My First First Love – Season 2 Episode 4 “Alone, Together” Recap & Review

A Long Awaited Reunion

Episode 4 of My First First Love starts with Song-I asking Tae-o if he told Se-Hyeon that he came with her to look for her mum. They then each call their partners to tell them where they are, but it’s not well received, especially by Se-Hyeon who demands that he come back right away and threatens to end things if he doesn’t.

While Choe-Hun looks for auditions online, Ga-Rin visits a new place: a hobby workshop. They both then decide to attend the writing workshop in the evening.

Meanwhile, Tae-O and a nervous Song-I have reached the bakery where they see Song’s mum and her partner walking out together. They follow them back home and Song throws a rock through their window. They both come out but Song-I runs away as soon as she sees her mum. She goes after her and Song I finally confronts her about leaving and not caring about her. They have a heart to heart, and she explains why she did what she did. After her husband’s death, she got scared and ended up running away. She offers Song I to stay the night in her house, but Song replies that she is not ready.

Walking home from the workshop, Choe-Hun tells Ga Rin about the reward money but also that he will give it all to her. He explains that he feels he should go back home as he believes that his parents were right; he shouldn’t be an actor. She then spontaneously hugs him which embarrasses both of them a little.

Tae realizes soon after that there are no buses left to go back to Seoul, so they have no other choice but to stay in a hotel – where there is only one room left. The next morning as they say goodbye to her mum, Song-I realize that her Mum won’t come back as she seems happy there. As they wait for their bus back home, Do Hyeon arrives and thanks Tae-O for supporting Song-I. Tae wants to stay but Do tells him to go as he has done enough.

Later on that day, Do reveals to Song that he is upset that she didn’t call him in the evening. She explains that it was a very emotional night for her. Both boys then reflect on the events of the night before. Tae is happy that he was able to be there for her Song-I but also torn with his feelings, with Do-Hyeon deeply regretting not going. Song, however, seems a little confused about the whole event that unfolded.

My First First Love delivers an emotional episode where Song-I finally comes face to face with her mother after being abandoned as a child. The show has been building up to that moment and it didn’t disappoint. Seeing Song-I’s reaction when seeing her mother again was very touching and with Tae being the one that was with her every step of the way, it’s certainly changed things for both protagonists. It has brought them closer together but also driven a wedge between Song-I and Do-Hyeon.

Tae’s feeling seems to have been reaffirmed here and it will be interesting to see if he will do anything to try winning Song over in the future.


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  1. Does anyone think the motel owner had more rooms left, and that he was hooking up Taeo? I am not sure what the writers intended, but that’s my feeling on it…

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