Raising Dion – Season 2 Episode 5 “You VS Me” Recap & Review

You VS Me

Episode 5 of Raising Dion Season 2 begins with Pat being woken up in the middle of the night. The scientists are expecting him in the lab. As Pat starts getting up, he sees Brayden in front of him. Only, it’s actually an image of Brayden and, by extension, the Crooked Man.

When Pat realizes the young boy is infected with the energy, he encourages him not to let it control him. Brayden though is too angry and full of hatred to listen, and demands he keep quiet. And just like that, he disappears from view.

In the lab, Pat reveals that he intends to use Dion’s DNA to try and formulate a cure. Given Pat’s echoed powers seem to have a connection to Nicole’s infection, it’s all up to him to try and save the day. Thanks to Kat’s interjection, she helps nudge him in the right direction.

Nicole and Pat are interrupted by one of the swamp creatures, which is captured and brought in for examination. Only, it’s clearly not the same one that initially attacked her. BIONA soon realize they’re dealing with more than one monster. When Suzanne finds out, she sets up a quarantine.

Things aren’t looking good as Pat comes out, despairing and talking to Nicole about how hopeless all of this is. He’s not sure they’ll be able to fix up the infection and worries that he needs more time to perfect the formula.

When Janelle hears this though, she suddenly uses her powers to head into the lab and isolate the different components of the mixture. It seems to do the trick and after separating the DNA strand, everyone realizes that Janelle’s powers aren’t completely destructive.

Back at the lab, Pat’s serum works… until it doesn’t. The man they test it on unfortunately loses consciousness before he can turn back completely and dies. I guess it’s back to the drawing board!

Meanwhile, Dion is taken out to the quiet tranquility of the woods with Aunt Kat and Tevin. However, Brayden happens to be across the pond watching them from afar while Tevin and Dion play tag. Esperanza soon rings though, admitting she’s having trouble with her performance and needs some words of encouragement. Of course, Dion says just the right thing to help.

Brayden gets inside Tevin’s head and encourages him to kill Dion. When Tevin catches up with Dion again, he starts to use his powers. Thankfully Tevin manages to see through the mind control long enough to encourage Dion to run. Unfortunately, a whole swarm of birds circle around Dion, knocking him down as Brayden catches up.

The Episode Review

Raising Dion returns with a much more action-packed episode, one that starts to ramp up the tension ready for the dramatic final few episodes of this season. The whole Esperanza subplot has felt a little disparate to what’s going on with everyone else, and Jonathan is almost non-existent at this point.

However, the storyline involving Dion and Brayden, along with the Crooked Man between them, is nicely developed and this chapter thankfully puts a lot more emphasis on that. There hasn’t been too many scenes of romance in the middle of this episode bogging it down either, allowing us to actually focus on the plot involving Dion and the issues he’s had to tackle.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the final few episodes of the season.

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3 thoughts on “Raising Dion – Season 2 Episode 5 “You VS Me” Recap & Review”

  1. This episode they really threw in the feminist sexism. With the “I’d be prettier if I smiled more.” and “Turn the mansplianing down a notch.” statements. They did not fit in the scene or conversations being had and were only used to talk down to the men in theses scenes. I let the smile more one go but less than 10 minutes later they said mansplianing. I literally turned off Netflix. How can you ruin such a good show with these propaganda statements?

  2. Sorry, but this episode was so disappointing. The whole Janelle storyline was so bad and so spoon-fed… all of a sudden she’s just a genius? And the scene with her mum was clearly just used to fill gaps (“when your grandpa asked you to go with him to the old naval base to see the northern lights”)… it was badly written and felt like it belittled the audience.

  3. Why did Janelle have to break the glass door and create a scene just too create an antidote. So Gen-z dramatic BS. The inclusivity and privilege in this show is top notch… ain’t watching it no more.

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