Raising Dion – Season 2 Episode 6 “Good Hours” Recap & Review

Good Hours

Episode 6 of Raising Dion begins in the woods with Brayden exerting his will over Dion. However, Dion uses his powers to teleport inside Brayden’s mind. There, he finds a young Brayden trapped underneath the porch, which seems to explain our evil Brayden’s current anger. After letting the kid out, it seems to change Brayden completely.

Dion is thrown out of his mind, Brayden runs away, while Tevin and Dion attempt to chase him. Only, the boy is too quick and manages to slip away in a car.

Meanwhile, Suzanne arrives with bad news. In less than two days, Nicole will be completely transformed. Suzanne has a risky solution, which comes from injecting her with tiny doses of the serum in the hopes of slowing the rate of infection and prevent more spores from being made.

So how much more time would she have? Give or take, Suzanne estimates about 36 hours.

At BIONA, Dion shows up and reveals what’s happened with Brayden. Suzanne intends to bring in a SWAT team to arrest the boy, although Dion is convinced that he’s not outright evil, especially given what he’s seen inside Brayden’s memory palace.

Back home, Nicole speaks to Kat about her situation. She urges Nicole to use Dion’s healing powers to try and cure her but she refuses, believing he’s not strong enough to do this. Instead, Nicole has decided to give him the perfect day, deciding to be there for Dion during his big school play and try to keep everything normal.

Meanwhile, the SWAT team show to try and find Brayden. He’s not in the house though, and in fact he’s actually out by the shed, hiding.

The Crooked Energy swirls around him, telling Brayden he needs to use his mind control and hit back but Brayden refuses. At least to begin with anyway. The Energy is much stronger now than it was before, and because of that, the Energy infects him and takes Brayden over completely.

Dion senses this too, believing the boy has gone completely. Not only that, Nicole’s infection starts to get worse, with her struggling to inject the serum and stop the flow of infection.

Kat arrives at BIONA in order to help out with the infection. Pat is going to use super-powered gene therapy. Specifically, he’s going to create a form of Powered DNA to thwart the infection. As they begin researching, it appears that BIONA may actually be able to manufacture their own Powered beings and even change what powers each person has too.

During the final day, Nicole and Dion spend time together making pancakes. She also helps Esperanza with her song too, before heading out for an impromptu date with Tevin. He promises to be there for Dion if/when she passes away.

Given this is Nicole’s last day, there’s an awful lot of time dedicated to these two chatting about the past. Just before they look set to kiss though, Nicole’s infection takes a turn for the worst.

At school, Brayden shows up and puts everyone to sleep. Everyone except Dion and Esperanza for some reason. Brayden and Dion immediately start using their powers, with Esperanza manages to wake up Jonathan from his slumber.

Thankfully, the latter helps to turn the tide of battle, using a fire extinguisher to throw Brayden off his game. When he tries to mind control Esperanza, she thwarts it by…. not listening? I dunno, it’s not really explained but the triangle of justice comes out victorious nonetheless.

Eventually Dion is taken home by Tevin, where he finds Nicole sick and incredibly weak. Dion’s healing powers also fail to work.

Meanwhile, things at BIONA take an unfortunate turn for the worst. Pat is taken off the case, left to stew in his cell. Only, he ends up taking the experimental serum for himself and injects his arm that night. In doing so, he begins convulsing and fitting on the floor. Uh oh…

The Episode Review

Raising Dion returns with another shaky episode, one that throws Pat off the case for…. reasons? At the same time, David is absolutely fine with that and continues on like normal with a brand new team.

That feels like a bit of a betrayal over what we saw earlier in the season, given David was the one who actually encouraged Pat to get involved. I know he’s the “bad business man” in this but it reeks of poor character depth.

Also, the whole idea of Esperanza thwarting Brayden’s mind control just because, is another weak element of this show. I mean, they could have had her sing to stop the mind control, which would tie her sub-plot into the larger conflict.

There’s also a return to the Tevin and Nicole romance which feels completely ill-fitting, especially the jokes and ease that they’re talking. This is supposed to be Nicole’s final day before potentially passing away!

However, the final two episodes do look set to pick things up in a big way and quite what the result of Pat’s infection and Nicole’s wellbeing will be are left up for debate.

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  1. WTF?! ALL THE “EXPERTS” THAT CAME IN BIONA TO REPLACE PAT ARE ALL FEMALE. THIS SHOW IS TRULY A FEMINIST OVERKILL! lolz! By college age, only about a third of female students in the United States pursue degrees in math and science, and by the time they reach the workforce, men outnumber women in the sciences 4 to 1. Boys generally score higher on math in standardized tests. IRL, women are not just up to par with men in STEM fields.

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