Sea of Stars Guide: “Coral Cascades” Walkthrough

Sea of Stars Guide – Coral Cascades


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Onwards to Brisk


Onwards to Brisk

After the long dungeon crawl in the Wind Tunnel Mines last time out, Coral Cascades is actually rather simple. Our goal is basically to keep descending down to make it out to the other side. However, there is some exploration to be done, with water spouts situated around the level, which blast you back up to a higher level again to reach previously inaccessible areas.

Jump down the first waterfall and save the game. Just behind the save point, nestled to the left is actually a chest which holds 1x Pirate Garb, so be sure to grab that. From this position, head south and jump down the next waterfall.

In this area, you’ll be faced with a couple of new enemies, with the crab in particular one to watch one for. Despite having a manageable amount of HP, it does have an attack it charges that can pack a punch. After dispatching these guys, follow the water route around and you’ll be faced with three waterfalls (pictured below).

You want to take the waterfall on the right first. Descending down, you’ll be faced with another green crystal wheel, just like the ones from the Wind Tunnel. Use your wind powers on this to reveal a chest holding 1x Rainbow Conch.

When you’re ready, descend down and you’ll meet back up with where the left and middle waterfalls descend down. There are a couple more enemies here and another chest tucked behind the middle waterfall holding 50x Gold.

Jump down the platform from the left-most waterfall (first picture above) and let the current take you down to the next waterfall. When you land in this pool of water, to your left are three fish enemies, patrolling back and forth. When you emerge from under the rock, climb up to dry land and take a right. Climb up here to reveal another green wheel you can shoot with your wind power. In doing so, a chest will pop out holding chest pop out holding 2x Obsidian Ore.

If we move all the way to the left from this area, past the fish enemies (you can actually avoid them if you time your run) and the thin waterfall behind the brown sign, you’ll come to another waterfall. Head down but instead of continuing to the next one, go north instead. There are two water spouts here that’ll take you back up to a higher level. 

Once you’ve done that, progress to the right and jump down the waterfall. This will break the platform we saw just now and allow us to grab 1x Rainbow Conch from the chest. 

After, head down the waterfall again and we’ll be near the end of this area. 

Continue to the left to find a save point, campfire and another celestial stone. However, this stone is being guarded by four crystallized creatures called Croubes. Dispatch these guys and then stand on the celestial stone. You’ll want to go clockwise again on this one, but highlight the diamond on the right first, spinning it round to then highlight the one on the left.

Inside the chamber that opens up happens to be a brand new Combo skill, Bash Drop.

Back out to the three waterfalls again, underneath the middle one in a basket happens to be 1x Chaudree meal. Keep moving to the right and there will be another group of enemies patrolling the area. Take these guys out (or run past, your call) and then we’ll be back on the world map and one step closer to Brisk!

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