peak, and the same tactics apply here. Magic attacks and charged physical strikes from Zale and Valere is the way to go here. With those defeated, push the orange block all the way to the right. Don’t worry about the gap, the floating squared platforms will carry it over.

Head all the way to the right and push the orange block in its corresponding slot here:

In doing so, a short cutscene will ensue, showing the bone ladder on the far left of the room descend. We can now climb up and push the crystal cube down, and onto its adjacent slot on the right of this area. Just before doing this though, go and stand on the blue platform that’s illuminated. Take out the enemies first of course!

Now, head back to the middle of the room and go north. You’ll notice one of the glowing yellow eyes has been turned green thanks to the crystal, We now want to do the same thing on the other side. Use the Graplou to jump the gap next to the eyeball on the right, and do it again to climb the bone ladder. Push the crystal cube down and onto its slot on the left (pictured below).

Head north and into the newly opened room.


Eyeball Rolling Room

You’ll immediately notice some enemies patrolling about so be sure to kill these guys before tackling the puzzle. This is similar to the boulder rolling from Kiln Mountain earlier in the game. We essentially want to use our wind power on the eyeballs to move them around the room and onto the pressure plates. 

There’s one such plate to our left, and standing on it, lowers down the grates for the boulder opposite us. We don’t want to do that though!

Instead, what we want to do is push the eyeball in the top left corner of the room down and onto the pressure plate by the entrance to this room. 

Head over to the newly freed eyeball and roll it up to the south east, along with the second eyeball too.

In the bottom right corner is a green pressure plate. Place one of the eyeballs there and push the other up through the newly opened gate and onto the pink pressure plate. 

Before returning to the eyeball on the green pressure plate, there’s a chest to the north east of this area, holding 1x Data Strip inside. Once that’s done, roll the eyeball off the green pressure plate and onto the left pink plate. Climb up the stairs from the newly opened gate. Save and rest up at the campfire. We’ve got another boss fight upon us.



Boss Fight – LeJugg

LeJugg is another two phase fight, with the second far tougher and more ferocious than the first.

Phase 1

LeJugg will come at you with his chainsaw like he’s auditioning for Resident Evil 4. Let’s put a stop to that. He uses a slashing attack but beyond that, there’s not too much variation.

LeJugg is vulnerable to sun damage in this phase so be sure to use a fully charged sunball to do substantial damage. Before too long, he’ll consume a potion and we’ll be into Phase 2.

Phase 2

This is where LeJugg is at his most powerful and deadly. It’s also worth noting that his vulnerability includes Lunar here, making Valere’s abilities much more useful. Physical attacks will do very little damage to LeJugg, so magic is where it’s at. Using Combo Attacks that make use of this, like Arcane Barrage or Arcane Sun are good options.

LeJugg’s big charged attack is called Roulette Punch. Essentially, he’ll consume a potion and hit out at various characters. It appears to be randomized how many times he strikes, as sometimes it’ll be once or twice, and other times it’s all three party members getting hit.

On the subject of physical attacks, given the high defence this enemy has, B’st is pretty pointless to use here. Fully charged Sunball or Moonerang attacks are a good option, while Ultimate moves for Valere or Zale are also good damage dealers.

This fight may go on for a while but eventually it’ll go down.

12240 EXP    

After killing LeJugg, the way forward will be open. In the next room, it looks like a giant puzzle but honestly, it’s just one linear pathway, where you’ll be hopping over floating platforms and eventually doubling back on ourselves later on in the area.

In order to reach that point though, we need to enter the doorway flanked by two red torches (pictured below).

From this room, defeat the enemies and head out the exit to the south east. Follow the pathway along until you reach a huge chamber with floating platforms. Immediately take a right and follow the path down and back up again to grab the chest, holding 1x Salix Cork inside.

Next, circle back to the starting area and this time take a left when you can after the straight path down. Follow the pathway around and collect 1x Yakitori Shrimp.

From this position, head south and follow the path on the far left to exit the dungeon.

After following the winding hallway up, enter the next big arena. Defeat the enemies and hop over to the platform on the south west, which happens to hold 1x Apogee Daggers. Exit the room to the north west. We’ll now find ourselves back in the area eith the purple swirling clouds in the background. Hop over the platforms, use your Graplou and exit to the south west.


