Ragnarok – Season 3 Episode 3 “Losing My Religion” Recap & Review

Losing My Religion

Episode 3 of Ragnarok Season 3 marks the midway point of this series with Magne waking up in bed with Saxa. Fjor is there too, alongside Ran, as they watch over the young God. They’ve had a heavy night of drinking, and they’re back at the Jutul household after the wedding.

Downstairs, Ran and Fjor are there to confront her Saxa though, who claims that she’s changed her plan as the pair have actually found kinship together. She’s decided to latch herself to the most powerful god, and use him as a tool, undermining her own family. Fjor is not happy.

Signy is taking it hard with Magne deciding to lean into the Jutul family, and when Turid tries to talk to her son, he snaps at her and exerts his power.

In the wake of this, we’ve got a crowbarred angle with a prejudiced guy unhappy with Laurits’ homosexuality when he kisses Jens at work. It’s worth pointing out that LGBT+ rights in Norway rank among the highest in the world.

Meanwhile, Ran continues to attend therapy and points out how much of a bad influence he is. When he finds out she’s casually been keeping Saxa as a slave for nearly a year, he points out that her getting a boyfriend is probably a good thing.

Iman returns to Edda, where Wotan is waiting. He points out that Magne has gone off the rails and encourages her to embrace the gift of foresight to see the doom that’s coming. “Looks like Ragnarok is back on the menu, boys!”

Checking in with the Gods, Iman sees Magne’s fate, which includes him killed by the maniacal serpent. Shocked, she hurries off. Instead of warning what’s to come, she instead decides to rush away, telling Wotan that it’s all up to him to figure this out.

Fjor continues to play the calm and collected CEO in the wake of police questioning. Marianne’s death has arisen suspicions from the local law enforcement and they want to know what happened. Fjor points out that Marianne was only there for two days but she seemed stressed. He also points out that he dropped her off.

But then another backpacking group have gone missing too, which Fjor knows about as he’s been feeding the serpent in secret. In fact, this satiates its appetite far better than Laurits’ attempt to feed it random food. “What the hell do you want?” Laurits asks in frustration, and with that,Little O responds by spitting out a mutilated leg as an answer.

Fjor knows that the serpent is growing in power and entices Magne out to have a race on the lake. All of this is a ruse of course, as his own boat breaks down and he’s stuck out in the lake by himself. Fjor drives off at breakneck speed, leaving the guy all on his own.

Wotan realizes that Magne is in danger, courtesy of the ravens, and he consults the Gods to make sure he’s not wrong. Well, in order to do that he’s going to smoke a joint to get in the right mindset. However, police show up and arrest them both.

As for Magne, he decides to do some fishing and in doing so, reels in “Little O”. Magne grabs his hammer and attempts to take out the serpent, but when it eats Mjolnir, Magne is left all alone and in big trouble.

The Episode Review

It takes a good 34 minutes before we even get any substantial development in the story here, as instead we get Magne suddenly diving head-first over to the dark side and hooking up with Saxa. The whole narrative drags its heels for so long, and we’ve also got some subplots here too, involving Fjor being questioned about the disappearance of backpackers and Marianne’s death.

Little O isn’t so little any more either, but despite that, the show continues to tease Ragnarok without actually showing, y’know, Ragnarok itself.

Unfortunately, this third season has been more of the same in terms of quality but hopefully the chapters ahead can pick up the pace.

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