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Calm Before The Storm

After last week’s hiatus in favour of a P-Valley marathon, Starz’s latest drama returns for its penultimate episode. Serving as a proverbial deep breath, P-Valley delivers a decent chapter that builds everything up nicely for next week’s finale.

Episode 7 of P-Valley begins with a brief flash to the past as Autumn teases a lap dance for her partner. However, the echoing laughs of her child snaps her back to reality.

While Uncle Clifford and Patrice both team up together, in the Mayor’s office the brothers smile through gritted teeth as they learn the extent of their new lease agreement.

The 6 million they were originally promised has been transformed into 1% of the casino’s money. The only trouble is, the casino is not 100% sure to go ahead. The Brothers know this too and despite signing, promise a new Mayor will usurp this one very soon.

When they leave, Andre and his Father come to blows. “Everything costs,” The Mayor says eventually. However, before things can get too heated, Eloise gives them the bad news. Protesters led by Patrice and Uncle Clifford have made mainstream news and throw a serious spanner in their works.

They’re not the only one seeing the news either. Mercedes also notices Clifford and Patrice hand in hand together while she’s exchanging funds.

Meanwhile, Murda struggles to get into a consistent rhythm and literally murders his track. Given his obvious stage fright, Keyshawn plays her part and shows him how to overcome his fear. Stripping him down, she tells him to perform naked.

The Mayor bites back against the protest and sends the sheriff in his stead to confront Clifford. He reveals that if the Pynk exposes breasts while selling alcohol the police will step in and have to shut them down.

However, as he’s about to leave Autumn shows up at the Pynk. Watching her leave, the sheriff grabs the Missing Person poster stashed in his glove-box.

Back inside the Pynk, Mercedes sits waiting for Clifford and confronts him over teaming up with Patrice. As the two discuss the future of the Pynk, Clifford encourages her to join them for their final hurrah. Eventually she does and inside, Autumn and Mercedes finally part ways after their deal is complete.

With all the girls joined together, Clifford says one more prayer for the Pynk. While the girls get ready, Murda and Clifford head out together into the woods. “I’m gunna show you the stars” Murda promises.

Deep in the woods he does just that as he brings her to his car, which happens to be full of Christmas lights. Together, they talk about Murda’s stage-fright before things inevitably get hot and heavy.

With Andre’s luck turning from bad to worse, he receives a glimmer of hope in the form of Autumn messaging him. “One last dance?” She suggests, which encourages him to show up.

And show up he does. As per the rules of admittance, he’s forced to sign the petition to save the club. Inside, Autumn gives Andre a private dance. Only, Britney phones midway through. She’s arrived in town to surprise him and is currently sitting in his apartment. Uh oh.

Back at the Pynk, Diamond and Keyshawn discuss her current situation. She believes she’s in over her head with Murda but Diamond offers some words of encouragement – and a special necklace for good luck. Inevitably just as they’re about to kiss, they’re interrupted by Gidget of all people.

Outside the club, Murda and Clifford are spotted together by one of Murda’s friend. He confronts Murda about it later on in private and his words certainly hit hard for the musician.

Meanwhile, Mercedes introduces Autumn to a special client in the Pynk. Only, Autumn clearly recognizes the guy and her face drops completely. “Go get dem stacks,” She encourages, as she watches them walk away.

While Murda prepares for his big performance, Autumn finds herself face to face with this man in private. It turns out she shot him but he’s still alive. As he stares at her, asks Hailey exactly where his money is.

The Episode Review

If there’s one thing this series has absolutely nailed, it’s the aesthetic and music choices. The soundtrack is fantastic in this show and that final Labrinth song is really well-suited to the occasion.

As all of our characters prepare for what’s to come, the finale promises to be quite the dramatic affair. Will the casino go forward or not?

At a guess, I’d imagine Mercedes is going to help Autumn overcome her issues and it’s ironic that these two have formed a close bond.

Clifford and Murda make a really good couple but it also looks like this is going to come crashing down around them in the face of Murda’s music career.

With this show already renewed for a second season and lots of promising sub-plots still to see play out, P-Valley still has plenty of gas left in the tank.


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  1. Doesn’t the friend who confronts Murda say he regrets that Murda isn’t into him instead of into Clifford??

  2. I think you have Big L confused with Diamond in that (near-kiss) scene between him (Diamond) and Keyshawn.

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