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P-Valley returns this week and there’s definitely a sense of this show taking a deep breath before the final plunge. With three episodes to go and the future of the Pynk at stake, all of our characters start working together to try and save the strip club.  All of this builds up to a dramatic climax that looks like Autumn’s secret may not be a secret for much longer.

Episode 6 of P-Valley begins with Mercedes and Autumn continuing their money scheme, donning different disguises to deposit cash. Mercedes takes a detour midway through though to see Terricka. Only, ‘Shelle is not happy given her stint in prison and the argument with her Mother. This ends this family reunion for now with some harsh home truths for Mercedes to try and swallow.

Keyshawn meets Lil Murda who prepares himself for the worst. Only, she’s not interested in the affair with Uncle Clifford. Instead, she asks him about music. She propositions him and suggests they team up to build his brand. It’s a solid idea and one that sees them start to take selfies as a first step on this road.

With the Foreclosure imminent, Clifford tries to put on a brave face and dances with his Grandmother. This happiness is short-lived though when Clifford explains what’s happening with the Pynk. After a chat with Eloise down at the beauty parlor, Clifford heads back home having played all of his hands.

With no more money, and the Pynk on its last legs, Clifford invites Lil Murda over to reminisce on old times and discuss the Pynk with his Grandmother. It’s an honest, reflective chat but one that’s interrupted by Neva Scared. Lil Murda has missed several sessions in the studio.

Meanwhile, Big L makes a big decision and meets Gidget’s boyfriend. He’s less than faithful, to say the least, and makes a deal under the table with him to try and drum up some cash.

With their money scheme in full swing, Mercedes and Autumn eyeball Andre as he turns up at a diner. When he sees Autumn, he turns and walks away after agreeing to pay for their meal. Instead, he shows up at the farm intending to get his contract signed.

With alcohol flowing, two of the brothers laugh and joke but Corbin is not so sure about this deal. He hesitates with the contract, prompting Wayne to pick up a shotgun and lose his temper. Eventually, he’s pressured into signing but the brothers’ disagreement causes some serious issues, which Andre has to explain to Bob. Instead, he decides to switch things up and suggests a leasing agreement.

Back at the Pynk, the girls exhibit concern toward Keyshawn following the video. Just before she hits the pole, Autumn shares the combination of her locker and shows off the gun. For now, this isn’t elaborated on but it seems like it may be important further on down the line.

After her night on the pole, Keyshawn tells Clifford about her team-up with Murda. She even goes so far as to try and organize a headlining night but Clifford reminds her to slow her roll before this goes to her head. That seems to have already happened though as Murda boasts about Murda Night. His manager though, exhibits concerns.

Given the fickle nature of the music industry, his fans are going to be hungry for more. With no new songs and his studio sessions lacking, this may come back to bite him later on down the line.

For all their problems, Autumn and Mercedes certainly have some respect for one another. After counting their stacks, Autumn wanders into Terricka’s room and sees the purple walls. Ironically, Terricka doesn’t like purple anymore. As they discuss the past, we learn that Autumn’s child was actually called Autumn – which certainly explains why she’s adopted this name as an alias.

With darkness closing in around him, Clifford finds a ray of light in the most unlikeliest of places. Eloise visits that evening and they talk in private. She has a charter for the city council and explains there may be a way out of this mess. If Clifford and the girls can get a petition going and enough signatures, it could force the Mayor’s hand. And who else is more persuasive than Patrice. Clifford realizes as much and heads up to see her, making a deal with the devil herself to secure the club.

Autumn phones Andre and explains that she’s leaving. Just in time too, as a Missing Person poster up on the wall for Hailey Colton is spotted, which is where the episode ends.

The Episode Review

P-Valley returns for a much more reflective episode this time around with lots of characterization to chew over. Mercedes and Autumn make a pretty decent team and this works well to further both of their characters. While we only see glimpses of Hailey’s past, it’s telling as to why she chose the name Autumn going forward.

Clifford and Murda’s family reunion was a nice segment too and it’ll be interesting to see how these two get on going forward, especially with the Keyshawn publicity stunt.

The entire episode does feel like a deep breath before the proverbial war to save the Pynk. With a second season already green-lit and two more episodes to go, I’d imagine things will end on quite the cliffhanger ready for next year’s follow-up segment. For now though, P-Valley serves up enough intrigue to keep you sticking around until next week.

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