P-Valley – Season 1 Episode 8 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review


Murda Night

With tensions high, the season 1 finale of P-Valley comes to a suitably dramatic and surprising finish. The fate of the Pynk is sealed and most of our characters receive a decent send-off. However, given this one has already been renewed for a second season, the show also leaves enough plot threads unresolved for the follow-up to tackle.

The episode begins in the private room as Hailey is confronted about the money. She’s in a difficult position and even more so when she admits to Montavius that the funds have been put in a bank account. As she’s forced to dance, Lil Murda takes to the stage.

Eventually Murda invites the rest of the girls out to join him dancing. It’s a wild performance and one that sees money raining down from the sky. As he holds Keyshwn’s hand, the two walk down to join the crowd. This predictably doesn’t go down well with Derrick.

Murda and Keyshawn sit with a music executive who tries to cut a deal with them. Promising a real studio and some serious quality, this comes with a price. That price comes from dropping Neva Scared and joining their crew. Murda finds himself conflicted over what to do going forward.

Meanwhile Mercedes engages in a private dance with Coach. ,idway through she tries to negotiate for a 10k investment. However, he comes back with a counter-offer – becoming her partner.

Clifford looks over the security footage and finds Hailey dancing topless. Obviously this is a clear violation of the rules and he rallies his security to the cause. However, Big L receives a message from Duffy telling him to meet outside.

At the club, Mercedes receives a messenger with the Missing Persons poster for Hailey. As she clutches it in her hand, she realizes her fellow stripper is in trouble at the hands of Montavius and tries to find Clifford. Only, he’s not in his office.

Autumn meanwhile is forced to hear Montavius’s icy story. This is ironic given the room is bathed in a chilly blue hue. As he talks about hurting Andre, a knock at the door from Mercedes is just the distraction needed. She busts inside and pours him a glass of champagne.

Big L receives his shipment out back and because of this, isn’t much help to security. Clifford pours himself a drink to drown his sorrows in the wake of the executive and Murda shunning him. Realizing what he’s done, a repentant Murda shows up at the office and apologises for “flexing”. Given he’s not ready to come out right now, Clifford makes a bold decision and kicks Murda out until he is.

After listening to the executive ooze compliments her way, Derrick brings Keyshawn crashing back down to Earth. Holding her up by the neck, he threatens her and tells Keyshawn to get in the truck. Unbeknown to him, Diamond happens to be watching from afar.

Montavius makes his move and threatens to hurt Mercedes unless she talks. As flashes of the past come crashing back, Autumn snaps and tells him the cash is in the club. With Mercedes’ life hanging in the balance, Autumn seizes her opportunity and collects up the funds.

Eventually tensions spill over as Diamond and Derrick fight in the toilets. Because of this, he doesn’t hear Clifford calling in a Code Red as Montavius threatens Mercedes.

Autumn returns with the cash but a gunshot from the club distracts Montavius long enough for the girls to work together. With both of them stuck in the room, Clifford bursts in and another gunshot rings out.

At the same time, Keyshawn stops the big fight with a gun of her own. She pleads with Diamond to stop beating Derrick. Holding a gun up to his head, she sobs. Suddenly, another three gunshots echo through the club. Diamond senses something up and heads to the private room.

As he does, under the door oozes a large puddle of blood. As we soon find out later on, that blood belongs to Montavius.

While Clifford and his Grandmother head out dressed in black, Mercedes struggles to get through to her Mother. As she pleads with her to help, we cut back to the “funeral” which isn’t actually a funeral after all. It turns out it’s the auction for the Pynk.

With everyone expecting the worst, Autumn shows up at the lot and starts outbidding Andre. It doesn’t last long but Autumn buys the Pynk and puts the Promised Land idea straight out the window. Andre then leaves town with his tail tucked between his legs and his girl on his arm. The knowing look he gives Autumn before he leaves is definitely telling. This may not be the last we see of Andre.

With the Pynk under new management, Mercedes shows up looking the worse for wear. Having gone from the top down to the bottom, Mercedes is welcomed back to the Pynk as Hailey prepares to open the strip club again.

The Episode Review

As P-Valley bows out its 8 episode run, this drama has definitely improved over time. The opening episodes were a little rocky and the drama has veered in the realm of melodramatic a little too much. However, the whole pressure cooker situation at the Pynk is really well written and definitely one of the highlights of the series.

There’s lots to like about this episode although the trick funeral was a little disappointing. Still, it’s good to know none of our girls have actually died and there’s lots of scope for a second season too.

With the casino plan a bust for now and everyone receiving a decent enough send-off, all eyes now turn to season 2. Given what we’ve seen from this one, that’s definitely warranted.

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