Sea of Stars Guide: “Port Town of Brisk” Walkthrough

Sea of Stars Guide – Port Town of Brisk

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Pirates Honor

The Humble Beast


Brisk is a nice big town area and how much you get out of this depends on how thoroughly you want to explore and talk to the NPCs. While there aren’t any side quests per-se, we do get introduced to some new minigames and there’s some chests dotted around to collect too.

Upon entering from the world map, a cutscene will introduce us to a bunch of ragtag pirates, including Captain Klee-Shae, Keenathan, Yolanda and Valtraid. From your starting position, head on down and follow the pathway as it winds to the dock. Instead of turning right, take a left and open the chest which happens to hold 1x Rainbow Conch.

Head back along the dock and follow the path around until you meet the pirates. They’ll encourage you to come join them in The Humble Beast, a tavern just to the south of this area.



Pirates Honor

With Garl gone from the group, immediately head over and speak to the two vendors next to the save point. There’s a whole bunch of Relics here, along with enhanced equipment too. Should you wish to just progress on to the tavern without bothering to explore, you can take the south path just next to the merchant, and skip down the walkthrough for that HERE.

Otherwise, head up the main stairwell between the two merchants and swing back around again to collect a chest holding 1x Arcane Amulet. 

Hop back up to the stairwell we just climbed and this time take a left. As you do, you’ll notice a chest just south from your position, This holds 1x Pirate Garb. When you grab this you may notice another chest on a higher rooftop (holding 1x Shiny Pearl). We essentially need to take a long detour in order to get that, where we’ll collect another chest (holding 1x Power Belt) along the way. 

To get those, head north from the stairwell until you reach a fountain. There’s another staircase just to the northwest of this area. Climb that and then take a south, being sure to jump between the two wooden pillars and collecting the aforementioned chests. The first one will be right in front of you (pictured below) and then you want to climb over the rooftops.

Ignore the first set of tightropes heading south east, and instead get to the bottom and you’ll two tightropes leading left across the gap and to our destination.

After grabbing the Pearl, jump down the gap north of here and you’ll find this house:

Inside is a minigame where you have to choose between three random chests. If you win five times, you will get a special prize which comes in the form of 1x Rainbow Conch.

Whn you’re ready, hop back outside and keep moving south until you find a long staircase heading south west. Instead of taking the stairs, hop up on the balcony and jump down to grab a chest holding 30x Gold.

Speaking of Rainbow Conches, there’s another situated all the way to the right of the dock. If you fancy a long trek, walk all the way along the dock until you reach a beach. If you speak to the couple building a sandcastle, they’ll kindly hand over 1x Rainbow Conch. 

On the other side of the beach, at the far north, you’ll find a basket which holds 6x Seafood inside. From this location at the beach, head back along the dock and take the stairwell leading north west. When you reach the top, you’ll find this open doorway:

Inside is another minigame, which is Spin Roulette. It costs 10 Gold to guess a number and see if you win. While you may get lucky, if you do happen to lose, a man will show up outside the house just to the north, offering up the correct number for 90 Gold. Should you choose to do this, you’ll be granted Question Park #2 for your efforts.

The last important chest we need to grab holds 1x Rainbow Conch. From the fountain in the main courtyard, head up the staircase to the left. No need to progress further left into the larger restaurant area, there’s not much we can do there. Instead, head up the next staircase and follow the route around (pictured below).

At the end of this pathway, head inside the house and progress through to the other side. Use your wind power to knock the wooden crate on the ground. You then want to move it to the right and back. Climb up and enter the hidden area to grab your prize of 1x Rainbow Conch.

Now it’s time to head in to meet the pirates at The Humble Beast. Just before we go, there’s one more Rainbow Conch we can grab. Remember the save point by the dock? It’s a good idea to save here given how much exploring we’ve done, but just to the south west of that is a net heading into the water.

Climb down and swim around to the front of the dock, where an NPC is just standing looking into the water. You’ll enter a hidden area which happens to hold a Merchant and 1x Rainbow Conch inside a chest. The Merchant won’r serve you unless you have a Trader’s Signet. When you’re done, return to the dock and head for The Humble Beast.


The Humble Beast

After a fair amount of exploring, enter The Humble Beast via the open doorway at the end of the dock.

Immediately progress forward behind the bartender to find Garl speaking to the cook. After reuniting, head bac out into the main bar area and move north west to the back of the room, where you’ll find the pirates talking at a table.

After a lot of dialogue and trickery, the pirates will task you with collecting the “Coin of Undeath Accord” in exchange for passage out of Brisk. This is a powerful token that can be used to pay an undead creature to do one’s bidding. The Captain is going to use it to control The Vespertine, that ghost ship we’ve been hearing about.

Our destination is the Abandoned Wizard’s Lab but just before we go, Yolande will introduce us to the game of Wheels. It’s a neat little distraction from our adventure, but we’ll cover that in a separate guide. For now, progress out of Brisk through the same entrance we used to get in and head north on the world map.

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