The Room Of Illusions

There will now be a pretty unique section with a good deal of jumping back and forth between scenes. After sitting at the campfire and resting, place the three jugs on the required pedestals. In the next area, we’ll be inside The Humble Beast with the NPCs doing their best Bethesda rehearsals, hopping frantically up and down on the spot.

Go and talk to the villager behind the bar, and then the cook in the kitchen. We’ll need to basically do a bunch of fetch quests here, constantly moving into the kitchen to collect up the food and giving them to each of the villagers at their tables. 

When you’re done, report back to the villager behind the bar. When you awaken, you’ll be at a fishing spot. Fish the lonely fish in the pool and then speak to the villager to the top right of this location (circled below).

When you return to the camp fire, awaken and interact with each of the little and big eyeballs that show up in the area to break the spell.

When you return to reality, we’ll be face to face with the Soul Curator. Serai has serious beef with this guy so let’s teach him a lesson.


Soul Curator

Boss Fight – Soul Curator

While this isn’t a multi-phased boss fight, it does have several variations across different rooms, so it makes sense just to lump all of that here in this boss guide.

Phase 1

The first fight will see us go up against the Soul Curator on our own. He’ll use a wand attack as a standard blast but in all honestly, he’s not actually that tough. Keep hitting with your biggest attacks. Don’t worry about your MP for now, just keep striking him down and eventually the fight will end.

The Soul Curator will bemoan his luck and rush off into the next room. Use the camp fire and save before proceeding. This will replenish your HP and MP without even touching our items. Bonus!

Phase 2

We’ll be back in The Humble Beast when you head through the room to the north west. Hit the eyeballs to break the illusion and we’ll fight Soul Curator again. This time, he won’t be alone. Three minions called Stitchers will join Curator for this phase of the fight. They don’t have too much health and they stick quite close to Soul Curator so moves like Sunball and Crescent Arc are excellent choices.

This won’t be as tough as LeJugg earlier so just keep pummelling away with heavy attacks. When Soul Curator is defeated, don’t hesitate to jump back and save again.

Phase 3

Another hallway will connect us to that fishing spot from before. Break the eyeballs and it’s time for another fight. This time, Soul Curator will be joined by two OAF enemies. These have a lot of HP (775 in total) and use simple physical attacks to take you out. As for Soul Curator, he now uses a new charged attack called Call Helpers. He’ll bring in one of those Stitcher creatures to join in the fight, which can be a nuisance.

For that reason, Resh’an’s Abeyance is a great skill to use here. Not only will it do Arcane damage to everyone, it’ll also group the enemies together, which makes for an excellent prelude to Zale using his Sunball. If you can follow that up again with Valere’s Crescent Arc, that’s even better. The OAFs are actually vulnerable to this and Zale’s Sunball, so make good use of this. Dash Strike is also another excellent choice to hit everyone.

If you need to use standard physical attacks to get mana boosts, use Resh’an, as his attack will damage everyone regardless. The reason for grouping everyone together though is that we know Soul Curator doesn’t have a ton of health from the last two times we faced him.

Hitting him alongside everyone else is an excellent strategy to speed up the fight. In fact, the chances are you won’t need to rely on an Ultimate attack either!

9504 EXP 7200 EXP  

With Soul Curator defeated (at least in terms of the times we face him), don’t leave through the south east exit just yet. Instead, swim north through the water to the other side. Once you get there, open the chest to reveal 1x Firmament’s Edge. This is an excellent weapon for Zale to equip!

Exit the room through the south east and follow the passage all the way down until you reach an orange teleporter. Interact with this and hop over to the other side. Now, save and rest up. Also, cook any meals you may need but make sure you don’t max out your slots. Save one for a meal we’re about to grab before tackling the final stages of this area.

In the next room, circle around, climbing up the bone wall and back down again. Open the chest on the far left of the room, which holds 1x Legendary Feast inside. This very useful meal will heal the entire party for 100% health and 100% MP.

From this chest, move slightly north and over the floating platforms into the cave entrance. 


Phase Reaper

Boss Fight – Phase Reaper

This last dungeon is just full of bosses and we’ve got another one here in Phase Reaper. This is a tough customer and it uses a big charged move that could prove troublesome. As the fight begins, he’ll use an attack that creates two clones of itself either side. They won’t use charged attacks but they do hit hard with their scythe slices. As for the Phase Reaper itself, it’ll use that same slice ability and a charged attack too.

