My First First Love – Season 2 Episode 5 “Unspeakable Secrets” Recap & Review


A Ghost From The Past

Episode 5 of My First First Love returns us to the drama with Song-I and Do-Hyeon meeting in a coffee shop where he tells her that he has quit his night job. That way he will be able to walk her home more often.

While Choe-Hun receives a call from his dad asking him to meet for lunch, Tae meets with Se-Hyeon where he admits his feelings for Song. He apologises and they leave each other on relatively good terms. That night, Song-I tells Do-Hyeon not to wait for her as she is going to finish late. However, when she leaves, she is surprised to see him waiting outside.

The next day, Choe-Hun meets his Dad and an important friend of his for lunch. His Dad’s friend then offers him a role in a new prestigious musical. Back at the house, Tae reveals to Song that he is no longer with Se Hyeon. Song-I feels guilty, but Tae-O reassures her and tells her it’s not her fault. Tae shows Song the video of himself he has been working on. However, she notices the editing is not very good, so he explains that it is because he had to edit the clips as she was in every one of them.

After lunch, Choe-Hun tells his dad that he didn’t want to get a job by receiving special treatmens, he was just happy to have lunch with him. This prompts his dad to slap him. Choe explains that he is not happy because someone will be kicked out in order for him to get the role. His Dad replies that it doesn’t matter but Choe gets upset as he has already hurt someone (Ga Rin) to save himself. He leaves but not before telling his Dad that he doesn’t want to live that way.

Choe calls Ga Rin and she asks how the lunch was. He doesn’t tell her what happened but, sensing that he was upset, she goes looking for him in the streets. As she finally finds him, she tells him that she could tell that he needed her. They share a nice touching moment here where they end up kissing.

Se-Hyeon sees Do-Hyeon in the library soon after. She tells him that she broke up with Tae O because of that day and she insinuates that they are in the same position.

While Song-I is tutoring Tae’s brother, she overhears Tae’s father and step-mum arguing. She is upset about a parcel a woman sent which we come to the conclusion that it is from Tae’s Mother. Song-I walks in to confront them as everyone thought she was dead. Her dad explains that it was Tae’s Mother’s idea. He asks her not to tell Tae because they believe it was the best thing they could have done for him and if she tells him, it could have bad repercussions.

Do-Hyeon comes to visit Tae to tell him he is going to move away because of his father’s debt. Do Hyeon then asks Tae to be honest about his feelings to which Tae replies that he has tried to stop them but has been unable to. Do dares him to act on it as he is sure that Song will choose him. The episode then ends with Tae and Song coming face to face, both seeing the other upset but neither revealing what is behind their turmoil.

After a slow start, the second season hits its stride here. My First First Love has certainly improved with each episode and especially in this chapter, where we’re given an interesting twist with the reveal that Tae’s mother is not dead. This new development should bring Tae-O and Song-I even closer together as they now have something else in common: they each had their Mothers abandoning them.

Seeing Choe-Hun and Ga-Rin’s relationship evolve has been really heart warming and fun to witness too, contrasting beautifully against Song, Do and Tae’s love triangle. While still bringing some humour into the series, we have seen a more serious side to them this season.

This second season has felt more mature than the last and with only just 3 episodes left, it will be very interesting to see what every character’s story arcs will develop into and whether things will be left open for a third season.


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