Ragnarok – Season 3 Episode 2 “Till Death Do Us Part” Recap & Review

Till Death Do Us Part

Episode 2 of Ragnarok Season 3 starts with Magne agreeing to walk his mother down the aisle. The big day with Eric is fast approaching, but with familial issues involving Laurits, will the family actually come together for one day without conflict or bloodshed?

Magne continues to flaunt his power and confronts Fjor and Ran on his way (and at) school, using Mjolnir as a weapon to force them into doing his bidding, including giving public apologies and paying for food.

Elsewhere, Laurits starts to scavenge for food himself, checking in the bins after maxing out his credit card. The serpent is certainly growing, and it’s hungry. The family are struggling to find where Laurits is around Edda though, unaware that he’s growing a huge serpent by the Fjord. 

Magne sets off alarm bells with his friends though when his intimidation with Ran causes her to given him good grades – better than he usually gets. In fact, Eric only gave him a 2 rather than a 4, and quizzes Ran over exactly what she’s playing at.

Signy tries to question Magne over what’s going on, but he snaps at her and chooses to keep holding onto Mjolnir’s power. Ran is afraid of this, hence her jittery nature and playing along with Magne’s desires. She even tells Turid that Laurits can stay with them too, in order to appease Magne.

All of this is another plan to try and win Magne over by seducing him into a false sense of security. Saxa notices this and quips that this is a better plan than the one involving Laurits and the worm, which isn’t really going anywhere right now.

Saxa starts her seduction and speaks to Magne plainly at school, pointing out that all that power makes him incompatible with a human, especially one as “weak and fragile” as Signy. She also hands over the Jutul family credit card, encouraging him to pick up a brand new suit for the wedding.

When it’s revealed that he has Saxa’s card at the tailor, Signy is not happy. However, Magne convinces Fjor to play ball, pointing out that this is compensation for them firing his mother. This flaunting of power completely turns off Signy though, who’s shocked at her boyfriend’s new lust for power.

Unfortunately, all of this is going to play right into the Jutul family’s hands, especially as Ran is now playing the damsel in distress and claiming that she’s being threatened by a student.

At Jutul Industries, Fjor ends up having a run-in with his new assistant, Marianne. After insinuating that she’s fat and overweight, he’s forced into apologizing later on in the episode. He decides to drive her home too, to a nice spot by the Fjord. And we know what’s inside that lake, don’t we!

That night, Wotan spots Magne out with Saxa and warns him that he’s playing with fire. He’s wielding the most powerful weapon and he’s throwing it around like a cheap pocket knife. Wotan tries to get through to him but it doesn’t work, and in fact Magne flaunts his power with the old man too.

With Magne late to the wedding, it falls to Laurits to do his part and walk his mother down the aisle. Turid and Eric are right on the cusp of tying the knot… when Saxa and Magne walk in linking arms. “Sorry I’m late, little brother” He says.

The Episode Review

Magne is well and truly descending into the dark side now. The power of Mjolnir is way too seductive and unfortunately, he’s struggling to recognize friend from foe. At the same time, the series has certainly taken its sweet time to reach this point, with the whole episode feeling a bit laborious and lethargic as we retread familiar ground in the fight between the Giants and Magne.

This time around though, Magne doesn’t have the other Gods for back-up and with Saxa now working to seduce and undermine his power, things don’t look good for our protagonist.

With Magne’s entire character now hanging in the balance, it’s anyone’s guess exactly what will happen next. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long to find out!

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