That aforementioned attack is called Flourishing Death, and will see Phase Reaper ascend in the air with a huge ball of blue energy and slam it down on one member of the group. Simultaneously, it’ll also slash you two or three times, and it can do big damage if you’re not timing your blocks. 

The clones are close enough to Phase Reaper that any big damage moves done to it will also harm them too. Given Reaper will quickly summon more clones if you take them out, this is a fight that ultimately requires you to deal with Reaper while also handling these two clones remaining in the battle for extended periods of time.

Sunball and Moonerang are good choices here, while Serai’s Venom Flurry is useful if the locks for Reaper’s attack show poison symbols.

B’st is worth using here with his heavy physical attacks like Elbow Drop, while his Ultimate move, which hits everyone on the battlefield, can be enhanced by hitting the action button every time the hippo bites across the field. Given Flourishing Death’s power, Serai’s Disorient is another good choice to break those locks and prevent the move from being completed.

If you destroy Reaper, his clones will also disappear too should they still be in the battle. Make sure you keep healing but save that Legendary Feast for the final fight. Do not use it here!

12514 EXP    

With the Reaper defeated, watch the cutscene and then proceed through into the next room. Head up the staircase, save and rest up. Just to the left of this area is a doorway that leads to a chest holding 1x Question Pack #10 and a campfire.

When you’re ready, hit the yellow teleporter and lets finish this. There’s a very long staircase here to accentuate just how tall this tower is and then we’ll be onto the final fight.



Boss Fight – Elysan’darelle

This is another two phase fight, and you’ll want to save that Legendary Feast for Phase 2, in all honesty, because this first phase, while difficult, isn’t as bad as the second.

Phase 1

In her standard form, Elysan’darelle will hit with a magic sign, which she’ll conure in the air and then throw in your direction. She also uses a charged ability called Telekenisis Crash, which will see two players slammed into each other. There’s also The Pyramid, which is her other charged attack, damaging everyone for a moderate amount of HP.

It’s a good idea to save your Ultimate attacks if you can. Using fully charged Sunballs and Moonerang attacks are a good choice, while switching out your party constantly to break Elysan’darelle’s locks isn’t a bad strategy either. Solstice Strike is a good way of getting more power in without fully depleting your combo meter too.

You basically want to keep hitting Elysan’darelle with your big attacks but not too big that you’ll empty out your reserves for the second phase. Try to avoid your MP depleting completely, and don’t be afraid to switch out Zale or Valere to keep the whole party fresh.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is where things get nasty. Elysan’darelle’s final form is a monstrous, horrific creature, and its attacks are just as nasty. The worst move here is Crystal Touch. One of your party will be encased in purple crystal and you’ll have 1 move to try and break the three locks. You could use Serai’s Disorient, but chances are this is going to hit. Followed straight after Crystal Touch is Shatter, which will do a lot of damage. In fact, it may even wipe your party member out if you’re not careful.

There’s also a variation to the magic sign attack, this time hitting the entire party. Finally, Elysan’darelle will hit another charged attack called Life Leech. It’ll damage everyone in the party and also heal Elysan’darelle for a small amount of HP too.

During this Phase, use Resh’An’s Great Eagle Ultimate attack when it’s charged to save your Legendary Feast for if you really need it,. A good tactic here is to ultize everyone in your party too. Switch out any of your characters that get hit with Crystal Touch and make use of Disorient, B’st’s Elbow Drop and Resh’an’s Arcane blasts. Resh’an also has a healing mist that can prove useful when fully charged too.

Given the damage that Crystal Touch/Shatter can enact, if all three party members have been hit with this and you have no Ultimate attacks or Combo moves (like Mending Light) then use that Legendary Feast to replenish everyone.

Savuing the world    

With Elysan’darelle defeated, it’s now time to rejoice and watch the end credits. However, there’s one final fight here before we reach that point. There’s an on-rails shooter section, as Zale and Valere will fly off into the sky and tackle the World Eater that’s en-route.

It’s a simple segment, and certainly doesn’t require a walkthrough but it’s a nice way of breaking things up. Here, you’ll be allowed to be struck 5 times but just keep firing to whittle away the HP. There’s five little sections to World Eater in total, and be sure to use your charged burst when it recharges too.

The final part of this fight, against the World Eater’s head, can be a bit hectic but eventually you’ll defeat it, and the credits will roll. Congratulations, you’ve finished Sea of Stars! This wonderful indie RPG bows out with some post-credit scenes too, so be sure to stick around for that!

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