Raising Dion – Season 2 Episode 7 “World Without Mum” Recap & Review

World Without Mum

Episode 7 of Raising Dion begins with Suzanne and the others racing into the cell to find Pat unconscious on the floor. I say race, they basically slowly jog into the room.

When Suzanne notices that Pat has used the serum, froth staining his mouth, he’s rushed to surgery. Only, his hand starts to manifest new powers, which could well be a throwback to the Crooked Energy we saw before. He’s in a deep coma and with his heart-rate up and his vital signs all over the shop, things don’t look good.

Meanwhile, Nicole decides to make her final hours the best she can. Nicole is on the mend, at least a little anyway, and sets to work putting her affairs in order.  She wants to make sure everything is in place for Dion to thrive if she does pass away.

Part of that comes from talking to Janelle’s mum, Simone, asking her to look after him if she passes away. After helping out with Janelle, she’s more than happy to do that. With the pair heading to Dion’s show that night, they decide to talk later on about this.

However, Simone decides to take Janelle back to Chicago. She wants to run away, believing they’re not safe anymore. With Nicole passing away and BIONA in disarray, Janelle is shocked that Simone is running away. Janelle kicks off though and eventually explodes the glass in the car and runs.

At the same time, Nicole gives an impassioned video, talking about how great it’s been being Dion’s mum. With tears stinging her eyes, she struggles to get all the words out.

Elsewhere, David ends up in a chat with the Board of Directors at BIONA. He brings up the cellular exchange and how he intends to give super powers to those who aren’t Powered. Basically, custom-made superheroes. In order to do that, he wants funding for his own team.

All of them reject the offer vehemently, bringing up the dangers this poses and also what’s happened to Pat. As they walk out, David slams his fist on the table in frustration.

At the show, Dion ends up backstage but he’s struggling. He clutches his ears in pain, gritting his teeth and calling out as it appears as if he’s being controlled. Kat though receives a call about Pat and she’s forced to abandon Dion for the time being.

While she leaves, Nicole heads backstage to catch up with his son. Brayden happens to be outside and demands he meet on the football field. The final fight is upon us.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Raising Dion sees Nicole recover enough to actually spend some time with her son and also record an impassioned video about leaving Dion. These moments are great but there have been some subplots that just haven’t worked.

I mentioned before about Esperanza but her singing has amounted to nothing so far. Likewise, Brayden’s omission from this episode, paves way instead for some painful romance between Janelle and Fernando, along with moments between Nicole and Tevin.

These parts certainly hold this back from being a better show, which at times feels tonally conflicted over what sort of series it actually wants to be.

However, the final fight is upon us now and the fate of this world is left hanging in the balance. Who will come out on top?

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2 thoughts on “Raising Dion – Season 2 Episode 7 “World Without Mum” Recap & Review”

  1. I got so many questions for Season 2.. It was ok but could’ve been better.. Lost focus on a lot of main points in Season 1. Overall my children enjoys watching it everyday, LITERALLY!!!

  2. As someone who has lost my mom I just found myself pissed off at all the time Nicole didn’t spend with Dion. After all she has like 36 hours or something…. She sends him to school and they attend a school performance? Seriously? She has lunch with Janelle, spends time with Travon and records a video? Basically wasting precious time with her son ? Heaven forbid Dion misses school on the supposed last day of his mother’s life!? This season was disappointing and completely lost focus. Plant zombies? The new characters seemed like fill. Travon was okay but as a love interest it went nowhere. No chemistry either. If there is a season 3 I hope they get back to the charming and slightly creepy of season 1 because season 2 was neither.

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